Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



41. Cheater

Your POV


i ran away, Zayn chasing after me. I knew he wouldn't be able to catch up because he had to stop and fix his pants and his shirt. I took a shortcut back to the house. I got in and snuck past the boys. I went into Zayns room and slammed the door. I heard Niall say "what was that" and Liam answer "probably Sara" I looked at the picture of me and my mom again. "I actually believed you, in telling me I've found the one" I cried down onto my moms picture again. "I guess I was wrong to think that" and slammed her picture on the floor, glass shattering everywhere. I saw 3 grey blades reflect off of the light. I picked the 3 of them up and ran through the glass into the bathroom. My feet hurt, but I didn't care for this moment. I was going to end up like my old friend, Kaitlyn. She did the same thing I'm about to do, cut until I can't anymore and loose too much blood. Nobody would donate any either. I knew it was wrong. But I still didn't care. I kissed a note I made to everyone including Kristina. Her note reading,



Are you fucking happy?! I guess I deserved this, I needed to do this anyway. Thanks for telling me I'm a piece of shit. Appreciate it lots. Leave me alone to die. -Sara



i kissed the blade once more and started with my thighs. It burnt, it hurt, I could see my mom in the shower, crying and looking at me. "I love you mom, I'll see you in a few minutes" I said as she disappeared. I began to cut down my right arm. The blood was running down my arm and legs and dripping into the floor. I told myself I wasn't going to do this anymore, yet hear Iam still   doing it. Zayn was a Cheater and that's all it took to take my life. I know what he's been reading. I cut too deep into a vein in my arm and screamed, dropping the blade on the floor, blood covering it within seconds. I grabbed my medium sized one and began again. I heard someone enter Zayns room. It sounded like Zayn. I kept my voice down and kept on cutting. I went to my left arm and cut too deep once more, the blade falling to the ground again. I grabbed my smaller one and started again. I heard pounding on the door, scaring me making me go in deeper and longer than before. I Fell to the floor.  I started cutting the part of my arm that people could see. Why not? I was going to die anyway. My heart was already did. This is happening because zayn cheated on me. Cheater. I crawled over to the toilet and got sick. Zayn was screaming my name. I could hear the rest of the boys including Harry yelling at Kristina telling her to get out and that they were over. I saw my mom once again, crying over my pale and red figure. Then I saw the boys just looking at me. I cried one more time and fell backwards. Harry cought me, crying. They all started crying and stared at me. Zayn grabbed a dark towel and covered it around me. He could barely even do this. He took me into I think his car. We all drove to what sounded like the hospital, but. Was to faint to tell. We got in and I couldn't see anymore. I was falling into a dark pit, one I can't crawl out of, one here I see my loved ones that have passed. I saw my mom and then everything went white.

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