Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



56. Shades

Your POV I saw Laney roll down her window and put her shade on. I watched the wind blow through her long brown hair. It was beautiful. I could kind of smell the vanilla too. I smiled at her, rolled my windows down, put Nialls shades on, and smiled. I took my phone out if my pocket, only seeing it blown up and twitter going off. I also saw a couple messages from Rebecca. I ignored them and got onto my Instagram. Laney stopped at a stoplight. She looked at me. I leaned over and took a pic if her and I with our shades on throwing peace signs out. I hashtagged #shopping with Laney! And tagged her IG. Within seconds I saw hundreds of comments and likes. Then I checked my personal page and saw how many followers I had received since the last few weeks. About 2 million... I started smiling when Laney rode off. We stopped first at Forever 21. I loved going there. It reminded me of Louis, and how every girl wishes he was forever 21. It also reminded me of Rebecca, how me and her got locked in here as children and slept in their clothes, exiting the next day with free stuff because they locked us in. I found a really cute too that said "22" on it. I grabbed it and put in my pile of try ons. I found a shirt with a quote on it, "don't let the past. (On the back) represent your future" I checked the size ad it would fit me. I smiled and put it in y but pile. Then I found a shirt that said on the back "Malik 14". I grabbed it in my size and bought it. I found some cute bows and a beanie. Then we went to holster and bought some shades. We walked around the stores with them on, people whistling at us every direction. When we were done shoppng around 10PM, we stopped at The local fair that just opened. We went on a ride a d I hande the guy my shades. We rode together and after we got off, he took my shades off of his face, putting them on mine. "Nice shades! Where dd you get them!" "Forever 21!" "They fit your face perfectly!" He leaned in closer. I backed away. "I have a boyfriend" I started to walk away when I heard him shout "does he stare at that it of yours like I do?" I walked back to him and smacked him across the face. "Don't you ever say that!" He covered his cheek with his hand. I walked away laughing. I just made a fool of myself. We got into the car where our bags were at. We started heading home, windows down, music blared, shade on, and wind blowing through our hair again. We got home around midnight. Zayn looked worried. Zayns POV I was worried about Sara and Laney. They were late, really late. "Where the hell were you?!" I snapped at her. "We went out zayn! I'm fine!" "No your not! Your fucking late!" She looked at Laney and told her to go to Liam's room and hang up everything she got. "I'm sorry! It's better than not coming home!" I started to raise my voice and getting mad. "I didn't give you money to go spend on stupid stuff! Where the fuck did you go?!" "Out Zayn!" Your POV Zayn was bitchy. I could tell he was drunk. My shades were off now, my eyes full of anger. "Tell me! Where the fuck were you?! We're you cheating on me?!" "Where the fuck did you get the idea Zayn?" "You've done it before!" "What the fuck?! I've never cheated on you! Shut the fuck up!" I felt a sting across my cheek. I lifted my fingers to meet the sting. "Zayn!" Harry yelled. I started running to our room and Niall tried to grab my arm. "Stop it Niall!" I snapped. He let go and I ran into the room and locked the door behind me. My shades fell on my face. I started crying, my shades blocking the tears from falling down my face and into my hands. I took them off and wiped them, putting them back in. Louis unlocked THe door and stormed in. "What do you want" I was still crying, he just couldn't tell. "I'm sorry. He got drunk. Please forgive me. I started drinking and dared him to drink ALOT! It's my fault!" "It's fine Louis" I said, my voice trying to crack but I wasn't going to allow it. "Are you really sure?" "I'm fine Louis. Go back to life, this never happened. It was an accident." I faked a smile and he left, closing the door behind him. I fell to the pillow. Tears streamed out, even the ones I was trying to keep in my shades while Louis was here. I'm surprised he didn't see me crying while he was talking to me. I pulled a cover over me and kept my shades on. I thought about what happened and heard Laney trying to tell Zayn where we were at. The boys were surrounding her and Zyn, making sure zayn didn't lose his temper on her also. More tears ran and I fell asleep with my shades on, hiding me from reality. Besides, I wanted to be far from it right now.
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