Fairwolf: The city of Steam

Description: Fairwolf, a city of power and pollution, where the only way to go up in this metropolis is to be wealthy and powerful. Willow Ellinway is one of the citizens of the polluted and powerful city Fairwolf. Will she discover the mysteries of Fairwolf?


1. Chapter 1

“We will be back soon Willow darling, make sure your in bed 10 minutes after we leave.” said Willow’s mother.

“Ok mother I will. Mother, father can I get a hug and kiss before you go?” Willow said hopefully.

“Of course Willow, you didn’t even need to ask,” Willow’s father said as he knelt down to give her a hug and kiss, then her mother did the same.

“We need to go now Willow. Remember I made you a cup of tea and put it in the lounge room for you to drink.” Willow’s mother said.

“Dear we have to go now come on, Goodnight Willow, we love you dearly. Willow’s father said as he started pulling her mother out of the door to the car.

“Ok I am coming, Goodnight Willow, you will see us in the morning.” Said Willow’s mother as her father pulled her out the door.

They are going to The Theatre of Water which is a newly built building in the city where all the districts people are allowed to come. It is the first time in the city where everyone from separate districts is allowed to talk. The entire building is made up of the strongest bars and the strongest glass, you can see straight into the water from inside the dome.

“Goodbye mother and father see you in the morning.” Willow said.

Willow watched through the window as her parents drove off to the theatre. She got up, walked over to the chair in the lounge and sipped her cup of tea her mother made and cuddled with her toy rabbit called Angela who Willow loved. Willow had drunk her tea and was lying down in her bed trying to sleep, she found it difficult for her to get to sleep so she got up and walked down the hallway with her toy rabbit Angela and sat down on the chair and waited for her parents to come back to tuck her in. Willow waited 20 minutes at first then went back to bed to try to get to sleep again, she couldn’t, so she got back up and did the same thing about 5 times until she gave up and just sat there in the lounge with her toy rabbit.

 “I wonder when they will be back.” said Willow talking to her teddy.

“I hope there back soon.” Willow said shortly after.

The door started to shake like as if someone was trying to open it, which someone was.

“What the- who is that? I think there trying to get inside! I will go and hide under the staircase in the closet, maybe they won’t look there.” said Willow frightened.

Willow ran to the closet under the staircase with her toy rabbit and sat there, hoping they would go.

There were two men at the door, one with a flashlight and the other with a note and picture, the man with the note and picture was knocking on the door until he got to impatient and kicked open the door with brutal force, the man with the flashlight walked inside and turned the flashlight off. The man with the note and picture followed inside and started whispering to the other person.

“So this is the place huh?” said the man with the note and picture said.

“Yes it is. This is 26 Datrice Street. But where is the girl?” said the man with the flashlight.

“I’m not sure, you look upstairs and I will look for her on this floor.” The man with the note and picture said.

They looked everywhere in the house, well except for the closet Willow was hiding in. They looked in Willow’s room and in her parents room but they couldn’t find her. After 20 minutes of trying to find her they almost gave up, well they almost did until the man with the flashlight saw the handle of the closet Willow was hiding in.

“Hey Xavier did you check that closet under the staircase right there.” The man with the flashlight said to Xavier who was carrying the note and picture.

“Oh I didn’t notice that there, I will check now.” Xavier said.

Xavier pulled open the door and saw this little girl with her toy rabbit scared and frightened in the corner of the closet.

“Ah ha here she was hiding from us all this time.” Xavier said in relief.

“We’ve been looking for you everywhere uh, Willow.” Xavier said hesitantly.

“How do you know my name? And is that a picture of m- my p- parents?” Willow said quickly.

“We were told by the police to come and get you, they told us your name and where you live, and yes, this is a picture of your parents and you out the front of your beautiful home.” Xavier said trying to calm himself and Willow down.

“Why were you sent to come and get me? Are my parents ok?” Willow said frightened.

”I think we need to introduce are selves first, I am Xavier Beckett and this is Seth Dawson.” Xavier said trying to ignore the question for longer.

“Hello, now answer my question, why were you sent to come and get me and are my parents ok?!” Willow said demandingly.

“Ok fine I will answer your question; your parents have tragically died in a catastrophic event at The Theatre of Water, the death of your parents and all the people inside was not an accident, someone wanted all the people inside dead, we were sent to collect you from your current home and take you to a new home. You will be living with foster parents until we have some kind of connection with your grandparents or relatives of yours. Your new foster parents live in the south district of the city, which is where all the richest citizens of the city live and enjoy their time living in the city of Fairwolf.” Xavier said sadly.

Fairwolf or Fairwolf: The city of steam which is what the other cities call it. Fairwolf is the largest city in the entirety of the country. Fairwolf is separated into 5 districts, The Northern District which is where all the low wealth people live, The East and West Districts which are where all the medium wealth people live, the Southern district which is where the high wealth citizen lives and finally the centre district which is where the entire city is controlled from.  Each district is separated by these massive walls that have men with crossbows walking along them to make sure no one escapes there district. The centre district is a massive city where only the rich and government figures can wonder about in, and then right in the centre is the control tower where the important government figures rule the city from.

“But why would someone want to kill all those people and my parents!”  Willow said starting to tear up.

“Oh don’t cry Willow, I know it’s terrible that they have died, I know how it feels because I too lost my parents at the age of 12, I couldn’t leave the new house for days, but you just have to be strong and power through it.” Seth said trying to encourage Willow not to cry.

“Come on Willow grab your things and we will take you to your new home in the southern district.” Xavier says.

Willow goes and grabs her things like her favourite tea cup and her toy rabbit and her pictures, she quickly writes a note and leaves it on her parents bed, the note says:

 Dear Mother and Father

If you somehow see this I am living in the southern district where I am being taken care of by foster parents. I know this is very unlikely you will ever see this but even if somehow you survived the accident at the theatre, I want you to know I love you and I will always love you. Please be alive

Love Willow Ellinway.

Willow’s tear falls down onto the paper and she ran out the room and back to Xavier and Seth who were patiently waiting for her outside.

“Alright let’s head to the car and go to the southern district to meet your new foster parents Willow.” Xavier said.

Willow, Xavier and Seth all walk over to the car and got inside and head off to the exit of the East district. Seth drives the car through the East district until they are stopped by a guard telling them that the quick way to the Southern district is closed for construction and that they will have to go all the way around through all the districts to get there. The guard gives Seth a card that Seth can show the guards of each district to let them through the gates of the districts. So Seth takes the car and heads for the other exit of the district where he shows the guard the card and he just drives right on through.

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