Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



19. Sleepwalking

In your dream:


My mum was lying on my bed looking through my photos. I wanted to go see her. I got up off of The couch without waking Zayn and walked by the door where my shoes were. I put them on and felt hands on my hips. I was pulled back onto the couch. My dream faded Into a nightmare. It was horrible.

Nialls POV

i saw Sara trying to get out of the door. She must hav been sleep walking!! I woke Zayn up and he put his hands in her hips guiding her back to the couch. "Thanks mate" he whispered to me. "No problem." He layed her down and she started sweating.


In your dream:


My mom was fading away. I yelled for her but nothing was coming out. I started crying and then I saw the boys and I at the concert. Zayn pulled me up to sing Happily. Abou halfway through the song we heard gunshots. Every girl started pushing left and right and onto the stage. I fell and picked myself back up to the same gunman that killed my mom in my other dream. "Don't move!" He yelled at me. He pointed the gun at Zayn. "Please don't." I begged. Zayn had a family that cared. I ran to Zayn and he hit the gun, hitting me right in the ribs. I heard Zayn say "baby wake up! Stay with me!" And shook me. 

Zayns POV

sh was sweating and clenching her ribs. She was crying saying my name. I didn't know what was wrong. I told her to stay with me and I shook her. She cried one last cry and a tear hit the floor. The boys were up surrounding me now. I checked her pulse, nothing....

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