The Perfect Story... NOT

Waking up, not the best thing when you have an abusive mother, a dead father, and a serious case of depression. But will 9 boys, who go by 1D and 5sos, save Arianna? Or will she just end up completely and utterly alone, again?


4. Hospitals and bands.

Arianna's POV

Ashton stared at me with a sad look and said "Aria, well you are in the hospital, we found you when we heard yelling and saw you run out into the street! You had blood gushing from your side, we almost hit you with the tour bus!" Wait, tourbus? "Yes, tourbus" ashton laughed. Did i say that out loud "yes" Niall mumbled. I really beed to stop saying what i think. " yes you do!" Calum laughed. Then they all burst out laughing. I know them from somewhere! But where? "Hey, you said tourbus right?" "Yeah, we are in a band called one direction!" Harry said, his voice deep and raspy. "And we are in a band called 5SOS!" Said Luke in a freakishly high voice, which of course made me burst out laughing. "You are not in one direction and 5SOS!" I laughed, "haha very funny" Liam said sarcasticlly. "No, but seriously, are you really?" "Yup!" They all said in unison. Wow, creepy much? "Heard that!" Michael said. "Oh... Oops... So why am i in the hospital? You said something about blood gushing from my side?" "Yeah about that... Your mother stabbed you" zayn whispered. "Oh, doesn't suprise me." I said under my breath. "What do you mean, 'doesn't suprise me'?" This time it was liam to speak up. "What i meant was... Ummm... Ha... Umm...." "What you meant was what you said?" Luke mumbled. "She hurt you didnt she?" Ashton said, tears brimming in his eyes. I nodded my head slowly, "THAT B****!" Ashton yelled, i flinched away, he was really scaring me right now! He looked at me, eyes full of regret, "im so sorry, i know we just met, but i already love you so much" he whispered in my ear, i could see the tears in his eyes. They just looked so sad, i didnt have a choice but to forgive him, so i did. "I forgive you, i love you too ashton" Louis looked at me, anger and hurt filled his eyes. Crap. I dont need another person mad at me, not again...


Hey, i just wanted to let you all know that i might not be updating for at least another week, my bunny died today. He was 4, would have been 5 in april. His name was Jasper. Brown\tan fur. Almost ginger. He was blind in one eye, he lost sight in that eye last year, when he fell ill, but got better. RIP baby, i love you, you will always be my baby, my bunny. So i want him to know, that no matter what, i will remember him. And i do belive all animals have souls, and do go to heaven. So i want him to know that he did not die painfully, he died of old age, and, we were with him. We all loved him so much. We sobbed for hours on end. He was our baby.

And on a happier note... *i wrote this chapter the other day, so here is the happy thing, before i knew my bunny was about to die:(*

Hey guys! I know, i know, crappy chapter eh? Sorry!!!! This is why i like movellas better than wattpad!!! I mean people actually comment! And faviorite! Which tells you they like your book! Which makes me sooooo happy!!! So i would like to thank all three of you who faviorited my book, and the two of you who commented (one of you was my bestfriend, but still!) So, THANK YOU! And Au revior!

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