How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


5. Chapter 5

Niall’s POV


We stood in the dark closet, I know she couldn’t see me, but I hid my face in my shirt to conceal my blush.


“So...” Peyton’s soft voice mutters. I swallowed the lump in my throat. “ Seven Minutes in Heaven isn’t it?” She asks. I lift my head.


“I-I-I guess so...” I answered back. We heard snickering outside of the closet. We just looked around the dark closet, waiting for the seven minutes to be over. It felt like it was going to be forever. I started getting really warm.

“Is it hot in here?” I asked.

“No.” Peyton simply replied. I nodded.

“Five more minutes!” Liam yelled.

“Okay.” I yelled back. I felt like she was staring at me. So I looked through the darkness, she was... but she didn’t notice me.


“So....” I nervously laugh. She giggled.


“They probably won’t let us out until....” She says, I smiled again.


“Yeah I know... that was mostly happens in here.... well not this closet... I mean.... ugh, you get the point right?” I was stuttering, why?


“Yeah I do.” She said, I could tell she was nervous.

“I’m cold...” She said rubbing her arms to keep warm.

“Well, this is a closet that is SUPPOSE to have sweaters in it. But there’s none..” I said, mostly blaming Liam.


“Oh..” She said, sounding a little disappointed. “But maybe... could I... um... cuddle up with you..?” She said looking down. I smiled and mentally gave myself a high five.


“Sure! I mean... Sure.” I said a little too excitedly. I saw her smile, she scooted herself over to me and leaned her head on my chest as I put my arm around her. I smiled an ear to ear grin.

“You're so warm.” She said quietly. I chuckled.


“Well thank you.” I said as I felt her shiver more. I cuddled her closer.

“Two more minutes!” Harry yelled.

“Shut up!” I yelled. “Oh, are you two getting down?” Harry chuckled, I heard him yell a ow and say Laila’s name.


“Why’d you hit me Laila?!” He screams. I hear her laugh and run away. Peyton giggled.


“This should be good...” She brings out her phone and says she wants to tape it. I chuckled and got up and opened the closet door.

“Looks like Liam beat ya to it.” I said chuckling at Harry and Laila.

“Awwwwww....” She said. Harry was yelling at her to come back, she started laughing and turned around and stuck her tongue out. She didn’t see where she was going and fell into the couch. She turned just in time to see Harry fall on top of her. Both of their faces turned bright red, he quickly got up and coughed.


“Uh...sorry...” She giggled and turned her head to the right.


“HEY! Your one minute is not up yet!!” Laila yelled at us. “Get back in there!” She said pushing us back in. We both laughed.


“NOW KISS!” She kept the door open. “I’m not letting you out until you do” She winked at me and I blushed, Peyton facepalmed then blushed too. I sighed and grabbed her shoulders. She lifted her head up just in time to let me kiss her.


“Wait...” She said backing up into the corner.


“Aww come on Peyton! You know you want to!” Laila said. She shook her head.

“I... I just...” She said, then put her head on her knees.


“Peyton! Just do it! Here,” Laila sighed. I looked up at her. “I’ll kiss Harry if you kiss Niall,” Peyton’s head snapped up.


“Are you kidding!?”




I saw Harry’s face and he look surprised.

“Laila, if she’s not comfortable then she doesn’t have to.” I said.


“Niall, she won’t let us out... And I know my sister, she won’t let us out until we kiss.” Peyton said looking at the ground.

“No, if you're not comfortable then we won’t!” I raised my voice, and I saw Peyton flinch at my voice.


“P-please...don’t yell...” Peyton said, starting to cry.

“Peyton, I’m sorry... I..” I said, putting all the guilt on me. I reached for her hand, but she flinched away.  “Peyton... please.. I’m really sorry!” I said. If Laila wouldn’t of said that, she wouldn’t be scared of me! I pushed past everyone almost making them all fall down. I slammed the door behind me. I was mad..


Laila’s POV


Peyton jumped up and pushed past me, I grabbed her wrist.


“Sis, I’m sorry...I didn’t-” She cut me off by slapping me. I looked at her with tears forming in my eyes.


“WHY DID YOU DO THAT LAILA?” My eyes widened, she never yells...ever since...


“I-I’m sorry...I-”


“Sorry...Sorry doesn’t it cut it...” She cried. “Sister dear...” She turned away from me. I sighed and fell to my knees. I felt a hand place itself on my shoulder, I look up and see Harry.


“What happened?” He asks.


“Niall sorta yelled at my sister,” I say, “Her past is bad, she doesn’t like yelling..”


“How bad is the past?” I shook my head.


“I can’t tell you...”




“It’s a secret between us...”


“Tell me...” I sighed, and shook my head.


“Its not going to help-”


“TELL ME!” My eyes widened again...I started to cry too...just thinking of that...


“Laila, I swear if you tell him. I will never speak to you again.” She snapped, I never heard her threaten anyone before. “Where’s your bathroom? I need to freshen up.” She then asked, anger in her voice. I flinched, what's going on?


“Second door to your right.” Liam said. She nodded and ran upstairs.


“I can tell you now, Harry.” I whisper. He looks at me and I open my mouth.


“We wanna know!” Louis pouted.


Mine and Laila's parents fought a lot, and they yelled and once....Peyton tried to stop our mom and dad from fighting, but dad got mad... and hit her and yelled at her. Me and Mom tried to stop him but her dad almost killed Peyton when he kept beating on her, finally I was able to drag his attention back to me. And before I got hit, Mom jumped in...and we ran away that night..”


“L-Laila...I never knew...” Niall’s voice piped up. I turned my gaze to him. Liam told me he brought him back in to apologize.


“It’s fine...she...never really...wanted anyone to know.” I stuttered.


“Sounds like you both had a rough time..” Harry hugs me.


“She had a worse past than me...” I laughed, “I was bullied a lot. Like beaten up.. and she never was, but she was being hunted by our deranged father. He shot her once... but the bullet just scraped her arm.” I heard the boys all gasp.


“LAILA!” The shriek pierced my ears as I quickly snapped my head to my sister. She had made her way in front of me, I tried to open my mouth before she shoved me back. She glared at me when I looked at her,  “HOW COULD YOU!?”  I started to let some tears fall at her sudden outburst.


“Peyton, I am sorry. But they deserved to know...”

“No, I would’ve told them when I am comfortable. I thought you were my sister and my friend...” She said, her voice got softer again.


“I never wanted anyone to know about this.” She pulled up her sleeve to reveal her scar from the bullet. “That’s why I always wear long sleeve shirts! And you knew that!” She yelled, but flinching a little.


“Peyton, please.. don’t blame Laila. We wanted to know.” Harry said.


“Whatever, Laila I hope you enjoyed the time that we had together... because it’s over.” Peyton said. She looked at me one last time before walking out the door. The boys watched her. “PEYTON!! LOOK OUT!” I heard Niall yell before they all run out of the house. When I walk out I saw Peyton right in front of  that same black Cadillac that was in our childhood for years...


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