How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


7. Chapter 7

Niall’s POV

I hit that one guy with this baseball bat I worked. the girl ran away into the woods with the other boys, I ran after them. Their dad was trying to shoot us.. but kept missing. Peyton tripped, I picked her up bridal style and ran into the woods as far away as we could. We stopped to take a break. I could see an small shade of blush on her cheeks when I looked down, I noticed tears coming from her eyes. I sigh, why do they have to be put through this? That man is sick, Peyton is amazing, I fell for her instantly...but, she probably doesn’t love me back...


“Niall?” I shake my head a bit, then bring my gaze to hers.




“Are you okay? You look upset...”


“I’m fine, Peyton.” I smile reassuringly. She nods a bit before going silent again. I saw her move, I quickly turn my head to see what she was doing. She was on her phone. Her face drained of color.


“Peyton, What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned and worried. She handed me her phone, there was a text message saying.

‘I will find you, and when I do. I will kill you.’ There was no name, but I know it’s her dad. I heard her start to sob quietly. I pulled her into my chest and rubbed her back, I hummed “Alive” while comforting her. I saw little white marks on her arm, her sleeve was pulled up a bit. I stopped humming and just stared at her arms... Why?

“Pey, what’s on your arm?” She jumps a little and frantically covers her arm.


“Nothing.” She said nervously. I continued to watch her with worry, what was that? I walked forward a bit and sat down under a tree. I put her down next to me and watch her again.


“What?” She asks, I continued to watch, my eyes narrowing.


“Tell me.”


“Tell you what?”


“What’s on your arm.” I said, getting more worried.


“Nothing! It’s nothing..” She said looking away, her voice getting softer.


“Why?” I asked.


“Why what?”


“Why would you do that to yourself? You don’t have to hurt yourself just because other people are hurting you. Please, I’ll help you get through it.” I rubbed her back with the worried expression still on my face.


“Niall, you don’t understand...” She said.


“Yes I do, I was bullied when I was in middle school. I did the same thing as you did. Before someone who I call my best friend. She helped me through it, like I am going to help you.” I smiled, still rubbing little circles on her back. She sighs again, a faint smile as well.


“I care about you Peyton.”


“You're one of the ones that do, Niall.”


“No, I really might just fancy you..”


“W-what?” Her eyes widened as a deep blush crosses my cheeks. “Niall, you l-like me?” She asked. I nodded, smiling.


“Yeah... Ok... Yup we’ll come over to check it out now... Alright, thanks, bye.” Liam was on the phone. We all gave him a puzzled look.


“I just bought a new house. But There’s not enough rooms... so-”


“Me and Niall can share ... a room.” Peyton said shyly.


“Then... Maybe, me and Laila... can share a room..?” Harry said nervously. We all nodded and smiled.


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