Teenage Handbook

It has everything for a girl, if your tomboy, girly girl, or both. After you read this you will be caught up with every other girl.


4. How to be a Scene Girl

Hey! It's me Isabella (a.k.a. BellaMellaMushroom22; you can call me Izzy)

I am going to show you on how to become a scene girl.


Making the Scene

1) Know what you're expected to be... not only do you have to be on the scene, but you have to be memorable as well!

2) when you're at a club, or a party, or at a show, the scene girls are the ones who look stunning and are bold, over-confident, and at times random.

3) However, if you're not comfortable with standing out, you could aim to be the cute, shy girl.



1) Dress like a scene girl. Clothes are very important, and you must dress the part in order to be successful in this "venture".

2) Wear flats like ballet shoes and even metallic/designer flats. Tutu-like skirts are a must. Slip-on vans are very popular among scene kids, as well as most other Vans. BTW: wearing Vans to much if you aren't a skater could result in you being called a poser.) You could also try some checkered or colorful shoelaces, even if they don't match.

3) Skinny Jeans... dark ones such as black and torn are great, but things like bright neon colors, leopard, zebra or checkered are even better.

4) Tight fitting, graphic tees are a must... you have to have at least three of these. Anything with cute monsters, fun sayings or just cool stuff works. Don't just buy black. Scene is a mix of black AND neon colors (remember... you aren't going emo here). Wear any pattern you want. animal print, checkers, plaid, stripes- anything that describes your personality.

5) Wear merchandise from Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Care Bears, Elmo, etc. Brand tees are a must. Colorful skinny jeans, tutus, jean skirts, and Vans and converse are awesome. Wear cool leggings with bold colors or stripes. Leg warmers too.

6) Wear bright random T-shirts with funky designs on them. Or you could go with the plain bold color like red. Some very scene designs are :Alice in Wonderland, stars, hearts, lightning, skulls, bats, anything to do with bands or childish stuff like ice cream and lollipops.

7) Cartoon characters are very popular. Pokemon, Power Rangers, Keroppi, and especially Hello Kitty are all big parts of scene style. Printed T-shirts with cartoon characters or cute pictures on them are a must.

8) Get a gray hoodie, and wear it all the time with your hood up.

9) Pyramid stud belts, and classic white belts are awesome.

10) Huge sunglasses are a must, and the bigger the better. The newest edition to the scene girls sunnies are the old fashioned "cop" style sunnies (Ray-Ban Aviators). Horn-rimmed glasses with no lenses are super-popular in the scene world, and they look super cute too.

11) Over sized pearl necklaces or other long necklaces are a must. There are a number of ways you can wear them that will make you look like a mature young person.

12) Remember all those kiddie bracelets that you had when you were five? It's time to dig them out!



1) Get piercings.

2) Septum, Monroe, Snakebites, Spiderbites, Angelbites, and Browbreakers are acceptable piercings; since your years will probably be hidden under your voluminous hair you can either wear big earrings or none at all.



1) Wear bright eye makeup. Pink, purple, blue, green and red would do just fine. Remember to use black/silver/blue eyeliner. The makeup can be plain black eyeliner depending on how scene would like to be. Do not go over board with your black cause you could come off as emo. Just some eyeliner maybe a little thicker than usual is accepted. It is also scene to add a little design to your makeup, such as wings. There are loads of different colors of eyeshadow you could use, but black or bright neon are very scene. Although you can also go for the clean, pretty scene girl look with just lots of mascara and some pretty eyeshadow.



1) The most important things you should do with your hair is part it to the side, with bangs sweeping in front of your face instead.

2) Short, choppy layers are very scene.

3) A hairstyle that is quickly becoming popular with scene kids is straight hair with bangs. get long straight hair, of any color, and bangs that go straight across your forehead hanging in front of your eyes some

4) Try using a straightener.

5) Try using a lot of colors.


Things You'll Need

Hair straightener

Hair gel/hair wax


hair dye

lightning bolts

tattail comb

choppy layers

little girl stuff

teasing comb

vintage bags

clip in hair extensions (colorful)

hair bows, ribbons, and clips

colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow

mascara or false lashes

cute necklaces

a cell phone

a myspace/facebook/aim account

a digital camera

zebra print everything

leopard print everything

vintage style

bright colored clothin

gskinny jeans, tutus, and black leggings

tape necklaces

black nailpolish and bright colors

many band paraphernalia

mp3 player




Bella mella Mushroom22!


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