You'll always Beau my number one.

Beau is a member of YouTube sensations, The Janoskians. You've been going out for about 6 years now, spending everyday in each other's arms. Until one day, a relationship rocking opportunity confronts Beau. Will he take it?


1. perfect.

You and Beau Brooks have been living in Melbourne for 6 years. You first met back In 2006, at a firework display. Every year you go to the firework display, to celebrate your happy years and adventures together. You and Beau have the most perfect relationship. From day to day, week to week, you go out, explore. You go on holidays, trips, camping. Everybody wants to be the way you are. One night, while Beau is upstairs preparing to go to the cinema and watch a cute midnight movie with you, you hear his phone ring on the downstairs table. Slowly, you pick up the phone. 'Work'. You really know you shouldn't anwser it but you do anyway, not aware of what Beau might do if he found out you weren't respecting his privacy...but it was too late, your hands weren't quick enough to anwser it. 'Beep! You have one new voicemail' you open the phone, wondering what could be so important that needed to drop a message...

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