How We Fell in Love

Peyton- A shy, timid girl falls for One Direction's Niall Horan.
Laila(Peytons sister)- A funny, flirty girl falls for One Direction's Harry Styles.
What happens when they get pulled part from the girls ex's?


2. Chapter 2

Louis’s POV


I dropped the french fry and stared at Niall in shock. My mouth hung open and I swore that a few flies flew in.


I did see the blonde...

I did see the redhead...

And I do fancy the blonde as well...

AND SHE'S MINE! Even though I don't know her...still! She is-


"LOU!" I snapped from my thoughts and lifted my head. Harry's hand flew in front of my face. I pushed it away and growled. His eyes widened. I sighed and told him not to bother me right now. I continued to eat my food in silence and listened to the chat. What really got me pissed off was Niall...


"Why is Louis so uptight?" I heard his 'little' whisper to Liam, I growled again and slammed my fist on the table.


"JUST DON'T ASK!" I screamed. The boys stared at me, so did a lot of other people. Niall stood up.


Why was I getting so uptight about this chick?


"Lou, calm down.." He started to raise his hands to my shoulders. I extended my arm and pulled his away from mine and reached my other hand up to slap him. His eyes widened in shock and he glared at me. Fire burnt in my eyes as I ceased my breathing. He reached up and slapped me back. I hissed at him and raised my knee, he moved out of the way and shoved me. I fell back into the counter and hit my head on the tiles. He came closer to me and I kicked him in the gut. He doubled over and groaned. I raised his head and squeezed his mouth with my fingers. He groaned again and punched me in the jaw. I jumped on top of him. I pulled his disguise off. All the girls come running. He growled at me and gives me a death glare. I was shoved out of the way by the fans. They mobbed Niall and screamed things that were not so appropriate to be saying in Mcdonalds with tons of kids and their families.


"Niall! Can I have your autograph?!" Screamed one of the girls.


"Why are you with these old grandpas?" Questions surrounded him. His eyes turned into slits as he stared at them.


"QUIET!" He yelled at them. One girl started to cry.


"Oh my god, I am so sorry." He hugged her. She smiled with tears still flowing.


"Thanks Niall. You're my idol." She smiled, He smiled back. "My names Brittany." She said.


"That's a beautiful name." He answered.


"Thank you,” The smile lit up her face as it grew. “Here's my number." She handed him a paper.


"Okay, I'll text you sometime." He replied, smiling. Good, so he's not into that blonde...


"So, where are the boys?" She asked. Niall hesitated. He finally pointed to me and then to the

sighed and removed the old men disguises. Girls everywhere started to squeal. Some groaned and left and some screamed at us that Justin Bieber was better.


"Stop right there!" Harry yelled at the girls that said Justin Bieber was better. They stopped chatting at his outburst. "If you don't freaking like us... then why even ask us for autographs? Like seriously! I have gotten enough hate, so have the boys. Now leave.. or else." He snapped. Holy crap, thats the first time I've ever heard him threaten fans...


"Alright boys!" I turned and the Manager stood behind me. "you have to leave...NOW!" He shoved me hard in the back. I tripped over my own feet and started walking. I raised my eyebrow at Harry and shook my head, Niall followed my pursuit, soon he was beside me.


"Sorry," I muttered. He turned to me.


"Whatever, you probably meant it." He sighed. I glared at him.


"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I snapped.


"Never mind, Louis." He rolled his blue eyes. I growled again, but didn't say anything. I started to walk faster until I pushed open the doors. I took off running, I didn't want to see anyone right now. Screw them, screw Niall and screw people at the moment. I shoved past many pedestrians. Girls screamed my name, I pushed them away. I had some follow me, I ran into alleys and hid myself, then wait and leave when they left. I finally got tired of running and walked up the street, pulling my hood over my face so no one would recognize me and keeping my head down. I shoved my hands into my pockets and sighed. I didn't see anyone in front of me until I bumped into them.


"Oh my god!" The yell pierced my ears as my hood fell back down, I hit the pavement and scraped

my hands. I looked up and saw the blonde...


The blonde I was falling for...


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