Taken By Destiny

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Lucy Harper, a 16 year old teen is happy in her own world of family, school, best friends and love. She expects nothing more from her life. Content and settled, she soon realizes that in our life we have to fight for our loved ones, their life and make everlasting sacrifices.

"You have to come back." His deep whisper was all that made me cry.

"I will come back. I promise."


With secret whispers, dark looming shadows, piercing screams, hidden messages, unlikely meetings, it took no time for her to realize that she had to fight something extremely big, something extremely harmful, something extremely crazy for revenge in the coming moment of her life.

Her only strength is her faith in herself, her love for her people, her tears of her suffering.

Can she fight against her destiny with her love? Because we often hear, we reach where we start.

© RoseSunshine 2013
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 The characters and events of this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Rose Sunshine in the year 2013


Taken By Destiny


The path ahead was rough, my feet were getting red due to the sharp edges of the gravel stones. The street lights were also giving very less brightness and it was becoming extremely difficult to step ahead. 

But I had to run. I had to cross the path and dive away. Someone was coming. Someone was calling me. To avoid falling I raised my long orange skirt and took shelter under the ruined iron roof of the shed.


Chills ran through my body—from my feet to my head. I slowly peeked through the rusted hole of the shed and watched the street. I was waiting for someone I don’t want to come. I don’t know him at all, but my subconscious mind was already screaming the name of the devil. He was registered as evil in my mind.

If only I knew him. I looked at my hands and frowned at the roughness. They appeared worn out.


The hell. Yesterday I had washed them and had a hand massage. How could this happen? How could they change in a matter of one and half a day? Don’t tell me the massage cream was out of order already… again.


“Come out, come out. Blackmailing me you unfaithful servant.”


A man’s voice announced. I gulped as I realized the evil had come. He practically yelled making my eardrums go deaf for a second. I had to teach him some manners. First of all—How dare he call me like this by shouting? How dare he call me his servant? How dare he order me around? I should tell him some rules when he would be speaking to me. No one had talked to me like this. 


But the opposite was happening. I was shaking. Moisture beads were forming on my fore head and my scratched hands were taking support of my knees. That man’s voice was bringing a foreign reaction through me. Reactions mixed with emotions of fear, loyalty and… love?


My subconscious mind was planning of an escape from the man—to deceive him and run away. I knew I was trained to run way. It was telling me I was pro at such escapes. And right now, I had to run.


Out of haste, I searched both of my sides, and my eyes widened so wide, that I thought they were going to pop out. I gasped as I saw her, her red eyes were making me puke. I shivered as I felt her hand on me. I stopped myself from screaming as her nails bit my hand. I clamped my hand on my mouth and begged her with my eyes to stop. 


Instead that devil just sneered and grinning evilly for a moment, she screamed. I distinctly heard steps and looked at their direction. I felt most helpless in that situation. I felt overpowered and weak. Turning my head again at her to wriggle my hand from hers I noticed two things—I felt her disappear and I felt him enter the hut.


Just as he stepped inside, the dull street lights went off.... now with my scream.



 I woke up choking on air.



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This story is going to be uploaded once in five-six days as it is going to be a little difficult for me to plan all the clues, rough scenes, and all. It needs a lot of mapping.

Plus college has started and now I honestly don’t have much time as I am terribly engaged between college, classes, work, and a dance competition. It’s a hectic load of work.

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