How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


8. Chapter 8

Harry’s POV


*Six Weeks Later*


“There that’s the last box.” I said setting down the kitchen supplies box. We all groaned and plumped down on the couch. Peyton and Laila stood up and clapped their hands together.


“We should paint the house!” Laila’s voice cheered. Niall stared and Peyton smiling, he likes it when she smiles. Peyton was blushing, and smiling at him.


“We should paint our room blue and green.” Niall said. “Because I know green is your favorite color Peyton.” Niall smiled back at Peyton.


“Okay, me and Niall will go buy the paint. Just write the colors on this piece of paper..” I said, putting a sheet of paper and two pencils down on the counter. Laila and Peyton nod before going off into the other room, I smiled towards Niall before grabbing car keys as well. I heard a phone ringing with our song ‘Live While We’re Young’.

“Oh sorry, that’s mine..” Peyton said before picking her phone up and answering it.

“Hello? Oh hi mom!”


“WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU?!?!” I saw Peyton move the phone away from her ear.


“We are at Niall’s, Harry’s, Liam’s, Louis, Zayn’s, Laila’s and my new house.... Mom I am not playing games!... Well, he kinda did... I know, I know... We’re fine!...We are NOT coming home!!... No... No... No... NO MOM!!” She yelled, then slammed her phone on the table. I was surprised it didn't crack.


“Uhm.. I think Liam should go with Harry to get the paint...” Niall said, picking Peyton up and laying her on the couch. We all nodded, then me and Liam left to go to Home Hardware.


Liam’s POV


“This blue looks good with this green..” I said, holding the two cans of paint. Harry nodded.


“Now to get yours and Lailas.” I said, going to the purple paint.


*A hour later*


“Thank you.” Harry said after grabbing paint cans, I grabbed the rest.


“Let’s get starbucks.” I said while getting into the car. Harry nodded and we headed to Starbucks. We got out and ran inside. Let’s just said we at least took two more hours. There we’re a lot of fans in there. We finally got out and in our car.


Laila’s POV


It’s been three hours since Harry and Liam left.. we are all getting worried. Well except for Niall and Peyton because they are sleeping.


“Hey Zayn.. we should take a picture of these cuddle bugs.” I laughed, he laughed and we nodded. Louis and Zayn stood around them and point at them or made funny faces. I took the picture and laughed at it.


“Post it on twitter! Post it on twitter!!” I whispered, yelled. Zayn nodded and posted it.


“Wonder how our fans will react to this,” He laughs as thousands of beeping came through, my eyes widened with another smile on my face.


“Looks like you're pretty popular.” I say, Zayn smiles back before checking it again, the smile soon fades. “Zayn? What’s wrong?” I place my hand on his shoulder.


“‘Who’s the girl? Are you cheating on your girlfriend Zayn?’” He read a text out loud. “You guys are idiots...” He read another, my eyes widened again as I looked towards the phone...


“But that’s not the worst....” I said point to a bunch of hate comments toward my sister. There we’re some about Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Some were asking where Harry and Liam is.


“It’s okay guys... as long as Peyton doesn’t read them then it’s fine.” Louis said. I looked at her phone and stuck it in my pocket.


“HONEY, I’M HOME!” Harry yelled, acting dramatically.


“SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Me and the boys shushed them. They give us an ‘Ohh’ face. Niall slowly sits up and rubs his eyes.


“Niall... you need to make sure Peyton doesn’t go on twitter..” Zayn says.


“Or Facebook..” I said scrolling through Peyton’s timeline.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Niall asked, half asleep. He stood up making sure not to wake Peyton. He looks at the computer, soon his mouth drops.


“Yeah, that’s why we need to make sure Peyton doesn’t see it..” I said.


“See what?” Peyton asks, stretching and getting up. Niall shuts the laptop.

“Nothing..” He smiles, and takes her hand. She gives us a weird look.


“Let’s go ...” Liam starts.


“TO THE BEACH!” Louis yells.


“Yeah, the beach.” I say.

“But me and Laila don’t have any swimming suits, or clothes for that matter...” Peyton says.


“SHOPPING SPREE!!!” Louis yells again.


*Three hours later*


I plumped down on the couch with Peyton, our shopping bags surrounded our feet.


“GET THOSE SEXAY SWIMMING SUITS ON AND LET’S GO!!” Louis yells. We burst out laughing. Me and Peyton grab our swimming suits Peyton changed in the bathroom upstairs and I changed downstairs.


Niall’s POV


“NIALL! COME HELP ME!” Peyton yelled from upstairs. I ran upstairs, nearly falling down the stairs.


“Yeah?” I asked.


“Can you tie this?” She pointed to the string on her bikini. I nodded, I tied it and we headed down stairs. I soon as I got downstairs, a towel thrown at my face. One also was thrown at Peyton it hit her leg, she laughed.


“Nice aiming Lou.” She giggled. Laila came downstairs singing.


“Let’s go to the beach each let’s go get away!” We all stopped at stared at her for a minuted, then bursted out laughing.




“Nothing, lets go!” shouted Harry. We all got in his black range rover and headed to the beach.





Hey! I haven't gotten a lot of feedback from you guys, are you even reading? :'( If you are.... I LOVE YOU!!! WANNA BE BESTIES? Anyways, I need at least three comments to continue! I am working on a new chapter soooooo HURRY! XD BYE!!!!


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