The Perfect Story... NOT

Waking up, not the best thing when you have an abusive mother, a dead father, and a serious case of depression. But will 9 boys, who go by 1D and 5sos, save Arianna? Or will she just end up completely and utterly alone, again?


2. Where am i?

Arianna's POV

Looking around, i realized i wasn't in my room, in fact i didnt even know where i was. I looked to my left, there was a boy. Blonde hair styled into a quiff, and pretty muscular if you ask me. Looking towards the door, i realized, their wasn't only one boy, there were nine? I started to scream, i didn't know these boys. Why were they here? More importantly, why am i here? Where is 'here'? Their heads all snaped up to look at me. "Oh, thank god, your awake!" The blonde one yelled, i flinched at the noise. Whoa. "Whats with all the yelling? And may i ask, who are you?" I muttered. They all stood up then "im Niall" blonde said. "Luke." The boy stabding next to him said, he had scruffy blond hair and eye that could make you melt. "Harry" a guy with a mop of brown curls on his head said, wow he has a deep voice. "Calum" a guy said, he had flat black hair, quite scrawny though. "Liam" a guy with a shaved head said, he looked really resopnsible. "Michael" a guy said, now he was odd, pink hair? It did look kinda nice on him though. "Zayn" a guy with a jet-black hair and a quiff said, kinda mysteriously. "Ashton" a guy with nerd glasses and dirty blonde hair said, leaning down to kiss my hand. I felt my cheeks heat up. "Louis" another guy said, brown messy hair, blue TOMs where what caught my attention. "Nice shoes" i mumbled, but he seemed to have misunderstood my sarcasam, as he yelled "THANKS" really loudly, "no need to scream Lou" a boy said, Liam, i think.

Suddenly, i thought of something to ask them. Muttering i said, "If you dont mind my asking, where am i?"

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