Just My Type

Adriana James is your usual tomboy, she prefers hanging out with boys over girls. But that changes when she's mistaken for being a guy and has to share a room at college with Harry Styles.


2. Two

”Is this a joke?” I ask the woman by the reception, was she?
I heard Harry let out a small laugh as he turns his face down, looking at the ground to hide his huge grin. He wasn’t mad about this, he just wasn’t.
“Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.” She smiles widely, “All the rooms are taken, there’s either two boys in them or two girls. We thought there was an even number of both genders .”
I shook my head in disbelief, “Isn’t there any other rooms at this college, for real?”
“I’m really sorry, Ms. James, but this is all a misunderstanding and no, there aren’t any more rooms. This is unfortunate, really.” Her smile disappears, but it was obvious that she didn’t care at all about the situation.
“So I’m the only girl at this college, sharing a room with a boy?”
Harry laughs again and then made his way to the entrance, smiling prettily to the girl by the desk, she blush lightly and looks down.
I sigh, I guess I have to do it, share a room with harry Styles until there’s something to do about it. Un–fucking–believable.

I pass Harry by the entrance, not wanting to walk along with him back to my–our room, but he with his amazingly long legs manages to catch up with me just a second later.
 ”Why is this so bad? I believe you would hate sharing a room with a girl, waking up at six to get her hair and make-up fixed. You’re not one of them, Adrian.” Harry laughs, placing his hands in his tight jeans pockets.
I look up at him, “I just don’t want my college experience to be different than I’ve been imagining. And maybe it’s time I make girl friends.” I sigh.
Harry smirks, “Why is it different? You’re basically a bloke yourself, wouldn’t surprise me if you were a lesbian too.”
I gasp, “Shut the fuck up, Harry. I’m not a lesbian, and I’m a girl who enjoys the company of boys. That is all.” I state. But clearly he didn’t understand.
“Have you ever been with a boy? Like, had sex with one?” He lifts an eyebrow.
I haven’t.
“Yes.” I laugh nervously, I knew he was going to judge me, that was something that I had understood.
“You haven’t. You might as well be a lesbian.”
I roll my eyes, “You’re not giving up, are you?”
He shrugs, “I’m going to make your college experience a living hell, babe.” He turns and walks over to some other guys who looked as good as he did and did some handshake with each and every one of them. I might as well try and do the same to him, right?
I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and quickly brought it up, hoping it would be Zayn.

From: Zayn
i know him, he’s cool! trade with me, got some blond irish, guitar playing twink…

Wait? Zayn knew Harry? Since when? I’ve known Zayn for my whole life and never in my eighteen years have I heard about someone called Harry.

To: Zayn
u know harry? and y don’t u share with me and harry with irish twink? ;)

From: Zayn
ha-ha, as if i want to share with u


At nine pm, I found myself in my bed, which was awfully small and uncomfortable, but I guess that’s a part of the college experience, having a horrible bed.
Zayn was laying on the other bed, or – Harry’s bed, with his MacBook. Harry hasn’t shown up yet, he was probably hanging out with some girl.
“There’s a frat party tonight.” Zayn mumbles and looks over at me. I furrow my brows.
“You want to go a frat party?”
The door fly open and a tall figure stumbles in to the room, was Harry drunk?
“So basically, there’s a party at the Phi Beta Omega house… They have so much booze… ZAYN?!” Harry exclaims loudly, staring at Zayn. Zayn began to smirk as he stands up, leaving the MacBook on the bed and making his way over to Harry who (barely) stood by the doorframe.
“Oh shit, Zayn, are you dating my hot roommate?” Harry looks surprised and mad at the same time. And no I’m not smirking because he called me hot.
“No, man, she’s a lesbian.” Zayn whispers loudly, obviously joking with him.
Harry looks at me and then back at Zayn, “I knew that.” He tries to whisper as well, “Too bad because she’s hot.”
I’m not smirking.
“Still drinking like a Russian man, I see…” Zayn smirks at him and Harry throws a hand around him, “Come with me, both of you to that party.” He gestures between me and Zayn.
“Come on, Ade, a little party never killed anybody.” Zayn says with a smirk.

At nine twenty pm, I found myself in a frat house, drinking alcohol. I never turn down alcohol, but this time I should because it’s a Sunday and I have classes tomorrow. But that damn Harry guy managed to make me, can I tell that to my teachers?
“Hey, Ade! This is my roommate, Niall!” Zayn yells over the sound of the loud music blasting in the house. In front of me stood a blond guy with a huge smile.
“Adriana!” I shake his hand and smile as well. I wasn’t as drunk as 90% of the people in here, but still not that sober either, I could use some more booze while I was at it.
“Can I get you in bed?” Niall ask, furrowing his eyebrows, “Shit! I mean… Can I get you a drink…? Is what I was supposed to say… Yeah, a drink.” Niall nods, as he corrects himself with his thick irish accent.
I laugh, “Why not?” I smile and then Zayn winks as he leaves the two of us alone. As if I was accepting his offer to get into bed…


I wake up by the sound of birds. No – it was the crows. I had a headache and I have no idea where I am. I sit up, and realize that I’m in my dorm room – thank god.
There’s a body next to me, fuck.
It’s Zayn. Zayn is also in only his boxers, and there’s another body on the floor. A blond guy, which have to be Niall. Harry’s in his own bed, next to a brunette. A girl. He brought a fucking  girl home.
“Zayn?” I shake his shoulder, and Zayn looks up, still eyes closed and lets out a simple ‘yes’.
“Get the fuck out of my bed.”
Zayn sits up too and looks around, then laughs, “Why is Niall on the floor and a brunette next to Harry?”
I shrug, “Why are you in boxers in my bed?”
That’s when Harry lifts his arms and stretch, I think. A second later he is sitting up, his curls are all over the place and he’s smirking at me.
“Who’s that on the floor?” Harry’s morning voice is even darker and huskier than his regular voice, and if possible – slower.
“Who’s that in your bed?” Zayn says and laughs.
Harry looks down and lifts the blanket, she’s fully dressed, except that missing shoe on the left foot.
“Possibly Cinderella.” Harry smirks, obviously proud of his own joke. Zayn laughs even more.
“What time is it?” Another voice says and everybody looks down at Niall who looks like a zombie. What the fuck even happened last night anyways?
Zayn takes a quick look at his wrist watch and then at Niall, “Ten.”
“It’s Monday.” I state, remembering that there’s this meeting in the auditorium, but that was two hours.
“Cool.” Niall lies back down on the floor and closes his eyes, Harry laughs again.
“Everybody, out!” I stand up, only to realize I don’t have any pants on. For fucks sake.
The girl wakes up to life and looks around, she looks almost scared before she excused herself and leaves the room in the matter of twenty seconds. What?
“She was hot.” Harry falls back down on his bed.
“Seriously, get out.” I look at Zayn and Niall who then puts their hands up in defeat and leaves the room, waving goodbye.
Zayn forgot his clothes.
“His… Pants, and shirt.” Harry points at the end of the bed where Zayn’s clothes are laying.
I nodded, “I know.”
“Oh… Nice legs.”
I gulp.
“I’m going back to sleep.” Harry tucks himself into the blanket and closes his eyes again.
What a great first day at college. Mum would be proud.

- - - - - - - - - 

So... This is the beginnning, I guess! I'm glad you liked the first chapter, and PLEASE, keep liking, commenting and all, it'd make me really happy. 
Also, a thanks to Beatrice (faraway) for telling people about this.

{I am using a quite strong language in this story, that's why it's rated Y}

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