Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



55. Shopping!:)

Sara's POV


i went home and slept with Zayn for a couple of hours, waking up to Laney borrowing some of Zayns clothes. I got up. "What are you doing?" "Rating closets.." "Did Zayn say its alright..?" "Yeah!" I looked over to find Zayn not by me, but coming in from the hallway. "I said she could." "Okay. I'm probably gonna steal some of Louis clothes." "He doesn't care" Laney found a shirt. It was his plaid red and black shirt. She put Nialls 5SOS shirt under it and it was SUPER cute! I got up out of bed and walked into Louis room. I grabbed his striped shirt and stole his shoes. Louis was still sleeping and I caught an idea. "Zayn do we have any Shaving Creme?" "Shoukd have some why?" "Can you get it for me?" He ran into the bathroom and came back with shaving Creme. I put some on his hand. I added a little bit to make a design on his face. We took a photo and then I tickled his nose. "Stawp it HARRY!" He yelled. I kept tickling him and he slapped his hand to his face, the Creme going everywhere. "GOOD MORNING LOUIS!!" I yelled. "You did not just!" "I just did!" He got up and started chasing me. We ran around the house for about 5 minutes until he caught me, rubbing his face against mine. We were outside now, out on the back deck. He had me pinned to the ground. "Louis stop!" I giggled. He started ticking me until I couldn't breath. "Alright Louis, that's enough" Liam said. 


Liam's POV


sara looked like she was having a hard time breathing, so I told Louis to go easy. I had a pan (plastic) full of shaving Creme. He turned to face me and I shoved it in his face. We all laughed when Laney tapped my shoulder. I turned around and I was cremed. "Laney!" I gasped, wiping it off. She started backing up. "Liam, don't!" She giggled trying to be serious but it wasn't working very well. I had a bunch of it on my hands and I wipe it across her face, she's screaming and laughing. We playing with they're me until we were almost out. I ran inside and grabbed 4 more cans. I grabbed more pie pans and called Harry and Niall out. "Harry Niall! Come here! I think Sara broke her finger!" Zayn yelled. Laney and Sara sat at each side of the door and cremed them both. The started running after Laney and Sara, both of them screaming bloody murder laughing, yelling at the boys to stay away. Zayn was the only one not cremed. But that's alright because I put flower in his blow drier this morning. Zayn headed in and we watched through the window. He turned it on, it pointing his face and he was blushing. He yelled for Sara. He came running out and Louis cremed him. Zayn had silly string with him and started spraying everyone. Harry and Niall were running wild. Sara and Laney were running around the pool, me and Zayn chasing after them. The stopped and we tackled them into the pool. They jumped out, chuckling. Louis grabbed some more Creme and cremed Zayn and I. We all laughed and dragged everyone out into the pool. After about half an hour, the girls got out and changed clothing. "Alright! We're gonna go shopping!" I had already told Zayn to stuff some money into Sara's purse. He didnt tell m how much he stuffed  in it, but it seemed like ALOT. "What do u mean We?" Sara asked looking at Laney. "I'm taking you out to go shoppng!!" Laney smiled at Sara. 

Sarad POV


i didn't have any money!!! I had to save it for medical bills now. "But I don't have any money!" I looked down, zayn lifting my chin so our eyes met. "I know your going through a tough time, with medical bills and everything... But check your wallet." I Checked my wallet seeing tons of money in it. "Zayn I can't! You need it!" I took it out and shoved it towards him. I wanted the money, but I knew he needed it more than I did for shopping. He shoved it back towards me, suggesting "I know you want it. Girls love it when I give money out" I shoved it towards him again, saying "I don't want it Zayn!" "Your going to take it!" He snagged my wallet from me (which can be called a purse) and shoved the money in it neatly. "Take it" he handed it back to me. "Zayn I-" he put his finger on my lips and shushed me. "Think of it as an early Christmas preset, since that is coming up in a couple weeks!" He smiled at me. "I love you Zayn. Thank you so much!" He kissed under my ear and made me shiver. I pulled away from him and kissed him. He smiled into the kiss, and said "now go have fun! You need to shop!" I smiled at him and walked over to laney. "We'll, lets go shopping!!!" She announced. Maybe I could get to know laney some more while the boys have guy time... Maybe watch a football game or soccer. Intract with some fans. I walked out the door and into Zayns car. Laney drove. "And here we go! Shopping!!:)" I smiled at her. I was actually excited to go. 

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