Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



64. Snow!

Louis POV


as it was trailing closer to Christmas, it was getting closer t my birthday. I was turning 19 (I know how old he is, but lets just say he's 19) And I still don't have a girl of my own!!! I could hear Sara and Zayn in their room yelling and then what sounded like Sara sobbing. I also heard Laney and Liam kissing in their room. I banged on it. "Not tonight guys!!" I yelled. "Didn't plan On it!" Laney said. I knew Liam would frown at that. They walked out of their room, Laney and Liam. Their hands intertwined and Laney wrapped up in a comforter. "Cold much" I suggested. " I'm gonna turn up the heat Lou!" I heard Liam yell from down the hall. "That's fine!" He cranked it up and then I saw Zayn leave his room with Sara wrapped around him. Sara had her legs wrapped around Zayns torso and on his side. She had her arms on his shoulders, crossing in the back. Her hear layed on his shoulder and Zayn had his hand on her butt supporting her. He also had his other hand on her back doing circles on it, making her feel better. He was "shh"ing. "What's wrong" "SHHH!" "Whaa" I made a baby noise and got onto my laptop. "Here with the boys and hey! It's snowing in London! Who's coming to the show tomorrow?" With I seconds I got tweets from everyone. I followed about 20 people and liked and comments on their statuses. I closed it and saw zayn sitting beside me, Sara still wrapped around him. "Is that comfortable?"  Asked him. "Actually, yes it is. I have the love of my life in my arms and she's falling asleep. Couldn't get any better" he smiled and looked at Sara. She tilted her head and her eyes were droopy. "It's snowing... Maybe a prank on Harry and Niall?" "Sure! Just wait until she's asleep!" We whispered back and forth ideas until they walked in. I saw Sara asleep and led myself to our room, lying her on the bed softly, covering her up with warm blankets. I kissed her forehead and smiled. "I love you with all my heart" I whispered. Then I left the room with silent foot steps and closed the door easily. I walked up and put our plan into action. Me and Louis found Niall sleeping in his tight pants, a boner appearing. We picked up the blanket he was on and led him outside. We saw Harry on his floor, him almost naked completely. We took the blanket he was on and shoved him outside. Then we collected snowballs and threw it at them. "Huh! God damn it Lou!" Harry yelled. He started chasing me. I ran across the pool, being careful not to step on the cover so I wouldn't fall in. There was bout 4 inches of snow on the ground. Niall woke up looking at his pants. He smiled and then tried to run inside. Zayn locked the door behind him and has the key. "Get Zayn!" Niall yelled. Snowballs were coming in every direction. I tackled Niall and he fell face first into the snow. He got up and had a beard on him. He wiped it off and started eating snow. "Ewe Niall!" Harry yelled. The boys skin were beat red. "Maybe it's time to go in!" Zayn said. He unlocked the door and everyone barged inside. We could hear Liam snorting because he wa laughing so hard. Laney was ticking him. "We're gonna go get warmer clothes on. Kay guys?" I said. "Sure" me and Sayn left for our rooms.


zayns POV


i saw Sara there, sleeping. I walked in and tip-toed to my closet. It was clean also. "She must've been really mad" I told mysf in a slight whisper. I started taking my wet pants off and my shirt. I grabbed a pair of boxers and then I looked over at Sara, which wasnt there anymore. I felt a warm pair of hands cover my eyes. "Guess who?" She whispered breathing into my ear. I could feel a boner coming. "S-Sara" I whispered. Her hands glided down my torso and her lips were in my neck, right where my sweet spot was. I Started moaning. "Oh god" I said. "What do u want Zayn? Anything!" She hesitated to say. I pointed to my dick, and pulled my underwear off.


saras POV


I watched him strip. It was hot. I was horny, no doubt about it. I turned him around so he was facing me. I started kissing down his stomach, trailing to his dick. I licked a strip of it ad he jerked towards me moaning. "Don't tease!" He whispered. I took it in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth. I couldn't breath so I pulled away twice to get some air. "I'm gonna-" he whispered. I took his balls into my hand and squeezed them earning a louder moan. "I'm gonna!" He yelled and then he let go with a Loud moan. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck" he cursed smiling at me. "Your the greatest!" He smiled. I got up and kissed him. 


Zayns POV


geeatest blowjob EVER!!!! Her mouth was so perfect!! "Thanks babe!" "No problem" "it's snowing" I said. "SNOW!" She she yelled running over to the window. "I can take you sledding a day from tomorrow. "Sure!" She said not letting me finish my sentence. Them the TV was turned on. I finishe puttin on dry clothes. "Fun?" Louis said. "Why does he get one and I don't?!" Liam begged. "No reason" I said. I sat down and Harry was making cookies. "Cookies everyone!" He brought over the tray and we all ate off of it. "Amazing Harry!" Then I heard saras name on the TV. "Sara, is she with Zayn? Are they having Children? Where are they now?" And a video came up of me and Sara having sex on the beach. I looked over at her, her face red as a tomatoe. The TV even added sounds. "Zayn...." "It's not real babe. I didn't d any other girl" "swear?" She was nervous and scared. She felt embarrassed... "Swear" I said. 


Sarad POV


i heard the boy moaning and the girl screaming Zayns name. I felt a tear crawl from my eye. "What's wrong" Niall asked. "Nothing... I just hope it's photoshopped" he nodded and said it was. "Thanks Niall" Harry turned the TV and turned on "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" zayn bought it a couple nights ago for us to watch, but we never did until now. I layed down, about 3 of us on the couch. Laney and Liam were lying on the chair together snuggling, Louis at our feet, and Harry and Liam cuddling. "Hey Lou" I asked before the movie started. "Yes?" "What do u say about ice skating next week for your birthday?" "I don't know how..." He said looking down at the remote. "I'll teach you! It's SUPER easy!" "Sure!" He said smiling at me. "Great!" "Maybe you'll find a girl there" Harry added in. Louis smiled and the. The movie started. About 20 minutes into the movie, the snow was coming down harder. "I hope they don't cancel it tomorrow" Liam said. "They won't. It's inside" Harry said. I fell asleep to Zayn breathing in my ear and te boys talking about the snow and the concert tomorrow... I've never really seen snow, especially like this...

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