I had to, I have to, I will do!

I'm a human.
I fall in love.
Love makes me dizzy.
Dizziness makes me learn.
Learning makes me sad!
Sadness made me you!


7. This is why

Kyra's POV


Soon enough, a male Dr came into the room with some food on a tray for Louis.My tummy grumbled as soon as I set eyes on the food, and all the heat in my body rushed to my cheeks.


''Dr? Please can you stay with Louis while I go...erm...get food?'' I smiled, as he nodded kindly. I thanked him and made my way over to the canteen on the other side of the hospital. I got my money out and bought a bagel and some apple juice.


''Thank you.'' I smiled at the lady behind the counter and turned around, making my way back to Louis' room. I went in and found Louis laughing with that Dr.


''Ooh, hi. I better get going then, bye Tommo!'' The Dr said, confusing me. I smiled at him before he walked out. I turned to Louis and frowned.


''Tommo?'' I asked, sitting down and starting on my bagel. He snarled at me and got back to eating his food. I sighed and went to the bed on the other side of the room. I slouched down and turned to face Louis, who seemed to be ignoring me.


''Why do you hate me?'' I spoke up, suddenly feeling stupid. But the words had already left my mouth and I can't take them back. I saw Louis flinch a little but still ignored me. I frowned and huffed, turning back to my food. ''I'm Ok with that!'' I whispered so low, I doubt he heard me, but it was more to me than to him.


See, I hate it when people hate me for things I don't know about. It makes me feel all bad, and start to try to change myself to make people like me. Suddenly, I end up wanting to make them like me, and if they don't I'll cry or do stupid things I don't mean. It's the way I was brought up I guess, people hating me without a reason, is weird. So there HAS to be reason, maybe I'm not pretty, maybe I'm moody too much, big headed, annoying?


I closed my eyes tight, going through all the things that might be the reason for him hating me, but I was interrupted by Louis.


''You'll soon understand. You'll soon find out, Dr. Higgins.'' He said my name with such hate, it made me flinch and turn around. I put my drink down and dug mt head into the pillow.


''I'm sorry.'' I mumbled into the pillow, knowing he didn't hear that either.


Louis' POV


''I'm sorry.'' I heard her muffled voice speak up. I really don't think her dad talks to her all that often, or that she knows my family. Our mums have sorted things out between them... but that's not the whole problem. I took a shaky breath, wishing so bad I wasn't forced to hate her...


And her dad...

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