Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


10. What to Say

Izzy and Lindsea here!

We are going to show what to say in akward positions.

Lindsea- Case 1 (this actually happened):

Your boyfriend or ex makes the basketball/football team he asks you to go to one of his games.



a. You say yes but later find out you can't go- Make sure you apologize and go to his next game.

b. You go- Be cool dont act weird be yourself, have fun and don't let the fact he is your ex bother you. After talk to him and tell him how great he was.

c.  You go but you meet his girlfriend- Get to be her friend if she asks how you know him say you're just a friend (really shy sounding), if she recognizes your name and knows who you are  then say, "Oh yes, you should be very happy, ____(Insert ex's name) is an amazing (friend/person, which everyone you want to use).



a. You say yes, but later find out you can't go- you apologize, if he really did care about you, then he would understand, tell him that you will see his next game.

b. you go- have fun, party hard, and if you're ready give him a little kiss whenever you can! :)

c. you go, but you find out that he is cheating- you need to let him know how you feel, and let him know how much you hurt his feelings, i don't mind if you explode. Leave calmly.


Case 2 - Star_of_the_Romans (You know what? I'm lazy and that is just to hard to type so call me Charna)


If you see one of your ex-best friends and they are dating your crush.

 a. You can pretend to be happy and stuff, although I don't recommend it, because then you will go home and probably punch a wall or something (personal experience)....

 b. You can ignore them and try to find a new crush; which I also don't recommend.

 c. You can go up to your ex-best friend and slap her really hard in the face, which will probably feel awesome and then look at your crushes reaction, and if he laughs you know they aren't serious (then run away REALLY quickly, or you could kiss his cheek, give him your number, say call me, THEN run away REALLY quickly if you have time and the girl hasn't recovered.) But if your crush actually cares and about your ex-best friend then run away like Tartus himself is chasing you {little Greek mythology reference right there if anyone understood that! XD}

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