Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



35. New School, New Friends, New... Enemies?

Zayns POV

i woke up to Sara shoving me off of the bed. "Hey!" I said! I asked her for help and I pulled her down with me. She laughed and told me to listen. There were a bunch of girls screaming. We must have been in London already. I saw a bunch of flags and got up. Sara got up, me after her. She walked over to the window and I followed her. I put my hands on her waist and danced with her. We were swaying side to side when I kissed her neck. Her bruises were gone now. Only like 3 you could see. I spun her around and she kissed me. I laughed in the kiss and Louis came in making sure we were awake. He didn't seem surprised when he saw us. We detached lips and started getting dressed in the right clothes. I went to the curtain and closed it. 

Your POV

i got dressed into Laims USA shirt, not knowing why it was in here. I continued to put it on and then I put on my white skinny jeans and my navy blue converse on. Zayn got dressed into a black top and blue jeans. He put on his white shoes and grabbed his phone. I brushed my hair into a pony tail and grabbed my phone. The bus was parked and more girls were crowding it, covering the whole thing up. Niall Harry and Louis walked out first. Then me and Zayn and Liam. He questioned me on the shirt I was wearing. "It's yours" I told him the way out of the bus. There wasn't any guards so it was hard to get through. Girls were pushing and shoving me left and right. Zayn and I detached hands and I was shoved to the ground. Zayn saw me, and how I was face down on the ground. He yelled at some girls and helped me up. I wiped off the blood on my hands and finished making my way into a studio type place. The way through the girls, I saw a guy standing there wanting an autograph. I pulled the boys over to him and thanked him. I told him he was perfect and the boys gave him an autograph, a hug, and a picture. Zayn and I then grabbed hands tighter than before and pushe me to the building. Once we got in, he took me to the family bathroom and cleaned my hands and elbows. "Some people are ungrateful" he murmured. "Some people just hate me" I told him back. He stopped and looked up at me. I was propped on the sink. "What did you just say?" He said with hurtful eyes. "Some girls hate me" "how do you know this?" "Twitter.  Just haven't told you because it's never gotten this bad." He looked back down at my hand with feury in his eyes. I think I pissed him off. "I'm sorry Zayn" he didn't answer. When he was done, he shoved me into this room. It was really nice. He told me I would be starting school tomorrow. I was scared. It was a new school which means I had to find new friends by socialising. People think I'm socially awkward. I looked down and started missing my old school. I kno there was going to be people who hated me here too, so I guess new enemies...?

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