Teresa's your typical everyday barbie. She's pretty and blonde, she is trying to get ride of her past and thinks she can do this by moving away.

She moves from America to England, to a new collage. It's strange that all the teachers are drop dead gorgeous and should all be models or pop stars.

But what happens when she starts falling for one teacher in particular? As well as a student? Will she carry on her barbie years? Or will she experience what it's like to be loved?

Maybe she will just shot her self? Eh? Na, that would be boring.

Anyways read! Because this book should say read on it...only it's not a's a digital device...ah whatever.


2. The Styles

The building was more of a small hotel, there were halls with rooms.

I finally found my room number and unlocked it with my key. The room looked like a small appartment! This is great! Way better then the small rooms at my last school.

"Oh my gosh hi! Are you Teresa?"A tall blonde came skipping at me from the middle of the room with a huge smile on her face. She was georgeous, as expected.

"Yeah I am." I shook her hand.

"Yay. I'm Clara, your new roomie." The smile never left her face.

"Right, your beds over there. Unpack and get into your uniform ASAP cause lessons start in an hour." She said, I followed where she motioned to a bed in one corner of the apartment. Her bed was on the opposite side, but exactly the same.

I unpacked all my things into the drawers wardrobe around my bed. I took one look at the uniform and nearly gagged. Grey sweater and long sleeved polo shirt and below the knee pleated skirt with knee high socks. I may be trying not to be a slut but that will not do. Not a bit.

I take the skirt first and pin it so it's shorter then cut the sleeves of the polo so there short sleeved and I added a navy blue waist coat over that. I but on tights instead I the socks and slipped on my black Vans. I slipped my phone into my school bag as well as my planner, I have no books yet, and went to see where Clara was.


Teresa's uniform is like Annabel's from St Trinions 2 and Clara like the Posh Totties.


Clara is sat on the couch playing with hair.

"Hey." I said, grabbing her attention. She jumped up and looked me over, me doing the same as her. To my relief she wasn't wearing the uniform either, she had a white blouse on with a belted navy blue glossy jersey skirt and a pair of stockings over some black heels. She looked good, I prefer mine though.

"Like what you've done! C'mon, assembly first thing. Don't wanna be late. Have you met Mr Cowell yet?" She blurred out at we left our room/apartment.

"No, I haven't. Actually Veronica told me I should probably see him." I said.

"Ahh. Veronica's a great girl. Oh my god her brother is so hot." She fanned herself with her hand.

"Brother?" I asked.

"Mr Malik, English teacher. I have him first after assembly! What do you have?"

I took put my planner to have a look.

"History, Mr Styles."

"Ooh. One of the triplets. Have fun." She squealed. We made our way to the biggest building that said 'main block' all the other students where going the same way.

We came into a large hall, it had a warmth to it and felt very homely for some reason. There was a stage at the end and chairs lining the rest of the space. Clara pulled me to sit near the front, we were in the middle, second row back.

For the next 15 minuets Clara went chatting about what guys where hot and which were not. If I was being myself then I would have found that conversation very interesting, however I was trying to not be interested because I want to change. Blah blah blah you know change this change that.

After 15 minuets of blocking Clara out the chatter quietened down as a man walked up on stage. He looked around his late 40s.

"Welcome students. For you who are new I am Mr Cowell, your head teacher. If you are new then I would like you to come to me strait after assembly please, just to clear that..." Oh yay."I would like to say that I hope this year will be a good year, in previous year the school has been vandalised, as I'm sure you all know, by certain three lads. You know who you are." I heard snickering from behind me, I didn't bother to look at who it was. Mr Cowell went on and on about stuff I really didn't care about, and quiet frankly, I had no idea what he was blabbering on about.

"Teresa, come on." Clara had pulled me out of my thoughts as everyone stood to go to their next lessons.

"I have to see Mr Cowell, see ya later Clara." I waved.

"Okay, have fun in History." She winked and walked off. I made my way to the front of the hall to find Mr Cowell had gone. Great.

I took my handbook out and looked in the map and quickly found his office.

When I knocked the door it flew open.

"Hello, please come in." A man said. I say man, I mean someone who looks like they only just graduated and is working for their dad or something. He had brown hair that was gelled back to the extreme. Along with green eyes and big glasses on.

"Uh, hi." I said as I entered.

"Hello, can I have your name? I'm Marcel." He smiled to revile cute dimples. Did I just call a nerd cute? That's weird.

"Teresa Shabon." I smiled back to show my dimples. I like dimples.

"Teresa, please take a seat Mr Cowell will be here in a minuet." He motioned to a seat infront of, what I assumed, was Mr Cowell's desk.

Pretty much as soon as I sat the door behind me burst open to revile Mr Cowell.

"Sir, this is Teresa Shabon." Marcel said. Mr Cowell eyed me then sat down opposite me at the desk.

"Miss Shabon, your new?" Me Cowell asked.

"Yep." I popped my 'p'.

"Well I trust you have all your things?"

"No, I don't have books."

"Ah, here you go." He handed me a pile of books that he seemed to have under the desk. Scenarios like these I get a bit creeped out.

"Thanks". I put the books into my small bag.

"Okay, what do you have first?"

"History, with Mr Styles."

"Ahh. Mr Styles? Marcel, show Miss Shabon to the loverly Mr Styles will you?" He seemed to give Marcel an evil looking smile.

"Y-yes S-sir. T-this way p-please." Marcel started to stutter and his voice went higher. I nodded to Mr Cowell before following Marcel out.

When I got to his side I asked, "Hey, Marcel. What's wrong with Mr Styles?"

"Nothing, just. Well, you'll see." He gave me a weak smile.

"Okay, but if I don't see then I am coming to get you." I pocked his arm that, to my surprise, felt firm. Has wittle Marcel got nerd muscles? No. Don't be a jerk.

I made him laugh at what I said.

"Here we are." Marcel knocked on a door that said 'Harry Styles'. Marcel opened the door and the whole class was staring at me and him.

"Mr Styles, this is Teresa Shabon, she's joining your class." Marcel said weakly.

I turned to look at Mr Styles. Marcel was right, I would see and I do. Mr Styles had curly brown hair and piercing green eyes, he had the same smile and dimples. So that's why...

"Miss Shabon eh? Well please take a seat." He motioned to a spare desk in the middle of the room. I looked to Marcel for a second and I saw him smile and wink at me then leave. I made my way to the desk and quickly got my things out.

"Well, as I was saying..." Mr Styles trailed off. I hadn't noticed I was staring until Mr Styles came up to me.

"Is something wrong Teresa?" He asked with that dimpled smile.

"Oh uh no Sir. Well, I just thought you looked a lot like..."

"Marcel?" I nodded.

"He's my brother." Thought so.

"That explains allot. He's a good guy." I smiled back.

"Yeah, he is. Now get on with your work." He left and went back to his desk at the front of the class.

I noticed a group of boys in the corner, three. One cought my attention. He looked exactly like Mr Styles, only he was completely covered in tattoos and he had his ears pierced and I swear he was wearing eyeliner. The two with him were the same, one with blonde hair and one with messy brown hair. Did Mr Styles have two brothers then? Was he a triplet? Probably. Now I remember, Clara mentioned him being a triplet.

I listened and did my work in quiet, which isn't normal for me. This whole changing thing is hard work, being a slut was allot easier. Ah well, I will get better friends and stuff right? Even if I'm a nerd. Nerds can't be that bad, I mean Marcel seems a good guy.

"Hi." The girl next to me finally stopped chatting with the dude behind us and turned to me.

"Hi." I smiled to her.

"Your Teresa?"


"I'm Bobbie." She don't smile, just glare and look me up and down.

"Hi Bobbie." The smile left my face. If she wasn't going to be nice then I'm not gonna. She had short blonde hair and black short shorts, her school shirt was open with a white tank under it and her tie was jut hanging around her neck.

"Look, I can tell your one of those people who expect to turn up, look pretty and become popular. Well that's not how it works here. Your only popular if I want you to be, got it?" Um...what? Oh snap. Keep your cool. Keep your cool.

"I'm guessing by your silence that your agreeing, well that's good." She said.

"Excuse me?" That didn't mean to come out.


"You heard me, what gives you the right?"

"Excuse me?" Wow, I only asked a simple question.

"I said, what gives you the right to choose if I'm popular or not huh? Maybe I don't wanna be." I half shouted. It seem the whole class, including Mr Styles, were now staring.

"How dare you speak up at me!"

"Oh I dared. Its not like your someone important." There were some 'ooh's from around.

"You what?"

"What? Cat got your tongue?"

"You fucking bitch! Do you know who I am?"

"Yeah. Absolutely no one." We were both standing at this point.

"Oh my god."

"Ooh shouldn't swear to The Lord, bad luck."

"Fuck you Jesus!" She cussed.

"Well, you're screwed. Probably for the better." She's not great at this.

"I'm going to fucking kill you, ya know that?"

"Yeah, not likely." Shouldn't have said that. Before I could react she had thrown a punch, hitting the bottom of my jaw.

"Girls!" Mr Styles finally jumped in and grabbed Bobbie restraining her while someone else had grabbed me from behind.

"Let go of me you twat, lemme have at her!"

"It's not nice to cuss." I smirked, wiping the blood of my split lip.

"Right, Edward take Bobbie to Mr Cowell please." Mr Styles said. Just then the punk version of Mr Styles pushed Bobbie out the door and Mr Styles turned to me. Just then the bell went off and everyone, except the person who was still holding my arm, rushed out of the classroom.

"Teresa, I don't think getting into a fight on your first day is the best idea. Please don't so it again. James, take care of her would you?" Then he left. Was that it? No shouting? No detention? I like this school.

"Are you okay?" The boy holding me whispered into my ear. I shook my arm free then turned to look at him. It was one of the punks, the blonde one.

"I'm fine."

"You don't look it, you should get that lip sorted out." He smiled lightly.

"I can go to the nurse then."

"Or you could let me..."

"You can do that?"

"Yep. I wanted to be a doctor looks wouldn't allow it." He frowned.

"Well that's unfair, but understandable."


"Well I wouldn't want a punky doctor around me. No offence."

"None taken." He smiled. He then took my waist and lifted me to sit on the desk behind me.

"What are you doing?"

"Fixing your lip." He took a white bandage thingy out of his pocket and dabbed it in my lip. It stung...allot. He then did some other stuff that was beyond me. When he had done it looked like some one had just stitched my lip up.

"Thanks, I didn't get your name?" I started.

"It's James. James Horan." He smiled, I had only just noticed his rough Irish accent and deep blue eyes.

"Well I'm Teresa, Teresa Shabon." I held my hand out and he shook it lightly.

"What do you have next Miss Shabon?" He asked with a grin. I quickly looked at my planner and saw I had languages next.

"Languages, with...Mr Horan?" Horan? But isn't...

"Ahh. Niall, my big bro." Oh for god sake.


"Niall is my older brother, Mr Horan. I say older but we're twins. No I'm not really sure how it works cause he's the same age as us but he still works here? God only knows."

"Right, like the Styles triplets?"

"Yep. Harry, Marcel and Edward, whom is one of my best friends."

"Is there any other strange siblings I should know of?" I asked.

"Well Scott, my other best friends, his brother is the Drama teacher."

"He the other punk?"

"Yes. Please stop calling us punks." LOL OH MY GOD.

"Ha yeah sorry. Who's Scott's brother?"

"Louis Tomlinson, twins as well." This day is HILARIOUS.

"Okay." I contained my laughter.

"We should get going. I have class with you so I shall escort you my Lady?" He held his arm out. I grabbed my bag then put my arm through his as if he were walking me down the isle or something.

"So I'm guessing your from America?" He said as he lead me to class.

"Yep. And your from Ireland?"

"Yes. Indeed."

"Your very posh for an Irishman." I pointed.

"Oh, I uh don't normally talk like that. I was just trying to be funny." He blushed and looked at his feet as we walked.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, I think it was hilarious. I could bearly contain my laughter." I lied.

"Your lying."

"am not."

"Yes. You are. I bet in your head you said 'I lied'." He gave me a knowing look.

"Mind reader are we?"

"You are talking to the master Lier here, you have no chance love."

"Right, well don't ever call me 'love' again." I gently punched his arm.

"No problem babe." He smirked.

"Seriously stop." I glared at him.

"Okay Princess." he said seriously.

"That's more like it." I pinched his cheek cheekily. Heehee see what I did there? No? Ah well.

"Princess? You like that?" He looked amused and curious.

"It's pretty." I shrugged.



"It just..."

"What? Have you got a secret daughter and you call her that?"

"What? No! It's just that's what I would call my girl, my Princess." He blushed again.

"Aww. Well it's cute." I said, pinching his cheek again.

"Can you stop doing that?" He said as he slapped my hand away from his face.

"Okay Princess." I teased. He rolled his eyes.

"Here we are." We stopped in front of a door labeled 'Mr Horan'. James lead the way in, HOLY SMOKE. Mr Horan looked more like James then Mr Styles and Edward. Jesus Christ.

"Mr Horan? This is Teresa, she's new." James introduced me.

"Hi Teresa! Please take a seat." He smiled. He sounded exactly like James too. Damn that's creepy. I followed James to the back of the class and I sat next to him. This is kinda creepy with the twins and triplets and stuff but...James seems a cool guy. Maybe he can help me get over my barbie life?

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