It was the first day of Katherine in the new school. She met this strange but very attractive guy, his name was Harry. He invited me to a party but in the party he was different, he was a bad boy? She met Harry's friends she met new friends. Katherine and Harry started dating but Harry hurts her, he slaps her he tells her to do stuff she doesn't want to. Why was Harry mean to her ? She didn't want to leave him cause she loved him and she was afraid to. Harry was always bad he started fights he almost killed a guy he's gone to far what can Katherine do ?


2. First Day Of School

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Katherin's Pov.
Hi my name is Katharine I have long brown wavy hair, I have light brown eyes that shine in the light. This is my first day in this school I used to go to Smith high school through 9-11th grade and I'm here in 12 at willy high school. I'm not that kind of person that do bad stuff but I had friends like that. I was lost in my thoughts and a girl came up behind me.

Katherine was that new girl in school nobody really talked to her cause she was new of course. This pretty girl with long brown wavy hair, and blue eyes that look like the sky sat next to her in the morning.

"Hi I'm Gabbi, and you must be a new girl."
She said with a big smile across her face.
"Alright Katherine do you want me to show you around the school today, I would love to help."
She is like so nice to you.
"Um..yeah..that would be a good idea. Thanks Gabbi."
She took you to your first class cause she had the same one as you did to. You knew who were the bad,popular,and the nerds ones.

There was this weird boy with curly brown hair with light green shiny eyes, looking at me with a smirk. I looked away wondering why he had a smirk when he was looking at me? He stood up and walked towards me I started to freak out to be honest. But yet he was kind of attractive andmysterious in some way. 

Harry's Pov.

I saw this beautiful girl walk in our classroom,she was definitely new cause I never seen her around and I dated mostly every girl here. I had a smirk when I saw here cause dame she was gorgeous and fit. I decided to walk up to her and get to meet her. She turned around quickly,"Well hello there beautiful, your new here right." Stupid question to ask cause we all know when someone is new. "Umm..yes." She was so shy and I loved that but she won't be shy around me no more. I wanted to be with her even though I didn't know her as much yet. "Hello, I'm Harry Styles." A smile appearing on her face I think she has a crush on me now, good job Harry. Talking to my self agin I'm my head.


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