The Next Generation

It's Rose's first year at Hogwarts, and everything is going well... Until the mysterious Scorpius shows up...


6. Looking...

Rose and Scorpius spent the next forty minutes searching Gryffindor tower for Albus, so far with no success. But, as they were approaching their first hour, a gang of rowdy 4th years clambered down the stairs, yelling at Rose and Scorpius, that they better get their "sorry butts" down to the great hall for breakfast. The 4th years were then interrupted by a tall girl, with long flowing golden-silver hair, with bronze streaks, Victiore Wesley. The Gryffindor head girl, and Rose's cousin. Victiore came rushing up to Rose and Scorpius, talking very quickly, and gently pushing them out of the portrait if the Fat Lady, and down to the Gryffindor table in the great hall. All of the other first years were already seated, and listen to their head of house, whilst timetables of their various lessons were handed out. Trying their best, not to be noticed, Scorpius and Rose took their seats in the great hall for breakfast.

Just as Rose was beginning to lose all hope at ever finding Albus, an 'invisible' hand grabbed Scorpius and her shoulders, and steered them towards a marble statue, just outside the hall. With out swift movement, the invisible hand was revealed, as not only a hand, but, Albus? "What on Earth do YOU think you're doing, Albus Severus Potter?!" Screamed Rose. "Chill out, cuz." said Albus. "It's all good Rosie! You'll LOVE me when you here this... Ok! So, I stole James' map and invisibility cloak, that he stole from dad! I've been spying on the Slytherins ever since!" "What?" Said Rose, in a slightly shaky tone. Scorpius put his hand on Albus's shoulder. "You are a genius!" He said.

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