Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



31. There is no plan. I'm Sorry

Zayns POV


ihad no plan fOr Sara. She would fit in the tour bus with us, with me. But I'm afraid she wouldn't fit in at London. "Honey?" I asked her. "Yes babe?" "Come here" she came from the bathroom. I was leaning on the side of the bed. She came in front of me. "What? Is something wrong Hun?" "What's your plan? For London?" "I thought you had a plan..." She looked at me confused. "I don't have a plan. I'm sorry" "oh" she looked down, sorrow in her eyes. I pulled her closer to my by her hips. "I'm taking you out once we get to London!" I told her. "But you just said-" "I know what I just said, but that doesn't mean you won't go! Pack up your stuff beautiful. Your moving with us!" She had hope and happiness in her eyes now. She smiled and tackled me onto the bed, pulling me into a deep passionate kiss. I started to take her shirt off, she's unbuttoning mine. Then Niall walked in. "Whoah there! I this a party?! Can I join?!" 

Your POV

me and Zayn laughed. He put my shirt back on and I buttoned his back up. I wanted to go further with Zayn, but not while people are interrupting. We got up and you could hear Niall wanking himself. (I don't know if these rumours are true. Please don't judge) "oh baby, f-faster" he went. You could hear his hand going and his heart beating. "Harder!" He pleaded. "It sounds like he needs a girl!" Zayn said. I looked into his eyes, and they were warm and welcoming. "No" he told me. "Why? You know he needs one! I'll make him use protection! Only once baby!" "F-fine" I ran into Nialls room and tackled him, feeling his u know what (I don't feel like saying it) on my thigh. "What do you want Niall? I'll give it to you!" "I want-" he was breathing heavily. "To fuck you" I started taking off my shirt and kissing my neck softly. I moaned as it felt good. He took my pants off and I looked into his eyes, pure lust. "Use protection" I whispered in his ear. He handed me a condom and I slid it on him, making him thrust towards me. I put the tip in my mouth and bobbed. "Oh god uhhhh" I loved it when men moaned. "Uhhh" it turned me on. I put his whole thing in my mouth and he thrusted toward me making me gag. "Fuck yes baby!! Uhhhh!!" He was trying to get out. "I'm a out to cum darling!" He said. I could see his balls tighten and I let go. "What the fuck?!" He said. He pushed me on the bed softly and tore my bra off. I covered my chest. "Don't be afraid, your beautiful." He pryed my arms open and sucked on my nipples. He took his hand down to my vagina and started rubbing it. "Oh Niall!" I moaned, "more!" He made his way done my stomach to my pussy. He kissed it. He pulled my undies down and stuck a finger in, bending it to give me full bliss. "Fuck Niall harder!" He was now going as hard and as fast as his fingers would go. "I'm gonna cum baby!" My pussy started clenching around his fingers and he pulled out. "Payback!" He looked at me, readying his dick to put into the oven. "Are you ready baby?" "Yes" he pushed in. It felt soo good. I nodded and he started thrusting faster and faster. " ohhh! Fuck Niall!! Mmmmm!!" I started screaming. Niall didn't quiet full me up but made me feel good. "You like that honey?" "Ye-uhhhh!" He hit my g-spot. "FUCK NIALL HARDER!" I stayed in her, not thrusting anymore and wiggled my dick around in her Pussy. "Oh Niall!!! Mmhh!" I started moaning his name. He then started fucking me harder and faster than ever before. The bed was hitting the wall and skin was slapping together. "Oh fuck more!" "I'm going baby!" "OH MY GOD NIALL RIGHT THERE! OHHHH!" I screamed. I felt like I was gonna cum so I told him. He pulled out and spun me. I was now doggy style. He started fucking me when I heard a groan from outside the room. 

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