How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


4. Chapter 4

Harry’s POV


I stood beside the others, we waited for several minutes and finally spotted Louis....except,two people were with him. Wait no, two GIRLS were with him. I let out a gasp as I saw...


The redhead...and the blonde....


The red head stopped and squeaked, she started to wave, man shes hot. I waved back with a large smile on my face. I called Niall as the girls came up to me.


“Just a second..” I said as I walked away.


“Hello?” Niall's voice said.


“Hey, the girls are here.” I said.


“What girls? El and Perrie?” He asked.


“No silly, the blonde and the redhead.” I laughed.


“Okay, be there soon.” He answered then hung up.


“Where’s Niall?” The girls asked.


“Oh, he went-” “To get some snacks!!!!” Niall said with at least four or five bags of chips, candy, soda, etc. Niall and his food... The blonde was staring at him in complete awe. I’m guessing she has a crush on him. My eyes closed and I laughed at the sight. They’d make a cute couple. I just have one question...Does Louis like her? That’s gonna be in the way...


“Harry, meet Peyton and Laila.” Louis introduced me. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.


“Uh...H-hi!” Why was I stuttering?


“Hi Harry!” Peyton smiled nervously. I could tell she was the shy type.


“Hey! Nice to meet you!” Laila smiled. I blushed and smiled back, making her turn red as well.


Does she like me? The thought continues to buzz in my head for continuous seconds.

“Niall, meet Laila and Peyton.” Louis said smiling.


“H-hi, P-peyton...” Niall stuttered like I did. She waved.

“And uh.. Hi Laila.” He said smiling. She smiled back.


“Well, lets go inside and play... TRUTH OR DARE!” Louis yelled excitedly. We all laughed and walked in.


Peyton’s POV
Wow, Niall is just... perfect. It’s ocean blue eyes, his blonde hair, his cute smile.

“Peyton, truth... or dare!” My sister said in demonic voice. The boys laughed, so did she.


“Umm... truth.”

“No! You always pick truth!” She pouted.

“Fine, dare.” I rolled my eyes.

“I dare you to... go into the closet for seven minutes, with Niall.” She grinned evilly. Me and Niall looked at each other, I blushed.


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