When Things Begin to Surface


2. Playing the Part

I take the last look in the mirror and exit the house I am staying in. I walk to the commons where I see a man being escorted to the whipping post that they have recently put in the center of the town. I cannot bare to watch this monstrosity take place so I turn my head down and start to walk.  But I hear a familiar voice scream. I look and see my beautiful Katniss running towards the man at the pole. She stands in front of him, protecting and then she is on the ground. A split second later I realize that the man giving the whipping hit her. That devil man hit my Katniss. Something rises in me and I want to run and attack that man. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Haymitch and my dear Peeta come to both of their rescues and convince the guards to stop the whipping. Haymitch looks at me and does a double take. I quickly look away and continue on my way to the Mayor’s house.


The walk to the mayors house is scary. I see people shivering in the cold weather, looking pale and skinny. I think of the capital and how people have lavish food and people here get scraps.


I take a turn onto a familiar street and pass the bakery where I once lived with my family. The windows are filled with the native cakes that i once made. the intricate swirls remind me of the complex nature of the world where I once lived. My husband and I have not spoken since I told him that I could not be a mother. I found a woman who was going to take my place while I took a break and ventured elsewhere. Only after I left did I realize that this woman was a witch and it ended up being a horrible mistake. But I didn’t come back. It was a grave mistake. I left my boys with a treacherous woman and my husband… My husband… He already had a tough time finding out that his first love had another man, a coal miner.  But when I came to District 12, he was my one and only and I was his. He asked me how a coal miner was better than him. I responded with 'I don't like coal miners. I like bakers'. When I left, my boys were young; my eldest maybe only 5. I remember the look on my youngest face, like I had killed a puppy. I bent down, looked him in the eyes, caressed his face and said, ‘I will be back my young Pea. I love you oh so very much. Remember that Peeta. Remember that forever.’ And I left.


I take one look at the bakery and my conscience takes over and I make my way towards the door. The bell on the door rings and i walk in and I see him standing behind the counter, deep in dough. I walk up and ask for some almond cookies. He looks up and disbelief is written all over his face. Then his eyes start to well up.


“I’m sorry but I promised I’d come back.” I said.


He comes around the counter and hugs me, sobbing into my shoulder. I pause for a minute but the hug him back. We only break apart when the women enters the room. She is yelling and complaining. Another man came from the back, an exact replica of his father. Alto, my eldest. Following him is Garric, who is now at least 6’0 towering over his father and older brother. I start to tear up. They look at the two of us embracing and give me a dirty look. I break away and turn to them.  Wish to tell them everything but when I open my mouth, nothing comes out. Their father looks at them, knowing that he can't tell them that their mom is back, finally says, “She is an old friend.”

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