You'll always Beau my number one.

Beau is a member of YouTube sensations, The Janoskians. You've been going out for about 6 years now, spending everyday in each other's arms. Until one day, a relationship rocking opportunity confronts Beau. Will he take it?


3. Confrontation.

You couldn't believe it. All your freshly done make up begins to trickle down your face, your eyes become red and clogged up, and you struggle to breath with all the shock. Beau comes running down the stairs, looking fresh and smart. 'Babe, was that my phone I heard?' I looked beau in the eyes, finding it hard to look at his beautiful face. 'Have you been crying, sweetie? What's up? Tell me, now!' He says, leaning in to hug you. You back away, and run out of the kitchen, tears till trickling down your swollen face. Beau runs after you, grabbing you from behind. 'NO! why?! Benidorm, you want to go take some silly job in benidorm?' Beau hesitated. 'Weve just moved in here, beautiful house. Everything the way we wanted it to be. But that's not good enough,no?' You run out the front door. You have the biggest feeling ever that Beau doesn't care anymore and that he doesn't want a future...Beau grabs you on the hand. 'Look at me' he said. 'no' you whisper. He spins you around irresistibly, where you face him.

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