Taken By Destiny

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Lucy Harper, a 16 year old teen is happy in her own world of family, school, best friends and love. She expects nothing more from her life. Content and settled, she soon realizes that in our life we have to fight for our loved ones, their life and make everlasting sacrifices.

"You have to come back." His deep whisper was all that made me cry.

"I will come back. I promise."


With secret whispers, dark looming shadows, piercing screams, hidden messages, unlikely meetings, it took no time for her to realize that she had to fight something extremely big, something extremely harmful, something extremely crazy for revenge in the coming moment of her life.

Her only strength is her faith in herself, her love for her people, her tears of her suffering.

Can she fight against her destiny with her love? Because we often hear, we reach where we start.

© RoseSunshine 2013
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2. Chapter 1 + IMP A/N!


Taken By Destiny


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Chapter 1


Lucy’s P.O.V.

As I entered into kitchen on a dull Monday morning, the smell of bacon was fresh and appetizing. My stomach grumbled so loudly that I heard the quiet chuckles of my parents even in my sleepy state.

I always had a habit of coming straight to the kitchen after brushing my teeth. It was so habitual of me to walk towards the refrigerator and open it to drink my favorite juice. It was my best antidote to rub sleep away. And seeing my habit my brother Jay had made a habit of eating chocolate after getting up. Totally weird... I guess. At first, it seemed funny, but then Mom decided to give him one fifth bar every day from Monday to Friday.

As I drank my mango juice, Jay came down rubbing his eyes. At the age of 9, he was still very innocent. I ruffled his hair lovingly. In return, I received a glare and he started doing his hair again. Yup, he was totally innocent. Mom served us bacon and laughed seeing our dullness at so early in the morning.

“So… is Ron driving you to school today?” Dad asked stirring his spoon into hot chocolate a little reluctantly.

Ron Sawyer was my boyfriend and I loved him to death. But Dad being Dad was very strict with him. It was a bit funny to watch the two of them act around each other. Dad would be glaring secretly, and Ron would be smiling confidently. But it was also the scenario of almost every girl’s life these days. 

“Yup Dad and grow up some balls.” I said chewing my bacon.

“Language Luce.” Mom scolded, but she was clearly amused.

“Yes Luce, language.” Jay piped in. He was mom’s tail at such times.

We loved each other even though we were not related by blood. At such times, only relations matter and blood doesn't. At crucial times, we were always together. We were four poles that together supported the foundation of the house. My parents were the major ones and we two, the minor ones. My family was a sane, normal family.

“Dad, you know we should skip them on our fishing trips. Both of them are annoying bitches.” I said and smirked as Mom and Jay glared at me.

Dad agreed at once, “True, and it is always us two who actually catch fish and they do the job of eating it without even a thank you.”

“True Sherlock, true.” I said nodding my head.

“Enough of it now. Luce, go and get ready for school. You two talk like old grannies about us. Right Pumpkin?” Jay nodded eagerly. What had I told about being Mommy’s puppy?

I got up and saluted Mom like a soldier, “Yes Mam.”

Dad laughed and Mom shook her head smiling. She knew nothing could make her daughter unhappy. Not even the dull Monday morning when I had to attend my school.

School had started a week before and already teachers were giving us shit load of lectures, assignments for our senior year. It was a lot more boring than junior year, but with my friends we were the Avengers.

I was just turning when Mom said, “Oh and you have to pick up Jay today after his guitar class. We are leaving my car here, so after Ron drops you back off leave in an hour to your dance class, but pick up Jay while coming home.” I nodded and then saw the serious expression on Mom’s face, “Remember that Luce. I don’t want another call from his sir like last time.”

Jay smirked. That little devil my fucking cute brother smiled mockingly at me at mom’s words. At 9 years old he sure was the heart of his class with his classy looks.

“Mom that was one time. Don’t I always go after your son, care about your daughter as well.”

“Hear, hear.” Dad said raising his hot chocolate. I kissed Dad on forehead and then gave a big sloppy kiss on Jay’s cheek.

One thing I love about my brother is he would never wipe my kiss', but give me one in return. We had made a pinky promise to each other two years ago and as per promise he gave me one in return smiling innocently. I ruffled his hair and went in my room. Quickly taking a hot water shower, I wore denim jeans and a yellow sleeveless T-shirt. I was very careful in the matter of my dressing. I looked in the mirror and quickly made my hair by letting them loose. What can I say, I loved letting my curls falling loose.

As I made my way downstairs with my bag I looked into Jay’s room to see what the little batman was up to. Don’t take me casually; he had dressed up as batman twice—once in a class dress up competition and second on Halloween. He was making his hair very seriously. His nose was almost touching the mirror. I chuckled seeing my little angel like that. I was proud to say he was going to be like me in the near future.

A horn honked and I quickly said my goodbyes to Mom and Dad and ran towards the car door. I bolted so fast that I reached Ron in 4 seconds. Ron smiled at me and looked at me with a sloppy grin.

“Eager to meet me?”


Saying so I kissed him almost aggressively, and I was not disappointed by his response.

“I love you sexy pig.”

I laughed, “I love you too hot elephant.”

He laughed and started the car, rather reluctantly, I might add.

It was a 20 minutes drive to our great WestFall High school. And Ron had insisted since the sophomore year that he should drive me. And that is a gentleman’s first duty. Gentleman? Ron was no gentleman in any other matters. I had snorted but eventually I had given in to his persistence.  He can be way persistent at times.

“Mike has called me ten times today. The coach is getting too strict.”

I snorted, “When is the coach not strict.”

He grinned indicating I had a point.

Mike was our best friend and Mike and Ron were on the basketball team. They were pretty good and I always enjoyed watching them as I got to see my boyfriend’s hot body, his sexy angled muscles. Not that I hadn’t seen it before.  And the sight was not at all unfair. He was my hot elephant.

“Can I get a peck while driving?” He asked and looked at me expectantly.

“Sure.” I said and leaned towards him, but surprised him by ruffling his hair when he was least expecting it.

I laughed as he pouted like Jay. “You are such a pervert. Do you always think about those things?”

He smirked and said, “No one is a saint. And don’t tell me you don’t like my loose Basketball jersey.” I grinned, “Fair say.”

He groaned annoyingly and gave me a peck all the while driving steadily.

“I love you Lucy.”

I grinned like a small fat kid who was getting an extra bar of chocolate when on diet, “I love you too Rony.” And that made him grin like that small fat kid too.

Ron parked the car at the usual place which was reserved for players—not that kind of players—and we made our way to our friends. All the way, we were holding hands and swinging them between us like small kids. It was our style and since we were small kids.

As soon as we reached the double doors Isabella jumped up on us, “Do you know what happened?”

I groaned, “We just entered Iz. Cool off.”

She stomped her foot like a buffalo when Jessie joined us, “Am I hearing right?”

“That depends on your ears.” Ron said and smirked. Jessie glared at Ron and then asked Iz, “Did Richard get into a fight?”

Iz nodded her head like Noddy [Make way for Noddy] used to which was irritable, “Yes, he got into a fight with Nick.” Her eyes were widened with gossip. One thing you should know about Iz is that she loves gossip, she eats gossip, she drinks gossip, she sleeps with gossip and sometimes she makes up gossip. Gossip is life for this girl.

“Guys, I just heard Nick got into a fight with our Richard.” Mike piped in surprising us. Well not really surprising with his news. Iz jumped and Jessie glared at him. Ron and I exchanged weary glances. 

“Coming to the main point, why did they fight?” I asked; slightly annoyed at Nick.

“Because Nick called Jessie a loser slut as she declined doing his homework.” Mike said. “I am proud of my boy.” Ron said smiling proudly.

Jessie looked at Mike and asked, “Are you sure?” She looked at me for a split second. Yup, she looked alert because Nick had never asked her for homework, but he had asked me. And I had shaken him hard by saying no.

“No, it was not for Jessie, it was for Luce.” Iz said looking proud that she had correct information and at the same time giving me a proud look as well.

“That scum.” Ron said and started searching for him. He was shaking with anger, but Mike said, “Don’t bother, Nick is not present today. Richard beat him hard this morning in practice.” Richard was on soccer team whereas Nick was a track runner. Unfortunately for Nick, they had practice at the same time.

I sighed, “I have to see Richard and give him a dose of sense.”

“Are you crazy? He did the right thing.” Jessie said and Iz nodded her head. She added, “I would have helped him too.”

“Hell, we all would have helped him.” Mike said when Ron looked at me offended, “You are not serious, are you?” I knew all of them would think what Richard did was right, but it was so not right. Punching and fighting was not the answer for such questions.

“Damn serious. I will meet you all in lunch guys.” Saying so I quickly dived not bothered to hear their protests, but still I heard them grumbling. “Mate, she has lost her mind.” Mike said to Ron and Ron punched him in the shoulder.

As I made my way towards the nurse clinic where Richard was, I was paying attention towards crowded corridors and the dull Monday morning, when suddenly something stirred inside me making me more alive. I felt happy like I had achieved something. Wind blew making my hair go across my face and for some seconds it felt as if someone was touching me. That touch was so silky that I almost melted on the ground. I felt that electricity buzzing in my heart.

A strong rose perfume entered my nostrils and at a long distance a bell rang loudly. The sound of the bell was so familiar to that of a church bell. That touch and that rose perfume almost made me fall if I hadn’t taken the support of the wall.

And just as my back hit the wall I came into reality. The corridor was crowded and no one was paying any attention towards my strange acting. I was sweating, but as soon as I heard the familiar grumblings of students around me I felt safe. My heart beats were fast; as if I had run for miles, and my mind was struck on that silky touch. It felt real and even after I had entered reality it gave me a crawling feeling.

Something was not right. Something had changed in the last few minutes and I was sure of it. It was as if I was meant to know that somewhere a path had opened up. My instincts and my fear were warning me to go against that path. I felt like I had suddenly grown old.

Suddenly, groups of students around me felt unfamiliar and it gave me a sinking feeling- almost nauseating to stand near this crowd. I wanted silence. Needed it.

Shaking my head, I took a deep breath, and just as I was about to turn, I collided with a hard chest.

“Look where you are going Luce.” Richard scolded me and steadied me. I gasped looking at the bruise on his left cheek and narrowed my eyes at him. He squirmed on the spot and nervously rubbed his neck and said, “I couldn’t resist.”

I was about to open my mouth when he whisper yelled, “He was being an absolute dickhead.”

Again, as I was just about to open my mouth the main bell rang and Richard grinned; glad that he was saved by my wreck. I shook my head, glared at him for the last time and continued towards my first class, but after purposefully bumping my shoulder hard on his.

He glared at me and strode off towards his first class.

As the day progressed, so did my anxiety. I was trying to shake those nauseating feelings, but my thoughts were clouding my mind. My fingers ached from playing with each other as that was the only way I could entertain myself with. For some annoying reason, I thought about my last night’s dream.


I was angry at myself. I was angry at my weakness. I screamed letting out my frustration. I screamed to vent out my anger. I screamed pulling my messy bun apart.

But screaming wasn’t helping. My frustration, my anger couldn’t change the fact that I was a coward and a… a liar.

If he found out what I had done he would be terrible. He would shout at me. Oh Lord, he would be so terrible.

Uncontrollable sobs escaped my mouth and tears started flowing by my cheeks. My eyes and my mouth started burning as I realized what I had actually done. I had told her all lies. If she found out, he would be the first one to know. And I would be the first one to be questioned.

Eventually I drifted into sleep as my eyes lost their ability to stay awake.

Where some place I was sleeping in my mind, last night I had again woken up shaking. I had no idea whether these weird, abnormal dreams were real or fake, but one thing was for sure, that they were disturbing my mind severely.

And the weird part was that the dreams were freaking me out as I saw myself in them. That was way weird. All those screams, all that frustration, all that anger was not mine, almost foreign reflex to my system and yet it was me. And that scared me.

“Hello? Are you with me?” Iz shouted dramatically waving her hands in front of me.

I blinked and quickly composing myself, I replied, “Of course. You are so dramatic. I hope it’s not infectious.” She looked at me quizzically and said, “Okay… then what was I talking about?”

“About how Jessie has said that our Friday movie tradition should be held at her house, this Friday.”

Iz grinned, “Yeah, I think we should agree to that solution.”

“What’s there to disagree in it?” I retorted, still somewhat distracted. She nodded as we reached the parking area, and I grinned instantly as I saw Ron looking at me apprehensively. I smirked automatically reading his pervert thoughts.

Oh, I loved him so much!

And I was sure, he loved me too.

And right now, walking towards him that was all that mattered to me.

Ron was all that mattered to me and as my instincts kicked in, I knew one thing, I would go in extremes to protect him, to save him, to love him.

Even if that meant I had to fight myself.


That said, was weird.



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