Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



49. The Night

Liam's POV


i saw this girl in the corner of the room we were in. We decided to get dinner because the hospital doesn't have the greatest food. Zayn wants to hurry but we calm him down by telling him Sara will be fine. The girl in the corner is staring at me with her sparkling blue/green eyes. She's just beautiful. I'm not drunk. I start eating and whenever I look over to her, she moves her head away tryin to make me think I'm not looking. Her hair was curly, but not too curly. It was wavey, I guess you could say that. It was beautiful. She had a pair of while shorts on and a white see through top on, with a hot pink tank top under it. She also had peach coloured shoes on. I got up from the table and walked over to her. "Hello beautiful! I have noticed you've been staring at our table and was wondering which one of us you were staring at. The names Liam by the way" "I was staring at you and my names Laney." "What a pretty name. Do you like what you see?" "I do! Very much!"


laneys POV


i saw Liam check me out sitting at the table and made me more interested. He walked up to me and introduced himself. He was cute. His buff arms in that shirt made it even hotter. I liked his tattoos. Well the ones you could see. "You from around here?" I asked him. "Yeah, close you could say. Would you like a drink?" "Sure! I'm not from around here. I came from California when my aunt and uncle didn't want me anymore because they said I was a screw up. So I came here, hoping to start new." "What happened to your mom and dad?" My mom and dad died in a car crash 6 years ago." "Oh I'm so sorry. Say, I could give you something new" he smiled at me. Liam was it? He was really caring. "Liam, is that right?" "Yes ma'am" he even had manners!!! "I would love to start new!" "Great! Want to start now!!?" He was joking right?! Yes! This boy was amazing. And to believe I found him at a restaurant. He took my hand and drug me over to his other friends. "This is Zayn, he's dating Sara. This is Louis, Niall, and Harry. Guys, this is Laney. My new girlfriend!" Did he just say, girlfriend? I haven't heard that term for years. My boyfriend was hit by incoming traffic and died instantly. I had t had a new boyfriend since then. I hoped Liam will treat me right. "Hi Laney!" Everyone said to me. Liam sat down and then we all ate. It was about half an hour before we left. Zayn drove us to the hospital, and Louis layed down in the back. "Why are we here? What happened?" I asked politely. "Zayns uh, girlfriend, zayn did something bad, and Sara saw and she-" Liam was interrupted by Zayn. "I kissed another girl at a bar and Sara saw me. She stormed away and I couldn't find her. Half an hour later, I found her in the bathroom with red marks all over her body and blood on the floor. I almost killed my girlfriend emotionally." He was really sad about it. "I'm ur it's not your fault Zayn. She probably had other things happening." "It was my damn fault" he nearly yelled at me. "Zayn, don't tell at her!" Liam comforted me and I hugged him. I can't believe we met at a resteraunt, talked for like 10 minutes, and now were dating... We got out of the car after Zayn parked it. It was nearly 7 in the morning now, so everyone was tired including me. I trudged alongside of Liam. The other boys were in front of us. We walked up some steps and into hallways and into elevators and past rooms. Then we came up to a room that said Sara Malik. "Are you guts Married?" "No, but why not?" I nodded and entered the room to a guy sitting in the chair with blood on his hands, another boy who looked much older lying with Sara. She had blood running down her arm, her scanner barely moving. I looked over to see a boy with Orange hair, blood all over him and not just his hands. I gasped and walked backwards as he walked towards me. 

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