The Chick and The Bad Boy


2. Chapter 1

Katie's POV

Today is the last day of school so that means tomorrow is Spring Break. I hop in the shower and once I'm in the bathroom,I'm striping myself and walking towards the shower. After showering I brush my teeths.

Today I'm just wearing a black t-shirt that says, "Be Young", a long blue skinny jeans, and a red vans

I decide to let loose my hair, and keeping the make up natural

I walk downstairs to the delicious smelling of bacon and eggs. My favorite breakfast!!!

"Morning mom,dad!" I say while kissing my dad and mom

"Morning Kate how is your sleep?" My mom asked


I sit down and eat the breakfast. After I eat up I see that my brother is eating his breakfast.

"Mom can I bring the Chevorlette to school?" I ask

"Of course Kate oh and could you please take your brother too?" Mom ask

"Ok mom,c'mon Josh! Do you wanna be late for school?" I ask him

"No. Ok I'm done eating c'mon lets go" he said while taking his backpack

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