The Tribute's Daughter

When the tributes from District 8 are chosen for the 75th Hunger Games, Cecelia leaves behind three children. This is the story of her oldest daughter Jennetta.


4. Fighting Back

      Yesterday we tagged the Justice Building with a Mockingjay, and tonight Pelsty had written the phrase "The odds are never in your favor."

     Not very imaginative but it had the desired effect. There was a great force of Peacekeepers amasses outside. So far everything was going according to plan. Coraz had been watching the Games all day and said something was happening. I wasn't sure what he could see that I couldn't, so far it just looked like Peeta and Katniss had formed a pretty good team. They lost a few along the way, but so far they were surviving.

      Whatever it was he saw it made him move up the attack on the Communication Center. Somehow they had managed to get ahold of some of the Peacekeepers bombs and were even now hiding them in fabric carts. Coraz and I were going to take them into the building ourselves, while Pelsty and a few others caused a distraction.

     It was time to go, but before I left I hugged Johnny, and Lizbay, they had lost so much, but were adjusting well. I envied them their age, they really didn't understand what was happening. If only I could be that young and naïve.

        "We have to go, Jennetta," Coraz called from the front of the shop.

        "I love you guys, Johnny take care of Lizbay for me okay?" I said giving them both one last squeeze.

        "Promise you'll come back," Johnny surprised me by saying. He hadn't spoken much lately, but that one request told me he knew more then I'd given him credit for. Even so I wouldn't lie to him.

      "I'll do my best," I said and with that I walked out of the shop. Coraz and I each pushed a cart loaded with fabric, and the disguised bombs. It all went off a lot easier then I would've thought. We were only stopped once, and the Peacekeeper, looking for taggers, seeing we had no paint, let us pass. We headed to the Communication Center, and places our carts on either side of the main building.

     "We did it," said Coraz, as we walked away. We walked to the square to watch the Games, and blend into the crowd while awaiting the coming explosion.

     "Should be any second now," I told Coraz, watching as Katniss notches an arrow with some sort of gold wire trailing from the end. She lets loose the arrow, and just then the world in the game and around us explodes. Soon the transmission cuts out, but I wasn't sure if that was because of us or because of the Capitol. All I know is everywhere around us people are cheering. Then come the Peacekeepers, they start shooting at the crowd with little regard of who they hit.

      Coraz and I manage to take cover, but I can see people coming out from everywhere, not caring about the bullets flying everywhere. I could see why too, it seems someone had taken it upon themselves to make armor of a sort for the citizens. Some of the Peacekeepers were relieved of their guns, and then the real upraising began.

     The Capitol had been wrong when they thought they had gotten rid of us, we had only been in hiding, biding our time. With a grim smile at Coraz I grabbed his hand and carefully headed toward the nearest group of rebels.

      "How can we help?" I asked. Here was what I had been searching for, a reason to live. A better future, not for me but for Johnny and Lizbay, a future where they wouldn't grow up in fear. Where they could be free to just be children, and not have the threat of the hunger Games constantly hanging over their heads.

     We were quickly outfitted with the hand made armor and weapons, and I realized we might actually have a chance. With the Games gone crazy we weren't the only District likely to rebel, and with their forces spread out we could actually win this.

      With that thought in mind, and Coraz beside me, I charged into the fray. For better or worse, we were going to fight!

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