Angels of the Shadows: Cries for the Stolen

When one of the four remaining champions gets kidnapped, the others go looking for them. It's a normal thing to do. But when everything starts to fall to pieces right in front of them all, things start to get worrying... very worrying.


6. Bones Everywhere!

"The co-ordinates should lead right... here!" Aldrin muttered as he gawked at his map. He then looked to up to see that they were on a large white beach. The sand seemed to go in rowed lines, where the water had made scars on the flesh of the beach. Though the sea seemed as docile as a church mouse as it moved backwards and forwards slowly and gently. 

"Well... where's the dungeon?! It seems that 'Gansta Santa' lead us to the wrong destination!" Alex yelled as he kicked the sand in anger. Jess and Aldrin then looked at Alex and giggled. 

"Alex... It's right there..." Jess said pointing to a square like entrance by the shore line. Alex turned from punishing the sand and, to his embarrassment, there it was as plain as day. It was made of mossy concrete and had two statues either side of the entrance; lions with their gaping mouths open. The stairs down had sticks to the side that seemed to be once flaming torches. Aldrin conjured a small gem of light from his palm and let it fly down the stairs to clear the way. As it went down, it revealed skeletons to the side of the stairs, hanging vines from the ceiling and puddles of water. 

"Oh God, do we have to go down these stairs..." Jess groaned with her voice echoing all the way down the tunnel. 

"Do you want to rescue Micha? Well then! Man up and come on." Aldrin replied as he looked at Jess, who was going down the stairs. Jess then turned around and punched Aldrin on the shoulder. "OW! Why?! One day you're going to break my shoulder!" he wailed.

"Man up... I love you really, but it's just fun punch you. With or without the gloves on." she giggled. Alex then dashed down the stairs moving past the two love birds. Witnessing Aldrin and Jess reminded him of the times he and Micha had, but she wasn't their and Alex started to feel mixed feelings of anger, sorrow and jealousy. It was like seeing Aldrin and Jess was the wooden spoon, stirring these feelings around in the mixing bowl of his mind. 

The three of them reached the bottom of the stairs, dodging past the creepy skeletons that seemed to guard the stairway. At the bottom was a corridor, with cells to either side in rows. The metal bars were rusted and the skeletons inside were in the positions the prisoners had died in (sitting, laying down or even to the extreme of a hunched ball where they froze with insanity). At the end of the corridor was an opening with a rotting and wooden chair in the middle, a table infront of it and there seemed to be half a sphere face down on the table. Aldrin directed the jewel of light to go in the opening to get a clearer, cleaner view of the room. But what was inside didn't seem clean at all. 

"Oh dear Lord!" Aldrin whined as he stepped in the room and turned away. In the room were sad skeletons, shackled by their arms to the walls by metal chains. Some had blackened bones which seemed to be where they had been scorched. Perhaps for torture. In the chair, lay a significant skeleton who had his cloths still on. The skeletons on the walls had only minimal cloths for again, perhaps torture and humiliation. But in the chair, the bony body had a Stetson hat on with a leather jacket on and faded white shirt. There even seemed to be a pistol holster by his side. One of his hands was over the half sphere, like it was protecting it and he wanted to die next to it. Aldrin then peered over the table to look at the sphere and it had an arrow embedded on the top of it, pointing in a certain direction. There were markings of various shapes and colours around the edge of the arrow; Aldrin recognized them immediately.

"Corradine markings... It's a compass." he whispered. He then lifted the skinny hand off of the compass and took the compass away from the skeleton. Aldrin gawked at it for a while until, suddenly, a bony hand clutched at Aldrin's throat and grabbed on tight. Jess screamed, making a dash back to the stairs. Alex aided Aldrin by knocking the skeleton's arm away and freeing Aldrin from it's grasp. They both then made a run for it to the stairs and the skeleton rose up, took out the pistol and shot at them as they sprinted. Aldrin stopped each one with his sword, blocking them with extreme precision. They rung as each bullet hit the blade until the pistol was out of bullets. They all dashed up the stairs, the skeleton following them. It hadn't guarded that compass for half a decade for it to be stolen. As they got further up the stairs, sunlight began to appear. They leaped out of the entrance and then looked back down the stairs to stare at the hunting skeleton. It was reaching the half way point up the stairway when it started to groan and moan in pain. The skeleton then turned to speckles of ash; dropping to the floor piece by piece. They all smiled. They were out of the horrid depths.

"Oi, you three." Aldrin, Alex and Jess all turned around to see Vuck waiting for them. "Hey hey! Me again! Did you find my knife yet?" Aldrin stepped forward to do the talking. 

"It wasn't in the dungeon..." 

"Ohhhh! Aldrin! Michaela is going to be very disappointed. She looked uncomfortable last time I saw her." Alex then stepped forward infront of Aldrin and up in Vuck's face. 

"Why are you telling us that?!" he bellowed. 

"I dunno, entertainment my dear, entertainment. Now, did you happen to find a compass." Aldrin then shuved Alex back out of the way, pulling out the compass from behind him. "Excellent. Very good... now research says, follow the compass." Aldrin looked back down at the compass and turned to Vuck.

"Not hard to figure out." he mumbled. 

"Well then it seems you can handle being on your own. I must be off, Michaela needs me. Ha ha! Tootles!" he chuckled as he walked away from the group. They then started to walk in the opposite direction to him, to where the arrow pointed.

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