From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


10. Tivoli

The paparazzi was waiting outside the restaurant and we were quickly escorted out into the 3 different vans. Everything went so fast that I didn't even realize what had just happened until Niall and I were sitting next to each other in the back of one of the cars.

Nabella: "Wow that was intense"

Niall:" Welcome to my world love" he said and put his hand out for me to grab.

We held hands the whole ride to Tivoli. Something so simple and innocent but it still made me feel so lucky and happy.

Once we got to Tivoli the park was completely empty. Almost like a ghost town considering that this amusement park is usually packed all day long. Liam and Zayn wanted to do some of the games where you could win stuffed animals while Harry, Clara and Louis wanted to try some of the "boring" rides. Niall and I wanted to try the wild ones and we wanted to try them all. We had so many rides we had to try and so little time so we decided to split up.

Niall let me choose which rides we were going to try first since I had already tried them all 1 million times. We ran off and left the others to try their rides. First we tried the world's oldest wooden rollercoaster. Not that it was the wildest one, but the fact that it was soo old and wooden made it pretty scary. Then we ran over to the big roller coaster with loops then we tried a ride that had us going upside down most of the time. Time was having so much fun and time was passing by way too fast. Niall got a text that we were to meet where we left the others in 15 minutes. I decided that for the last ride we needed to slow things down a little. I brought Niall over to the Hans Christian Andersen ride, which is a ride where you slowly ride in a big suitcase through all of his fairytales. It's known to be the romantic ride in Tivoli so I thought I would take him for one last ride while I had him alone. We got on the ride and slided close to each other. Niall put his arm around my and I leaned in against him.

Niall: "Thank you for an amazing night Nabella. I've really enjoyed your company!"

Nabella: "I'm the one that needs to say thank you! Thank you for the concert tickets, for dinner and for this one of a kind experience. I've enjoyed every second of tonight."

Niall: "Oh please believe me when I say it was my pleasure. I feel like you're so easy to talk to and hang out with. Like I can just normal Niall and not one direction Niall."

Nabella: "Well I've realized that you are just a regular guy Niall. You're actually not that big of a deal haha".

I was flirting with him by joking around and right as I was about to say something else, he leaned in and kissed me. The kiss came as a big surprise to me and Niall quickly backed off again.

Niall: "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it. There is something so special about you Nabella. I just can't control it."

I was at a loss of words for what had just happened, so instead of answering him I leaned in and kissed him again. He kissed me back and for the rest of the ride we couldn't keep our lips from each other. Luckily the ride was a long one because I had never felt something so magical as this feeling.

The suitcase we were sitting in pulled out into the light and the ride was about to end. We pulled away from each other and smiled at each other. Grabbing my hand he pulled me up from the seat and we exited hand in hand. We got back to the other about 5 minutes late still holding hands.

Clara: "Well looks like you guys had a good time!"

Niall: "Yeh we did! I love this place haha"

Harry: "I bet you do Niall!"

Niall squeezed my hand, looked at me and smiled. I just smiled back. I still had no words to say and decided just to go along with everyone else because honestly I didn't care about anything but Niall right now.

Clara: "So now what?" Clara was a little impatient and hated just standing around

Liam: "Well there isn't really anything else we can do tonight. It's 2 am and everything is closed. I'm actually a bit tired so how about we head back to the hotel boys?"

Louis and Zayn agreed as they also were pretty tired after a long day. Security said that since 3/5 wanted to go back to the hotel then that was the plan. I guess that was the downside of being famous, but being able to do whatever you wanted. I was actually really tired too, but I didn't want the night to end and I really didn't want to leave Niall. But sadly that wasn't his decision to make, because I could tell he felt the same way.

Niall: "I'm sad that this night has to end already."

Nabella: "Me too. I was having so much fun! But I guess you have to listen to the big guy huh?

Niall laughed at my comment which made me laugh.

Niall:" Hey can I maybe call you tomorrow? We don't leave until tomorrow night, so I'd love to take you out for lunch and hang out."

Nabella: "I'd love that. let me give you my number."

Niall pulled out his iPhone and I typed in my number.

Niall: "Thanks babe. I will defiantly call you tomorrow. Are you guys okay to go home by yourselves?"

Nabella: "I'll be waiting and yes we are. I live not too far away and we don't have a big fan base like you guys do!" I was joking with him and luckily he got my humor. He gave me a big horan hug and a kiss on the cheek since we were still with the others.

Clara and I watched as the boys got into the vans and then we walked towards my apartment. On the walk home I told Clara all about my 1 hour with Niall and how I felt. I was just honest with her now, because the feelings I had gotten for Niall happened so fast and were so extreme that I couldn't control it. There was no turning back now! -  I had a crush on Niall and there was nothing I could do about it except enjoy it while it lasted.

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