How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


6. Chapter 6

Randal’s POV

“Nice to see you again Laila...” I looks down “You too Peyton.” I smiles evilly.


“Who the hell are you?” A blonde boy says with Peyton in his arms and her legs on a brown haired boy.


“I’m their father..” They all gasp.

“Yeah, that’s right I’m the one who gave Peyton this..” I try to lift her sleeve up, but the blonde pushes me away.


“Don’t touch me...” She snarls. He smiles again.


“Gettin’ brave aren’t we, sweetheart?” I slap her. The blonde boy tried to tackle me but I push him back, he lands on top of that little twit, Laila. The boy with the curly hair growls and helps the blonde up. Then picks up the stupid red head that I have for a daughter.


“Leave them alone, jerk.” Curly snaps. I laugh and bring out my shotgun.


“They don’t really deserve to be here...” Peyton’s eyes go wide.


“Y-You can't aim with that...” Laila stutters, I laughed again and aim it at her.


“I’ve been getting better sweetie.” I tapped the gun in my palm. “Wanna see?” I pull the trigger and she jumps back, the bullet just missing her. I growl and try again. Peyton grabs my gun.


“You know not to do that sweetheart...” The end of the barrel is aimed at her stomach.


“Peyton, get out of the way!!” The blonde yells to her.


“Leave my friends alone!” Peyton yells weakly.

“I’ll leave them alone, but not you two.” I grab Peyton by the hair and Laila too.


“Get the hell away from them!” Curly yells. I laugh.

“Get in Daddys car, or else.” I point the gun at the blonde.

“NIALL!” Peyton yells. I laugh.


“Go inside boys...” Laila says.


“No we’re not leaving you!” Curly says coming closer.

“Uh uh.” I say, pointing the gun at Laila. The blonde slowly moves closer. I then point the gun at Peyton.


“I’m willing to shoot either one of these girls.” I say, I then let go of the girls. “Get in daddys car.. NOW!” I yell. Peyton flinches and runs to the car. She never liked yelling.


“Peyton! Come here!” The blonde yells, Niall I think. She shakes her head.


A tear slipped down the blondes cheek.

“Aww crying over some slut now are we?” I laugh.

“Laila, get in the car.” She does what she’s told, with tears running down her face. I shove her face first in and slap her when she turns back.


“Good bye boys.” I smile and laugh. I start the engine and drive away. I see that the boys are chasing after me, I step on the pedal and zoom down the street. The girls began to cry in the back. I rolled my eyes and turned around.


“Mind shutting up?” I ask, glaring at the two disgraces. They nod and look down. I smirked and turned back to the road.

“So, over the years... after you ran away... I started talking with other family, going to the gym and gun range... stuff like that.” I said looking at them through the rear view mirror. They looked up at me and nodded then looked back down. I pulled up to my brothers house, which he also hates these things I call daughters.

“You two stay here... or else.” I loaded my gun and pointed it to them. I stepped out and locked the doors.


Liam’s POV

I...I can’t believe we let them slip away...I hung my head in shame and let a few tears fall down my cheeks like a depressed waterfall. Harry turned to me and patted my back, I smiled a little at my crying mate. Everyone here was crying. How did we get so attached to these girls? We had only known them a few seconds...and now...they might be dead...Niall let out a small whimper and buried his knees into his chest, crying his irish heart out. I sighed, wherever they are I hope they will be all right. I stood up and made my way to the sobbing boy in the corner. I sit down next to him and wrap an arm around the nando-lover, he looks at me with sad crystal blue eyes that are dripping of tears.


“I...I love her...” He sobs, I looked into his eyes again.


“Niall,” I say, “you only known her for almost 5 minutes, how do you love her?” He glares at me as a response before giving me a smartass comment.


“I don’t care...I. CARE. ABOUT. HER. LIKE. SHE. IS. MY. PRINCESS!” All the boys looked at Niall.


“Uhh... Liam.. he really cares about her, he’s never been this way before about a girl..” Zayn whispered to me.


“Yeah I do really care about her, Zayn. The first glimpse I caught of her, my heart skipped a beat. I can’t get her out of my mind. She’s so perfect, her bright blue eyes..” Niall said.

“Yes, I know Niall.. but-” “But, we need to go get them.” Harry cut me off.


“We don’t know where they went, how are we supposed to find them?” I said looking at them both of them.


“I don’t know... but I am not going to rest until I find her.” Niall said slipping on his hoodie, snapback, and shoes. “I don’t care if I get hungry, cold, or tired. I am going to find her.” He said walking out the door.


“Me too.” Harry said. “I need to find Laila.” He added running after Niall.


“Yeah, we need to find them.” Louis said. Zayn nodded, and they put their shoes and jackets on and run after the rest. I sighed and grabbed the bag of nandos that were in the fridge. “We’re going to need this...” I whispered and walked out, then locked the door. I ran after them.


“WHERE SHOULD WE LOOK?” Screams Louis. I turned my head in his direction.


“I think we can hear you, Lou!” I yell back. Niall was just staring ahead, not talking, I don’t know if he is even breathing.


“I wish our car was out of the repair shop.” Zayn said.


“Yeah *huff* it would of *huff* been easier.” Louis said. I ran into someone, Niall. He stopped.


“Guys, isn’t that his car?” Niall asked pointing to the Black Cadillac. We all nodded.

“But where is their dad?” I asked. Niall and Harry ran to the car and knocked on the window. Their heads flickered up, they were crying. “Unlock the door!” Niall said pointing to the lock. They shook their heads. We all gave them a questioning look. “Child safety.” Laila mouthed. Niall groaned and kicked the Cadillacs tire.


“Niall calm down.” I said, he looked at me.

“Calm down?? Calm down?!? How am I supposed to calm down!?!?!” Niall yelled.

“Niall! Stop it! You're scaring Peyton again!” Harry said, he looked at her.


“I need to get those keys...” Niall said, walking to the house the car was parked in front of. He knocked on the door and some guy opened it. What is Niall doing?!


Nick’s POV(Randels brother)


I laughed wickedly as my brother entered the room again.


“How are those morons?” I ask, he smiles.


“Dumber than ever. Not to mention worthless,” He sits down next to me and hands me a coffee.

“I hate those little bi-”

“Did you hear that?”


“Hear what?”


“I heard, house might be haunted.” I laugh.

“No, I heard that stupid, annoying irish accent.” Randel said stand up.


“Irish? What?” I asked confused.


“When I found them, they were with some boys.” He said, I nodded.

“Well, I mean they are-” I heard a knock at the door. I got up and opened it. A blonde boy, with blue eyes was standing there, I saw four others standing by my brothers car.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked.


“Uhh... I’m... I’m... Your brothers friend. I need to speak with him right away. It’s... something important..” He said, unsure.

“Ok, I’ll get him. RANDEL!!! THERES SOMEONE HERE FOR YOU!” I yelled, making the boy standing at my door way flinch. I heard glass break, I turned around just as Randel was grabbing his gun.


“How the hell did you get here?” He yelled.


“Well I walked... until I found these girls here locked in your hot boiling car!” He yelled at Randel. The blonde boy looked at something behind us, then back at us.


“HEY! GET AWAY FROM MY CAR!!” Randel yelled, then ran towards the other guys. “MIKE!! COME HELP ME!” He yelled again. Then I ran to his car leaving the boy. I heard a click then the doors unlocked and the girls ran out. I felt something hit my head, then I blacked out.


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