I had to, I have to, I will do!

I'm a human.
I fall in love.
Love makes me dizzy.
Dizziness makes me learn.
Learning makes me sad!
Sadness made me you!


6. Annoying Louis

Kyra's POV


It had almost been an hour since Louis was on his phone, and I was getting really bored. I got up and wandered around the room, brushing my fingers past every interesting looking thing, humming along the way. Soon enough Louis' head snapped up and he growled at me.


''WILL YOU STOP THAT?'' The words flew out of his mouth, through gritted teeth. I nodded and smiled, but carried on with what I was doing, however, I didn't hum, smirking to myself. ''I...SAID...STOP...THAT!''


''Oh, I thought you meant the humming?'' I winked sarcastically and started humming again.


''No! I didn't mean the humming!'' He mumbled, anger rising up his throat. I shrugged and sat down, but still kept humming.


''DR?'' He raised his voice a little, raising an eyebrow with it.


''Oh!'' I stopped humming but stood up and wandered around the room again, keeping a straight face.


''Urgg, I bloody give up!'' He threw his arms up and got back to his phone, but I wasn't gonna let that happen, as it would mean boredom. I started acting as though I was practicing tap dancing, hitting my heels against the loud wood, as loud and annoyingly as possible.


''And 1,2,3 and 1,2,3 and heel and toe. 1,2,3 an...''


''KYRA, I swear, I don't give two if you're the best doctor or not, I CAN and I WILL get you fired, okay?''


''AND 1,2,3 AND 1,2,3 AND HEEL, TOE. 1,2,3 AND 1,2,3!'' I screamed at  the top of my lungs which made Louis grow more and more annoyed. He pushed the covers off of his body and threw his legs off the bed, wincing the whole time. As soon as he was about to get up, I stopped and sat down, grabbing a magazine from a coffee table and innocently reading it.


I may hate Louis, but I can't afford to lose my job, not when me and my mum are like this anyway. I looked up from the magazine to see a wide eyed Louis staring at me.


''Yeah?'' I asked as innocently as possible.


''You are a little fu...'' He started, but then stopped and got back onto the bed, sighing. He pulled his phone out again and started typing, or messaging or whatever. I tutted loudly but he just ignored me, so I got back to my magazine, which happens to be a Little Mix one.


Louis' POV


I was still staring at my phone, even though it was on home screen, just thinking. Did Ella really mean it when she said she never loved me?


Did she mean it when she said I was never her type, or when she said I was just a player? Why would she say that? I always loved her, even though she was clingy, I loved her to bits. I would've jumped off a cliff for her, I would hold as grenade for her, I'd jump in front of a train for her, I'd do ANYTHING for her...


But she wouldn't do the same, no, she wouldn't do the same.

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