Burnt Wings

Vienna is a happy 14 year old girl. Popular and has a happy family. But what happens when one night changes it all? This is her story of struggles and living like the outcast she used to look down on.


1. That night

We were flying. Black ice. The car swerved from side to side my mothers screams filling my ears. My dad trying desperately to get control of the car whilst cursing loudly. My older brother Gabe gripped my hand as I cried. BANG. This time we really were flying but off the edge of a bridge. My brother looked me in the eyes and little did I know that would be the last time he would ever look at me. I felt the impact instantly as the car crashed onto the motorway below the bridge we came off. I let out a high pitched scream as something crushed my leg. Unfortunately nothing hit my head so I didn't pass out straight away. The pain was almost unbearable but then I looked over at Gabe. His eyes were open and lifeless. That was when the real pain hit me and I blacked out.

Hi this is my first Movella and I will turn it into a BVB fanfic eventually I love you :)


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