Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



71. Unforgotten

Sara's POV


i saw my mom. She was on Zayns bed, just sitting there. I was tired but I know I saw her. "M-mum?" "Yes dear. It seems you've forgotten me" "I would never forget you. Your the one who.. Who made me like I am now" "your forgetting everything" a tear fell down her cheak. "Mom, I'm not forgetting!" "Where do you live?" "Uh UHM" I stood there speechless. "What's my name?" "Mom" "my real" I sighed. "Mom. I'm sorry" "your giving up things tat mean te world to you over this boy. Do you even love him?" She looked hurt. "Mum, yes!" I struggled to say. Love was a strong word, I never notice how hard it was to say until now. "Mom don't go" "you can't forget what you have. It just a boy, you've forgotten me, your family, Marcel" "m-Marcel" tears ell down my face, hitting the floor silently. I sat on the bed and put my face in my knees. How could I forget what's important to me most?


zayns POV


i was easedropping on Sara. She sounded like she was talking to herself, but I know she wasn't. She was talking to her mom. I walked in and saw her with her head in her knees still crying. I walked up to her and wrapped an arm around her. "Are you alright" I asked. "No" she said back. "What's wrong?" "Everything." She looked up at me, hurt in her eyes. "Zayn, I'm forgetting. I've forgotten everything I have." "You have me" I smiled. "That's not what I mean Zayn!" She snapped back. "I'm forgetting my family!!! My friends!!! I have Fs in school Zayn!!! I'm forgetting Marcel! I'm loosing the ones I started with. I think we need to-" "split? I was thinking the same thing" "what?" She said with a hurtful face. "This isn't working out Sara!! I can tell what's fake and what isn't. Besides, I met a girl at the bar earlier and I actually made her smile for real, not a fake smile" "zayn take it back" she was tearing up. "Sara, were" "no" "we're done" she screamed and ran to the bathroom. I knew this was a bad time, but it was true. It hurt to have a girlfriend and you couldn't make her happy, at all. I walke back in and the guys were staring at me, Laney walked past me and barged into the bathroom. "What the fuck you looking at?!" I yelled. 


Harrys POV


zayn just broke up with Sara.... I couldn't believe it. They've split. After such a long time. I could hear her crying in the bathroom. "What the fuck did you do that for?!" I yelled at Zayn. "Bcuz she was beginning to be a bitch and I never made her happy!" He stormed through te room and slammed the door behind him, making the whole house shake a bit. I walked into Zayns room behind the rest of the boys. We all started knocking on the bathroom door. "Leave me alone!" She yelled. "Honey, Zayns gone, it's just s boys, please come out" I heard Laney and Sara talk and then the hadle turned. She started coming out, mascara and tears funning down her face, her hair a mess, cheeks red, and puffy eyes. Niall hugged her patting her back. "I'm so sorry baby doll" she smiled and said "thanks Niall. But I can't stay here, not anymore. Especially since me and Zayn split." She barged through us boys and started packing her clothes. "Why?" "I don't belong here Liam" Liam was sad. Laney came to Liam and patted his back. "Please don't leave" I said. "I have no choice Harry. I can't sleep on the couch, I can't sleep with zayn because he's being a dick and I can't sleep on the floor. I'm homeless Harry!" "No your not" I said under my breath. "Yes I am! No matter what I do-" she started to trail off with tears coming down her cheeks. She packed completely. "Bye" she said snotty like. Louis walked up to her. "Who the hell do u think you can just take your things and fuckin leave?!" "Leave me alone Lou! I don't want to hurt you" Louis pushed her up against the wall in the kitchen. "I don't fucking care that u and Zayn broke up. He was always a dick to us. Just because he broke up with you doesn't mean you can leave. Your not the Sara I used to know!" "I fucking changed Louis! Leave me te hell alone!" She hit his knee giving way. She stomped passed him, her coat and luggage in hand. "Bye!" She yelled slamming the door like Zayn. She started walking until a taxi came by to pick her up. We all watched her ride into the sun until Zayn came back. "What the hell Zayn?! Do you see what you fucking did?!" "I don't care anymore. I never loved her." I took those words in and he went to his room, slamming it and locking it. Sara won't be forgotten here.

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