Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



30. Safe and Sound



i didn't have enough energy to do it with her tonight. Besides, we were both exhausted. I went to bed early and she layed down with me. We cuddled. I didn't want to leave tomorrow, because I had no plan. She was going to have to stay here. Her phone went off and I checked it. It was from "The Bitch" probably that Rebecca girl. It said :hey sloth, why are you still with my boyfriend? Snap back into reality and fuck yourself, not him. You guys are so ugly together" how rude of her. I responded. "This is her Boyfriend, Zayn. You need to be nice to her as she is struggling holding everything. Maybe she cares and cries herself to sleep every night. Bully, your no friend. I'm not dating you and we would never date because of what you do." She was going to be pissed at me, but I didn't really care.


your POV


in Your dream: 

the gunman was face to face with you. He took off his mask and it looked like Alex's dad. I started crying. I saw Zayn, he moved and the gun was pointed to him. Someone pinned me down, also Zayn. "Close your eyes sweetheart, I don't want you to see this!" He said to me, trying to comfort me. "Zayn you don't have to do this!" I yelled. The guy behind me sighed and let me go. I ran to Zayn, being able to stop the bullet before it hit himself. He opened his eyes. He kicked people back and fought with the gunman, winning. He came over to me and hovered over my whimpering body. I felt compete, knowing I saved the love of my life and he still loved me. He started crying. I heard another gun shot, he fell forward, falling beside me. I screamed.




i screamed and woke up, Zayn comforting me. "Bad dream?" He asked. "Yeah" "me too" we layed Back down. He whispered "your safe here, safe and sound." I felt warm, soft, loving. I pulled closer to Zayn and he wrapped his arms around me, loving me some more. I fell asleep soon, falling back into my dream. This time, I felt like it was a different dream. I was in a room. A dark room, with a man. It was the gunman. "What do you want from me?" I asked him. "Why are you following me in my dreams?" "I get to know your fears." "What do you want?" "Your life" he faded away and flashbacks came into my mind. "I've been in your dreams since you were born. I'm here to haunt you, just like I haunted your mother and father. Just like I haunted your whole family" my whole family was divorced, not one real guy/girl in my family were together, there was always a stepmom or stepdad in each family. "Why have you done this? What have they done to you?" "Nothing. Your the family I chose to haunt, THEIr love life. You just never saw me because you were never really in love" his voice faded away into Zayns morning voice. 




i heard Zayn trying to wake me up. He kissed me and then tickled my sides. I gasped and pushed him off of the bed, carrying me with him. We fell down with a thud, me on top of him. We giggled and kissed, getting up and wrapped up into covers

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