How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


9. Chapter 9



Niall's POV


On the way to the beach, I was thinking about all the hate Peyton was getting. How did it happen? How did people even know she was with us? I mean they can't just find her mysteriously and starting hating on her. Did someone post a picture of her? 


"Whatcha thinking about?" Peyton's sweet voice whispered out. Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, how did I get so lucky?

"You.." I whispered, my cheeks got hot.


"Did I just say that out loud?" Peyton laughed and nodded. I ducked my head down, even though she could still see me since her head was laying on my lap. 


"Let's go to the beach, each. Let's go get away. They say, what they gonna say? Have a drink, clink, found the bud light. Bad bitches like me, is hard to come by" Louis yelled, I looked up and realized that we're at the beach parking lot. 


"The patron on, let's go get it on. The zone on, yes, I'm in the zone. Is it two, three? Leave a good tip. I'mma blow off my money and don't give two shits." I heard Peyton's voice and saw her smiling and blushing. 


"What it's a good song!" She laughed. 


I got out and started doing a Miley Cyrus twerking singing 

"I'm on the floor, floor. I love to dance, so give me more, more. 'Til I can't stand, get on the floor, floor, Like it's your last chance, If you want more, more. Then her I am!" The range rover filled with laughter. Peyton came out and started dancing, soon followed Louis and then everyone was out dancing. I saw a flash in the corner of my eye, oh shit. 

"Oi! Leave us alone!" Harry said


"Yeah, c'mon why can't we go out and have fun without you guys ruining it?" Louis said. 


"Boys, how do you feel with all this hate about you guys on social media?" One reporter asked, I rolled my eyes. 


"Let's just go and ignore them." Peyton said, grabbing my arm. I looked down at her, and smiled. She is so beautiful, shes an angel.. My angel. 


"C'mon guys." Louis said, and we ignore the annoying reports and paparazzi. 


Louis's POV


The sand seemed to be steaming if you looked at it right, same with the water, I turned to Niall who had his phone sitting in his hand.


“What’s the temperature?” I asked, he shrugged and tapped the screen. I continued to watch for a few seconds while he scrolled along his screen.


“Uhh...+30.” He replied, I nod my thanks and mumble something about two cubic tons of sunscreen.

“Its so beautiful!” Peyton smiles, me and Niall turn our heads to see her gazing out to the ocean. He smiles as well and we stare out too. Her sister is beside the car still, trying to get her towel from out under the seat. Harry is behind, watching with a dumb look on his face. I just sit and smile at this funny bunch.


"Well I am going to go in the water, anyone wanna join?" I ask, while putting my hands on my hips. Zayn stands up and nods.


"I'll come." Then Zayn looks to Niall and nods to Peyton with a devious smile. Niall smiled back then stood up and scooped Peyton up in his arms.


"Hey, what are you doing?" She looked where he was walking.


"No Niall, no! Stop, please don't do this!" She said, we laughed.


"Oh, come on babe. It's just a little water." Niall said.


"No! Niall please don't!" It sounded like she was crying.


"Don't!!" A female voice yelled. Laila came running up behind Niall and pulled on his arm.


"Don't do that! Put her down!" She yelled. A bunch of people came up and a bunch more paparazzi's came. Peyton was now crying into Niall's shoulder.




"Please put me down.." She cried. Niall nodded then set her down, he wrapped his arms around her and I felt a little jealous.


"Peyton, why are you scared of the water?" A reporter came up to her, shoving the microphone in her face.


"Peyton! Peyton! Why didn't you want to go in the water?" Another asked. Soon they will ask about all the hate shes getting.


"How do you feel about all the hate you're getting, Peyton?" I spoke too soon. She backed away from Niall.


"What hate?" She asked Niall then flipped off the paparazzi then started heading to the range rover with Peyton.


"C'mon guys! Let's go." I yelled, we grabbed all our things and got into the car.


"Niall, what were they talking about?" She asked, he looked at her.


"Oh, they are confusing you with another Peyton.. Since your last names are the same...?" He said unsure. Nice save Niall, nice save...


"Oh, okay..." She sat back into the seat. I turned on the engine and drove back to our place. That was a close one..

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