I had to, I have to, I will do!

I'm a human.
I fall in love.
Love makes me dizzy.
Dizziness makes me learn.
Learning makes me sad!
Sadness made me you!


9. I saw him

Kyra's POV


I had walked around the entire building, dancing my hands around my heips to keep me warm. I looked down at my watch and it read 3:29. I decided to turn back to Louis' room. I got in quietly to find Louis up wide awake, his head in his hands.


"You alright?" I muttered, slumping onto the bed opposite his. He chuckled slightly, muffled by his hands, and then looked up. His eyes were bloodshot and his whole face was wet as though he had been crying. His hair was messed up and he looked very fragile. I gasped, before pouncing off my bed and rushing to his side.


"Louis, talk to me!" I urged, starting to shake. I knew this wasn't a case where I needed to call in any more doctors, all Louis would need right now was...maybe a hug? I shuffled closer to him and wrapped one arm over his shoulder, gripping his waist to confort him. To my surprise he didn't pull back, instead he burried his head in my shoulder, soaking it with his tears.


"Louis, shhh!" I whispered, rocking slightly.


"I saw him! I saw him, I did." He kept repeating, the tears never stopping.


Saw who?

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