From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


4. Welcoming the butterflies

Oliver woke me up before my alarm even went off.. I guess he was too excited to sleep. Usually I'm not a morning person, but I knew how he felt and my dream about Niall had me waking up with a smile on my face and a little butterfly or two in my stomach. 

I looked at my phone and it was only 8.30 am. The concert wasn't until 7 pm but we had to be there at 4.30pm for the meet and greet. Still that left us with 8 hours of waiting. I went to make Oliver some breakfast... eggs and bacon and french toast to be exact! Not to brag or anything but I am the breakfast making champion!

After breakfast Oliver was still bouncing off the walls with excitement, so I decided that some fresh air would maybe help. I dropped him off at the skateboard ramps in the park, and I went for a run on the track the traced the outside of the same park. 

Finallly it was 1.30 and time was actually passing by fast. Oliver and I both went home to shower and get ready. 

He was wearing some black skinny jeans and a t-shirt (I guess his favorite was Louis because they apparently had the same hairstyle) I thought it was cute that he was dressing like them, because in normally he would never really wear skinny jeans. 

I decided to go for the casual style as well. Short jean shorts, my white sneakers and a black ftted t-shirt. I did my make up a little more than casual just to spice my plain outfit up a little, so I made smoky eyes and applied extra mascara than I usually do. I straightened my hair which finally had finally gotten to as long as elbow length! I looked in the mirror and was actually pretty satisfied with the result! Oliver and I posed in front of the full length mirror in the hall, and took a "before the concert" picture.


FINALLY it was time to leave for the arena! We got there at  4.15 pm and checked in with security. Oliver was so nervous that it almost made me nervous too. As we stood and waited I realized that what was about to happen actually was a big deal! I mean it's not everyday that you met the world's biggest boy band. WOW I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and that usually only happened when Justin Bieber was mentioned. I almost felt like I was cheating on him! But I had promised Oliver to act cool, so I put my JB thoughts aside and started focusing on One Direction. I repeated the names of the boys in my head while trying to remember what they looked like. Trying to imagine what they looked like in person wasn't necessary because all of a sudden a security guy got a call in his headset, and our little group of about 20 people were escorted backstage. 

"HERE WE GOOOO" Oliver whispered in my ear and squeezed my hand. I could tell he was nervous, but it was so cute! He was about to meet his biggest idols! He was soooo lucky!!


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