Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



27. What happened to you?!

Your POV


I was being driven by Alex. He took me to the concert. I had the meet and greet and everything. I was really ashamed to show myself in front of the boys. Especially with these bruises and marks on my skin from Alex. I hated him right now. I had my hair down and curled, a 1S red and black varsity jacket, white skinny jeans on, and my blue studded shoes. This was what I had to hide myself in. In sure Zayn will find a mark somewhere. Alex stopped the car in front of the stadium. "I'll pick you up after okay?" I mumbled a response and he left. I entered the stadium and say Harry. I made my way towards the meet and greet line after the lady took my ticket. Girls were staring at me from every direction. I'm sure they found a bruise or something, or the fact that they know I dated Zayn. I was next in line. I came and Zayn saw me. He hugged me as tight as possible. He kissed me and there was a photo. I was like the last person in line. We took lots of photos. Zayn put his hand around my waist and I hissed at him. I had a bruise there, and alot of them. "Where have you been?" He asked me. "You should know" I mumbled in a low cracky voice. "You sound sick" he gave me a back stage pass so after the concert I could meet up with Zayn. He walked me to my seat, security around us, and kissed my cheek. I'm glad I didn't have a bruise there because it was a rough kiss. He slipped away as went backstage. I checked my waist and saw it purple and red, about ready to blister and bleed. It really hurt. I wanted to cry right then and there but I think the girls around me would've thought I was crazy. The concert started and Zayn stayed on my side of the stage. He smiled at me and pointed. I felt like something terrible was going to happen like in my dream. I felt it coming. Then it hit me. It wasn't going to be here, it was at the next concert. It would happen. I was sad because today was a good day to die. After the concert, they boys gave love to everyone. During You and I, Zayn looked at me. I laughed and started crying knowing I left him by himself, and I had to defend myself from Alex. I guess I'm not who I thought I was. I went backstage after the concert and talked to Zayn. "I thought you weren't going to make it" he said to me, sweating. I pulled my sleeve up, making sure not to show any bruises. I hugged him and my sleeve rose a little higher letting a big bruise show. "Uh babe?" "Yeah?" "What is that on your arm there?" Shit, he cought me. "Nothing, I slipped and stuff dropped on my arm. That's all" what kind of excuse was that? He wouldn't believe me... Not at all. He nodded and we walked. I'm sure Alex was waiting for me. Zayn took me to his house instead. "So why did you Leave?" "Do we have to talk about this Malik..? It's.... It's hard" I took my jacket off realising I had a short sleeve shirt on, showing even more of my bruises. Zayn was beginning to catch on. "What about those bruises? Huh?" "Nothing Zayn" I put my sweatshirt back on and he tore it off. He took me to the bathroom and made me strip. "What the hell happened to you?" He yelled at me. "Stay out of it Zayn!" I yelled back. "Who did this to you?" His eyes were full of guilt and sorry. I was scared for me, but for him most. "A-a-" I started sobbing scared. "Who?" He rose his hand like he was going to hit me. I slid down and fell to the floor and burst into tears. I was scared now. He looked at his hand and his eyes were full of sorrow, and scare. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it" he hugged me and helped me get my clothes back on. "Alex" I said. "Alex did this to you?" "Yes Zayn. I missed you. My friend Rebecca likes you and hate me now. I'm surprised you don't hate me anymore. She cussed me out and called me a cheater during class. That's why I called you to pick me up. That's why I left" he gave me a hug. A single tear drop fell to the floor hitting it. "Don't leave me Zayn. I need you" I said. "Don't ever leave like that again. I promise, I love you" we hugged again. I called Alex and told him I was at my apartment about 45 minutes away from the Stadium. He started coming to get me. "He's not picking you up" Zayn told me. "What other choice do I have? Your leaving for London in 2 days!" I really didn't want him to go. He was my everything. "I'll find a way for you to stay, but your still not going back home." "Zayn I don't have clothes, or anything!!" Zayn ran me home and went inside with me this time. My dad tipped his hat and talked to Zayn. Zayn said he had to go and I took him upstairs to my bedroom. We walked in and I started grabbing my unpacked stuff. "Isn't this room kind of... Childish?" He asked me. "Yeah. But I like it I guess... It's got you in it" I smiled at him. Then I got a text from Alex. "I have to go home first to grab something. I'll be there in 5" "shit!" I said under my breath. "What?" "Alex is coming here first" I boxed my stuff and opened my window. "Be careful, you'll slip. I have before." He thanked me for the tip and we snuck out of my window... Again. I closed the window behind me after Zayn was down on the ground and had the boxes. I slid down like a slide and Zayn cought me too. We got into the car really fast and left, just in time to see Alex pulling into the driveway. We drove home and it felt good to be back. Then Alex came, along with trouble...

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