The Next Generation

It's Rose's first year at Hogwarts, and everything is going well... Until the mysterious Scorpius shows up...


3. What!?

Chapter 3:

It took a while for the news to sink in. Scorpius Hyperion Gryffindor? Rose looked around the crowded common room, wizards and witches, of every year were staring at her, some of them shaking their heads with an expression of disappointment, others with a mixture of shock and agreement plastered on their faces. But, others still, were smirking or giggling behind a book or a hand. Then, just as suddenly as she had entered, Rose emerged from her trance. "I. I. I don't want to, um, disturb you, but um, please may I sit with you?" murmured Scorpius. But before Rose could react to Scorpius's recent comment, Albus beat her to it, "Of course you can!" Rose was simply fuming! When she was young, her mother and father (Ron and Hermione) told her stories about the days that they went to Hogwarts, and Rose knew that the word "Malfoy", was ALWAYS, a synonym for trouble, and more often than not a synonym for somebody a good student should, well, detest. But Scorpius didn't seem, like THAT, but there was something about him that Rose was not sure of...

As the night wore on Rose started to relax, yet she was not 100% sure about Scorpius yet. Albus had come up with an apparently "ingenious" and "fool-proof" way to get into the Gryffindor Quiddich team. "All you have to do is," Explained Albus " When Madame Chang (Cho Chang) isn't looking, in your first flying lesson, you just, I dunno, take off?" They argued like this for a while... "But MY dad, he got onto the team like this!" Shouted Albus. "Albus. Uncle Harry, he's an AMAZING Quiddich player, and come to think of it so is Aunt Ginny!" Retorted Rose, "Only their son of all people would be able to do that!" "Maybe..." Inquired Scorpius, "We could just try out, and get in on raw talent?" Albus and Rose both stared at him. "Well I better get some rest, lessons begin tomorrow you know." Said Rose, breaking the silent spell. But as she walked up to her dormitory, Rose realized that Scorpius was no "real" Malfoy.

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