Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



72. Haunted love

Sara's POV


I wiped a few tears as I Rode to the airport. I got a call halfway there. It was an unknown number.


"I told you so"

"who is this?" 

"I'm the ghost that haunted you. I'm the one who made this happen. I've been haunting your families love life for years."

"what do you want from me?"

"I want you to be in misery, like you've failed."

"you got what you fucking wanted, leave my family alone"

"oh I will"

the man chuckled.

"I'm the reason your dad remarried, your mom died, and you don't have a regular mom in your whole family. They are always dads and step moms."

I started to cry a little bit. I hung up in tears. Once we got to the airport, my phone vibrated. I got a message from an unknown number. "What your back" I was confused and shrugged it off. I wiped my tears and bought a plane ticket and boarded the plane. "Please shut all phones off now" then I got another text. "I'm coming for you" I covered my mouth, and the lady asked me to turn my phone off. I turned it off and layed back. I put my seatbelt on and turned my phone back on. I turned the brightness down so people couldn't see it. It was nearly 7PM. I turned on my music in my headphones and I got calls from zayn, I ignored them all. I got messages and tweets from all the boys. Their just lying, Zayn said he never loved me, that I never put on a real smile. Bull freaking shit. I always did when I was with Zayn. I got another text. "Watch what you say, I'll trigger the gun if you say the word" I knew what he ment. He'd try to hurt me. I didn't care at this point, I was homeless. I had nothing left. No family, no friends, no house, nobody. 


Louis POV


me and Ereni went out for lunch late due to the fight with Sara. It was about 12:15. I met her a Nandos. I found her pretty brown eyes (do u have brown eyes..... I forget SO TERRIBLY SORRY) and her flowing hair. I walked in and her smile welcomed me. "Sorry I'm late. Had a business thing goin on" "it's alright" "thanks, so, what do you want to eat?" "French fries, chicken, and a soft drink"  I nodded and ordered from the lady. "So, I heard Sara and Zayn broke up, and that she's on the plane right now." "How do you know that?!" I asked questioning her. "Oh, I have my sources!" She did sort of a laugh. 


Saras POV


i got another text from an Unknown number. "You better watch out for your loved ones, Their not safe" I cared for the rest of the boys and tried to text back. Nothing. 


Erenis POV


i went to the bathroom as an excuse to fall Sara. I called we once I was in the family bathroom. I felt like someone was following me. But I shrugged it off. "Hello?" I disguised my voice. "I said watch you back and your loved ones." "Don't touch them, take me instead." "I will find you, and I will kill you every chance I get. You can't hide from me" I evil laughed and flushe the toilet.


louis POV


"I will find you and I will kill you every chance I get" repeate in my head. She, she was threatening Sara. I had to tell the guys. I rushed back to the table and sat down ad ate my food really fast. She walked out and u went to leave. She ran in front of me. "And where do you think your going?" "You haunted Saras love for Zayn. Why?!" "I always have Louis. You'll never know what she did to my family." "She wouldn't hurt you!" "But she already has" she hit me with something and I fell to the floor almost out. I called Sara and out her on speaker pulling my fun out. "Guess you couldn't save Lou. Too bad, so sad"


saras POV


i could hear Louis whinnying in the background. He was screaming my name."don't fucking touch him!" "Too late" then I heard Louis. "Don't come saw me Sara, I can do it myself. I don't want you hurt" then I heard the guy again. "Awe poor Lou. So sad she can't be here for your funeral either" I I heard him chuckle and a gun went off. "Louis!" I screamed into the phone, tears streaming down my face. Everyone on the plane were starting at me. "I NEED TO GO BAC TO LONDON NOW!" I screamed. "I'm sorry we can't turn around, not enough oil" "I don't fucking care! My friend is dying" a lady took me into the bathroom.  I screamed at her. "Don't scream at me!" She took a needle from her pocket and inserted it into my wrist. I felt it injecting. "Girls lol you don't belong on a plane, but in an insane isylem" 

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