Haunted Love

"Zayn, I'm scared"
"I'll protect you"
"Say you'll never let me go"
"I don't want to break another promise"
"Your different"
"That's just who I am"
"Its not the same"
"You've changed"



23. Another Day in Hell

Your POV

i got up at 5 and got dressed for school. Zayn got up with me and made me breakfast. I kissed him and he took me to school. When we got there, a bunch of girls were surrounding his car. He got out and helped me out. Of corse we had n security so it was hard. Zayn pushed a couple of girls back to get me in. "I'll see you later babe." He told me. I kissed him and asked him if he would pile up from school. "Sure" we kissed again and I entered the place known as the Living Hell. I hated this place. Rebecca was mad at me but I wasn't sure why. After 6th period, I walked up to her. She turned around and whispered something to Jennette. I spun her around so she was facing me. "What the fuck is your problem?! I've been trying to get ahold of you!" I told her. "I'm sorry, I don't talk to bitches who steal others boyfriends unlike you!" She sashayed away from me. I ran up to her and faced her. "What the hell are you talking about?!" "Your fucking Dating Zayn! You know he was mine!!" "I'm fucking sorry Rebecca, but we both know how Zayn likes me! It's not my fucking fault he's in love with me and not you!" "Yeah it is! I should've known he liked sluts!!" She left again. I stood there, broken, in thousands of pieces. Her friend ran back to me and smashed my books down onto the floor. They all laughed. I bent down and a tear dripped on my folder. More tears were springing out of my eyes. I wanted someone to hug. 

Marcels POV

i saw Rebecca mess with Sara and her friend push her books down. I even saw Sara cry. I walked up to her and bent down. "Can I help?" I asked. "I'm fine Marcel." "No your not. Your best friend just called you out." I helped her pick up her books. We got up an she hugged me. It was a soft hug. I hugged her back and helped her to class. Luckily it was my class. She sat at desk and the class began. I started teaching and watched Sara. She smiled at me. Rebecca gasped and got up. "Why don't you quit flirting with her Marcel and ask her out!" She yelled at me. "Besides, I'm sure she cheats!" She started to cry again. She ran out of class in tears. "Detention Rebecca!!" "What the fuck?!" "2!" "Why?!" "3!" She shut up and sat down. The Bell rang for class to end and I looked for her. I couldn't find her anywhere. 

Your POV

i can't believe Rebecca did that. I went to the ladies bathroom and texted Zayn. "Can you come get me please?" "Who so early?" He said. "I'll tell you later, please?" "On my way!" I left the bathroom and went to my locker. I signed out and left with Zayn. This surely was another day in Hell

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