Angels of the Shadows: Cries for the Stolen

When one of the four remaining champions gets kidnapped, the others go looking for them. It's a normal thing to do. But when everything starts to fall to pieces right in front of them all, things start to get worrying... very worrying.


5. Snapped

Micha woke up the next morning feeling extremely stiff from lying on the floor. She stood up, stretched her back and took a walk around the room. Cecilia then entered the room a few minutes later with a tray full of food. Cecilia was an innocent looking girl. Young, blonde and quite short. She wore a skirt that came down to the top of her knees and was in a white jacket from fine silk. Her voice was quite squeaky, high pitched but cute all at once.

"Here. I got you some breakfast." Cecilia said, placing the tray down on the bed. 

"Ummmm... Thanks." Micha muttered looking at the tray suspiciously.

"Don't be silly. I haven't done anything to it." she giggled, noticing Micha gawking at it. Micha picked up a spoon full of the oatmeal and put a little into her mouth, nothing happened so she continued eating. "I noticed you slept on the floor last night." Cecilia said. "Vuck told me I could get you a more comfortable mattress, and a few blankets if you like."

"Why did he say that if I'm his prisoner? Why does he want me comfortable?" Micha asked finishing her oatmeal.

Cecilia sat down on the bed beside Micha. "Yes, you are his prisoner, but he doesn't want you to particularly suffer. I over heard him when he was talking to his men, that taking you away from your Alex will be torture enough for both of you."

Micha looked down at her feet sadly. She'd been so wrapped up in trying to escape, she hadn't thought about Alex, or how worried he must have been when he didn't find her in the clearing. A tear escaped Micha's eyes and hit the floor.

"I'll be right back." Cecilia mentioned, walking out of the room.

Micha continued to stare at the floor. The more she thought of Alex, the more she wanted to cry. But she forced herself not too. She forced herself to be strong. Cecilia came through the doors a few minutes later, carrying a new mattress and kicking a pile of blankets ahead of her into the room. Micha stood up to let Cecilia make her bed.

"When I was out getting these blankets, I saw Vuck leaving. So since he's usually gone for a while at a time, I thought maybe I could take you out of this room to go do something. It must be awfully boring in here." Cecilia exclaimed, making the bed.

"Would we be able to go outside? I'd like to stretch my wings out a little bit." Micha said hopeful.

"No. I'm sorry, but if we go outside you could easily escape, and I don't even want to think about what he would do to me if I let that happened." Cecilia snapped. Micha's face fell and she slumped back down on the floor. "I'm sorry, I just don't want to get into trouble, is all. But, Vuck has some very cool things in his house. Come on, get up. You'll be stunned, I promise." Micha's face rose and she stood with up with excitement.

Cecilia opened the door of the basement, climbed up the stairs thump by thump and there was a door to the right at the top of the stairs. Cecilia opened it, to a huge luxurious living room. It was colossal with screens, heads of animals and comfy chairs all around. 

"Oh... My... God..." Micha panted as she looked around at all the items on display.

"Gorgeous isn't it? Unfortunately, most of this is bought with illegal money. Nether the less, it's still quite a sight." Micha didn't listen to Cecilia as she strolled through the center of the room, darting her eyes around in astonishment. The animal heads were real, brittle fur with rock hard antlers and spongy skin. Wood, glossy as a polished shoe. The cent of air freshener cleansed Micha's windpipe and lungs. She ran her finger along a side board with framed photos on them, to see if there was any speckles of mischievous dust. Not one. So she turned to some of the pictures on the board. They were all of a boy. The same boy. A boy who was happy, young and cheeky. One of the pictures was of two boys, one was smaller with his arm round a much taller lad, maybe his brother.

"Aww. Who are these two Cecilia?" she questioned. Cecilia took the picture away from Micha, to also get a closer look.

"Oh. That's Vuck there on the left. The shorter boy. And that's his brother on the right." she replied, passing the frame back to Micha.

"That's sweet. It seems Vuck and his brother are quite close then."

"Well... They were. Sad really. Vuck seemed such a nice boy but now he's the deluded man he is today. Don't get me wrong, Vuck is a nice guy; he really is. He may not seem or show it, but he is." Micha kept looking at the small boy. He looked nothing like the bearded brute Micha saw.

"But what happened between him and his brother? Did his brother die?"

"No, no. Just one day in Vuck, something snapped. He ran away from home, abandoning all of his family to never return. None of us know why, none of us even know who his brother was or is." Micha kept looking into the picture deeper and deeper. The brother looked familiar but the picture was faded and in black and white. It was hard to tell who he exactly was. She then thought nothing of it, putting the picture down and walking with Cecilia to look at the rest of the living room.


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