Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



53. Home Sweet Home

Zayns pov


Sara kept looking back at me, looking hurt. So I walked over to her. "What's on your mind?" "Everything Zayn. Everything we did, everything we had and when u kissed her" "your not still mad at me for that are you?" "How could I forget Zayn?! That's the only reason why I'm here." She looked away from me and a tear fell on her hand, splattering. I grabbed her chin softly, and looks her in the eyes. "I'm sorry okay?! I can't change the past. I love you with my whole heart. Please don't make this a big deal, you know I love you and will protect you. Please, just let it go" "zayn, it hurts" she looked like she was going to break. "I know" "alot" "I'm sorry. Do you need a hug?" She practically screamed yes and hugged me, crying. Laney came over and patted her back. "She's really upset. Thanks for everything" she nodded and smiled. "I sorry baby. Please forgive me of my mistakes." She hugged me harder and her sobs went down. She whispered in my ear "Zayn, please, don't let me go. Not ever again. Please. I want to stay with you forever. I'm tired of feeling alone as getting abused" "I love you" I kisse we forehead and she smiled. She took the arm of my sweater and wiped the tears off. "No need for that anymore. I've for you" by now everyone was surrounding us. She got up and I made he giggle. "Here's a joke. What's a Moto? You say it." She said What's a Moto." "Nothing's the Moto. What's te Moto with you?" She giggled and smiled again. Her cheeks turned red. She got up off of my lap, and I took my sweater off. "You clearly need this more than I do" she was freezing. "Thanks" she kissed my lips softly and took my jacket. "Good!!! How about we all go out tonight in celebration of Zayn and Sara and Laney and Liam?!" Harry said. "Sure!" Everyone said. 


Laneys POV


my last test was tomorrow, a review of everything. I've studied alot, but I'm still afraid I won't pass. "Nah! I've got to study for an upcoming test tomorrow!" Liam looked at me. "Pweeeeze!" He begged me. "I can't! It's our final test!" "Please Laney! Just this once!" He begged on his knees as have me puppy eyes which made it hard to say no. "Ugh!!! Fine! But just because your so cute!" He smiled and wen to miss me but backed away, and hugged me instead. I really wanted a kiss from Liam, but I wanted to take it slow. "Are we ready?" Louis asked. "Yes!" We all said. We started leaving the hospital, everyone carrying things including Sara carrying that guitar of hers. "It's pretty!" "What huh? Oh thanks! The boys got it for me" she smiled a me. "You know, I never got your name, or if I did, I forgot." "It's Sara, and yours?" "Laney" we giggled and commented each others name. "What a beautiful name!" She exclaimed. "Thanks" everyone tol me that. We started to get into a vehicle. Louis layed in the back again, and Sara sat on Zayns lap in the bac seat. Liam drove and I sat in the front. Harry and Niall sat in the back with Sara and Zayn. I turned the radio onto 98.9 The Bear and Talk Dirty by Jason Durelo wa on. The boys were dancing ad Niall was trying to belly dance. We were all laughing when we arrived at this house. It was a very nice house, surely too small t be theirs.. "This is it!" Liam said. "Don't you think it's kind of small?" "No! It's perfect!" "Will it fit me in it?" "What are you saying?" "Nothing.. I just thought you would let me live here... Since Sara is..." "I guess you can if the boys allow it. They all nodded their head yes. "We'll this is home. Home Sweet Home" a few of the boys said. I walked to the dear and the mat read "Home Sweet Home" it was home after all..

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