Fairwolf: The city of Steam

Description: Fairwolf, a city of power and pollution, where the only way to go up in this metropolis is to be wealthy and powerful. Willow Ellinway is one of the citizens of the polluted and powerful city Fairwolf. Will she discover the mysteries of Fairwolf?


2. Chapter 2

The massive streets in between each district are barren, the ground is completely made of concrete and there is no sign of colour anywhere except for grey and black, it’s as if everything died in these streets and everything went into a massive depression.

When we entered the Northern district the roads were not made of concrete, they were made of dirt and gravel. The housing was terrible, all the houses were either made of wood or dirt, and it was depressing looking at that district, although I did notice a girl running to her home very quickly.

“My god this is depressing looking at this districts housing and roads.” Xavier said in shock.

“This is where the scum of the city live as the higher powers say, its where the most depressed and poorest people live their lives.” Seth said.

“These poor, poor people, no one deserve this sort of life, not even the most vile and evil people in the world deserve to live in this horrible place.” Willow said.

“Willow you’re too young to understand everything about this city and how it works but let me make this easier to understand, if you don’t pay, you have no life in this city.” Xavier said.

They kept driving and finally got to the exit of the Northern district where Seth got out his card he got and driven through the gate into what seemed like the hallways of death and depression. They got  to the West district gate and went through, the West district was similar to the East district in that the same wealth people lived there and that the housing wasn’t terrible and that the roads were concrete not dirt, this district was much more liveable then the Northern district. As Willow, Xavier and Seth were driving through they could see through the windows of the houses all the people sleeping and wandering around their homes, but when they went past one of the houses they noticed a boy waving at them, they kept driving ignoring the kid they just saw and headed to the exit of the West district and to the Southern district finally.

“Look the exit of the West district finally! We are almost there.” Seth said happily.

“Indeed so, Willow you have been very quiet, what are you thinking about?” Xavier said.

“I’m just thinking about what the future might have in store for me, maybe I will leave Fairwolf someday and head to one of the distant cities, maybe I will stay in Fairwolf and try and help those in need, I don’t know what I will do, all I hope for right now is for nice foster parents.” Willow says quietly.

Seth drives up to the exit and show the guard the card and he goes through.

“Uh excuse me sir I need to get into the Southern district, I have a card to get inside.” Seth says to the guard.

“Sir this card only permits you into the East, Northern and West districts; you need a master card to get into the Southern district, either show me a master card or you send one of you to enter and another guard will take that person to their destination, what will it be?” the guard says.

“Willow, take your stuff and follow the guard to 27 Marble street where you will meet your new foster parents.” Xavier says to Willow.

Willow gets out of the car with her things and follows the guard to the street by going down the man street road.

The Southern district is where the highest of classed citizens of Fairwolf live their lives. The houses are made from some of the most expensive materials to find, the paths and roads are concrete that have been styled to look fancy and beautiful. The Southern district has a strange look to it, compared to the other districts and the hallways in between them which are absolutely terrible; this district seems to have a sort of happy and strange vibe to it.

The guard did not talk at all the entire walk to the house, neither did Willow, Willow was too worried about finding out who these foster parents are and how they will treat Willow. The entire street was quiet, you could hear the guard’s and Willow’s footsteps along the fancy road as they walked towards the house.

They finally got there and the guard started walking away from the house back to his post at the gate while Willow stood there at the door deciding if she should knock and come into a new world. It started raining on Willow so she knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door, no one did, so Willow knocked again, still nothing happened, then she noticed the doorbell and pressed it, then finally someone opened the door.

The person who opened the door was a woman who looked old, and then behind that person was a man who as well was old looking. The old woman was Mrs Rallen and the old man was Mr Rallen, they were the owners of a massive corporation that spanned across the country, though after their massive meltdown when another corporation popped up doing the same thing, just better, the rallen’s lost their business and most of their money, the only reason they still live in the Southern district is because they fought the government for their money back, and they won the fight making the government have to give them all the money that was taken by them, their business was called Rallen Industries, the other business’s name was unknown, everyone just called The Factory.

“Hello dearie, what would you like?” Mrs Rallen said with a smile.                           

“I’m Willow your new foster child.” Willow said nervously.

“Ah yes, oh come in come in child your soaking wet, get out of that bloody rain out there.” Mrs Rallen said scuttling Willow inside.

“You have a lovely house, how much did it cost?” Willow asked.

“It costed us a couple thousand dollars, why do you ask Willow?” Mr Rallen’s said.

“I was just wandering because I lived in the East district and we never saw these types of houses’.” said Willow.

“Come with me Willow and I will show you to your room.” Mrs Rallen said.

Mrs Rallen takes Willow to her new room

“Go down those stairs and you will see a door which is the entrance to your room.” Mrs Rallen said.

“Isn’t this the basement?” Willow asked.

“Yes it is, we don’t have an extra room to put you in so are only last option is to use the basement. You may need this brush, we haven’t been down there in a couple months so spiders and other insects have probably infested the place, please vigorously clean the basement then comes to the kitchen which is on your right.” Mrs Rallen said.

Willow walks down the staircase into her new room in the basement with the brush Mrs Rallen gave her, Mrs Rallen as well gave Willow a key to open the door, as well as the closet. Willow walked into the room and could see that the brush would come in handy, the entire room was infested with rats, spiders, cockroaches and other insects that are nasty, Willow could see that she would need more than just a brush, she needed to make something out of the bits and bobs that were scattered about the room. In a corner there was a broom with a metal frying pan next to it, on the other side of the room there was a reel of sticky tape, Willow goes and grabs all these items and before laying them out on the table she uses the brush she was given from Mrs Rallen to clean the table up and sweep away any bugs or dust.  She places the items onto the table then looks around the room for anything else that could help her get rid of the menace that were scattering the floor, Willow could see a very large looking closet with fancy flower carvings in it and fancy door handles. On the closet there was a note that read:

The keys to this closet are missing.  Do not try to open this closet.

It was very strange that for one, the person who had written this seemed to not want anyone to open the closet doors and two, why didn’t the person try to find the keys, if they went missing in this house then they will be in this house somewhere, inanimate objects like keys can’t walk or move.

Willow, who was interested in finding the keys, searched the entire room while sweeping away insects. After 10 minutes of searching she got tired of searching the basement so she walked out of the basement and searched the house as well as figuring out where everything in the house is.

The house itself was quite impressive in its size; it had 3 storeys to the house with an attic and a basement and a gorgeous garden out front and back with a veranda out the front and back, the walls were made of marble and red brick and the roofing was made up of tiles that were the colour white, this was certainly a high wealth house.

During the time Willow was searching the house she completely forgot about what Mrs Rallen said for her to do after she was done in the basement, Willow on accident walked right into the kitchen where Mrs Rallen and Mr Rallen were waiting for her patiently.

“Ah Willow I see you must have cleared out the baseme- I mean your new room of all the insects and bugs.” Mrs Rallen said smiling.

“Uh… yeah I did.” Willow said trying to act as if she actually did.

“Well that’s good dear, now we would like to give you another something.” Mrs Rallen says while handing over what looked like a scroll to Willow.

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