From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


29. Three's company too.

I woke up to Niall's phone ringing non stop. I guess we had fallen asleep as soon as we got back from the tourist trip. I looked down at Niall who was laying on me, using my breast as a pillow while his other hand was wrapped around me. I was amazed at how he was still sleeping with that noise, and even though I didn't want to wake the sleeping beauty, I assumed that who ever was on the other line was urgently trying to get a hold of Niall.

Nabella: "Babe, I really hate to do this but your phone is ringing nonstop. Maybe you should answer it?"

Niall didn't respond and if it wasn't for his heavy breathing I'd almost be worried if he was alive. I repositioned myself underneath him, which caused him to open one eye to see what the commotion was all about.

Niall: "Love what are you doing?"

Nabella: "Do you not hear your phone going crazy over on the table?"

Niall: "Oh shit is that what that noise is? I thought it was part of my dream!"

Nabella: "It's been ringing nonstop for 10 minutes - maybe you should get it?!"

Niall: "Ugh you're right. It's probably Adrian telling me he has landed."

Niall rolled over and out of bed to go and grab the phone. He picked up the phone and pointed it towards me so I could see the display screen.

Niall: "See told ya!"

The screen showed 15 missed calls from Adrian as well as a couple of text from different numbers. The phone started ringing and Niall picked up the phone while exiting the bedroom. I turned on the TV that hung on the wall at the end of my bed and watched the rest of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" rerun while waiting for Niall to finish his phone call.

After about 10 minutes of Niall being on the phone, he returned to the bed and positioned himself in the exact same way that he had been sleeping on me.

Niall: "Adrian just landed and is checking into the hotel nearest this apartment as we speak. He insists on taking us to your parents house tonight."

Nabella: "Oh okay. That hotel is pretty nice" I joked as I tried to move focus from the fact that we would be watched closely the rest of our time in Denmark.

Niall caught on and let out a little laugh.

Niall: "Way to stay positive babe."

Nabella: "Oh come on! It's not that bad! I didn't think it was that horrible in Dublin! Adrian's good at keeping his distance and it's not his choice that he's here!"

Niall: "Yeh I know I know! I told him that we were going to your parent's house at 5 pm, so he'll be here around 4.45pm."

Nabella: "Sounds good!"

We laid in bed while on our separate phones, catching up on things that had happened while we were asleep. I sent a text to my mom letting her know that we would be one more for dinner.

Niall: "Harry says Hi! He mentioned something about a good sushi restaurant that we should go to while I'm here.. I think it's called Umami or something?"

Nabella: "OMG that's my favorite restaurant! I didn't know you liked sushi? We are defiantly going there then!"

Niall: "I love all food babe! Remember?"

Nabella: "Haha how could I forget! El says hi too by the way!"

Niall: "Oh! Tell her hi back and tell her to say hello to Louis as well. You two have been talking a lot haven't you? I'm glad you guys are getting along!"

Nabella: "I will. Yeah Eleanor is great! I really adore her."

Niall: " But not as much as you adore me though, right babe?"

Nabella: "Haha do you really need me to tell you how much I love you all the time? You're my favorite! No one's even near you on my list babe! Don't worry!"

Niall: "Good! The same for you babe. You're at the very top of my I love you list!"

Nabella: "Haha lucky me eh?"

Niall: "Lucky us! haha - do you mind if I shower?"

Nabella: "Of course not!"

Niall rolled over away from me but quickly rolled back and placed a fat kiss right on my lips, before rolling back over and out of bed. I stayed in the bed for a little longer texting Eleanor and being on twitter. I put Niall in Denmark into the search felt and saw all the indirects about us, where fans were talking about where we were spotted, where my favorite places where to hang out and go out. I was surprised where they knew all this from, but concluded that Niall and I were not gonna be at my favorite spots this time around, since fans were hinted to go there to meet us and see us! Modest was right, we were defiantly spotted in Copenhagen now.

The time always goes by so fast when you're on twitter, and soon Nialler was back in the bedroom with wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist. That got my attention fast and I dropped my phone in the bed and hurried up to give him a hug. I squeezed him tight and took a deep breath in to intake his wonderful smell.

Niall: "Haha you goof! You're like a dog sniffing me! It tickles!"

Nabella: "Haha you smell so good! I can't help it!"

The way I was sniffing Niall around his neck and down his chest like a dog made him laugh and he pushed me off him and onto the bed! He quickly followed and placed himself on top of me, with a leg on each side of me while holding my arms down with him big hands!

Niall: "Such a shame that we're in a hurry! I have a feeling this could have turned in to lots of fun!" He winked at me and before I could answer he was getting off of me.

Nabella:" Maybe we'll be leaving my parents house early tonight and continue this then?"

Niall: "We'll see babe!"

He winked at me again while going into the living room where his suitcase was to get dressed. Niall was such a tease, but so was I, so I guess I was just getting a piece of my own medicine. I started getting ready too and right as the clock turned 4.45 pm my apartment doorbell rang. I looked through the door camera and saw Adrian standing in his black t-shirt and black jeans talking in his headset.

Nabella: "We'll be right down!"

Adrian gave me the thumbs up through the camera and I went to get my purse and jacket.

As soon as we got out of the elevator Adrian's face lit up and so did mine. I rushed through the front doors and gave him a big hug, which I think surprised him quite a bit. I could hear Niall behind me laughing so I was guessing that Adrian had a surprised facial expression right about now. I let go to see for myself and couldn't help but laugh a little when realizing how awkward Adrian was feeling.

Niall came up and put his arm around me and placed his other one in front of him to give Adrian a nice handshake! I guess I was too friendly with the bodyguard, but it was good to see a friendly face again! And Niall had already told me that I'd be seeing a lot to him so I might as well be nice to him.

Adrian: "Nice to see you two again! Shall we?"

Niall: "Yeh you too mate! Let's go."

Adrian walked us over to the black SUV with blacked out windows that was parked just 20 meters from my front door. Personally I thought that this car would draw more attention to it than a regular car because it was so secretive and mysterious looking that I personally would wonder who was inside if it wasn't because I actually was the one inside, but I didn't bother to share my thoughts with the others.

On the car ride over to my parents Niall and I filled Adrian in on the stuff we had experienced so far in Copenhagen, and I let him know what I had read on twitter about my favorite spots and people knowing where I hang out and where I grew up. I could tell Adrian was focusing on every word I was telling him even though he just nodded and kept his eyes on the road.

When we pulled up to my parents driveway I quickly spotted a car that I had never seen parked near my neighbors house before. I didn't want to make a scene so I just poked Niall and once I was looking at me I pointed at the car. Niall knew exactly what I was thinking : Paparazzi.

Niall: "Hey Adrian. I think we might have company." Niall pointed out the car and Adrian took note of it.

He got out of the car to come and open my door first. As soon as I was out in the open the driver of the car got out and started snapping pictures. Niall followed right behind me and this gave the sneaky paparazzi lots of snaps of Niall and I entering my parents house. We didn't bother ringing the doorbell and luckily my mom hadn't locked the door.

Nabella: "Moooom! We're here!"

I yelled a little louder than anticipated, but the adrenalin from the shock of the papz had my voice going shaky. My mom caught on to my voice and quickly stood in front of the three of us. Niall was the first to step forward and give her a big hug and I followed right after. We introduced Adrian, and as soon as he had shaken my mom's hand, he left the house without saying a word. I watched him through the window - he was on his way to talk to the guy taking pictures of us. My mom looked a bit confused, so while walking to the living room, where I could hear my two small nieces playing around, Niall filled her in.

Niall: "There's no need to worry about anything really! It's just a safety precaution that Adrian is with us and exactly for situations like these, where someone has found your house, it's nice to have him along. I hope you don't mind?!"

Mom: "Oh not at all. It's nice to know that someone is taking care of my baby and you of course! How did he find my house though?"

Nabella: "Don't worry about it mom. Like Niall said: Adrian will take care of everything! The social media is a big tattletale for this sort of stuff, he must have followed us or gotten a tip and checked it out for his own benefit. I think Adrian is just making sure that the pictures aren't posted anywhere so we can enjoy the privacy here."

Mom: "I'm not worried! Our house is just plain and boring, can't imagine why he would want pictures of us haha!"

We all laughed and the mood loosened as we entered the living room and I spotted my two small princesses. I huge smile appeared upon the twin's faces and soon they were both running towards me with their arms wide open. I got down on my knees and as they reached me I grabbed them both and pulled them in for a huge hug. They had missed their aunt a lot and I was so happy that they still remembered me. I hadn't seen them for almost a month now with all the exams, London visit and Niall being here, so it was nice to be with them again.

Niall sat down next to me and smiled at the girls.

Niall: "Hey cuties! What's your name!?"

The girls aren't old enough to speak properly yet so I introduced them.

Nabella: "This is Isabella and this is Natalie!"

Niall: "Nice to meet you two!"

Niall rubbed Natalie's cheek and she smiled at him which caused his heart to melt completely!

Niall: "Aw man this makes me miss Theo! These girls are adorable! I bet the three of them would get along so well!"

Nabella: "Maybe they'll meet each other one day!"

Niall: "I hope so!"

My sister (the mother of the twins) entered the living room and headed straight for Niall. She had heard a lot of stories about him, and was secretly a fan of one direction because the twins loved watching their music videos as well as dancing along to their songs!

Josephine: "Hello Niall. I'm Josephine!"

Niall looked up from the puzzle he was solving with Isabella.

Niall: "Oh it's very nice to meet you Josephine! Your girls are so adorable!"

Josephine: "It's lovely to meet you too! Yeah they are.. they get it from their mom!"

We all laughed at her last remark. Josephine was such a goof ball and had so much irony and sarcasm in her personally, which made her the jokster of the family. Niall caught on quickly

Niall: "Oh yeah I can tell! Haha"

We all sat on the floor and gave the girls our full attention! They always had that effect on people. We were so busy with the girls that neither of us had noticed that Adrian had rung the doorbell, my mom had opened the door for him and they were now both standing and talking in the doorway between the kitchen and living room while looking at us.

Niall: "Did you sort everything out?"

Adrian: "Yup. Kill them with kindness right!"

Niall: "Haha you know it!"

I really did like Adrian! I was glad that he was Niall's bodyguard and that he was able to talk and joke around with us while working. But of course he was like that - how could you not when you're working for Niall who is all about the fun and laughs!

My mom offered Adrian a cold beer and helped him feel right at home. I knew she didn't like that fact that he was working for me and Niall, and I could tell she was making it her mission to make him feel relaxed and at home tonight. Now that Adrian had taken care of the problem outside, he started relaxing and therefore accepted the beer and began a conversation with my mom. We let the "adults" talk in the kitchen while Niall and I played with the girls until dinner was ready.

After dinner the twins were craving attention again and they had Niall as their #1 target. Considering that the girls weren't even 2 years old yet, they knew exactly what they were doing and all their flirting went straight to Niall's heart. He excused himself from the table before the rest of us to go and play with the girls in the living room. From where I was sitting at the dinner table I had a clear view of what they were doing. The girls were showing off all their toys and then Natalie stumbled across the book that could play music. Soon the three of them were flipping through the pages of the book, having their own little dance party where Niall was singing and the girls were rocking back and forth asking for more. My sister got up from the table and went to "save Niall" from the two girls that were all over him.

Josephine: "Let's at least put on some real music instead of those annoying high pitched tunes!"

Niall laughed and watched as my sister went to turn on the TV to the music channel. Within 10 seconds both of the girls had left Niall and were standing so close to the TV with all of their focus on the music video. They loved watching the videos and dancing along and some of the music videos they had watched so many times that they knew some of the dance moves and melodies. Josephine and Niall returned to the dinner table and Niall came and sat next to me. He told me it was because he wanted to be close to his girlfriend but I knew it was so he could watch the girls dance in front of the TV! The dinner conversation was all about the girls and how cute they were - but it was almost always like that when they were over!

Josephine: " I kinda hope that their favorite song comes on Niall. You're going to die when you see their reaction as soon as they hear the starting keyboards."

Niall: "Oh yeh? Which song is it!"

Josephine: "One of yours actually. They are crazy about 'Best Song Ever'. They know some of the dance moves, when the beat changes and when it's about to end. It's adorable!"

Niall: "Oh nice! You've raised them well it seems like!"

Josephine: "Haha I believe you can blame their cousin Oliver for the One Direction influence."

Niall: "I'll be sure to thank him."

Just as Niall had finished his sentence the twins came running into the dining room wanting our full attention. Natalie came right at me with her hands in the air indicating that she wanted me to pick her up and come with her and Isabella did the same with Niall. When we got into the living room Niall started laughing. He was watching himself on TV dressed up as a fat man - it was the beginning of the Best Song Ever music video. Niall's laugh caught the attention of everyone sitting at the dinner table and before the first chorus was over, everyone had joined us in the living room while Niall and I were dancing like total idiots with the girls hanging on to us and enjoying every minute. It was priceless. As the song was about to finish both of the girls started saying "more?!" which was one of their only words so far.

Niall: "Jesus you were right Josephine! These girls are serious directioners!"

Josephine: "Direction- what?"

Niall: "haha it's what we call our fans!"

Josephine:" Yeah I told you they love you guys. They are crazy about the story of my life music video too!"

Niall: "Oh yeah? Man the guys almost need to see this. This is too cute! Without sounding too cocky, can we maybe play the song again so I can record the girls dancing?!"

Nabella: "Haha of course. Let me just find it on youtube."

I switched to the computer on our smart TV and soon the keyboards started playing the first tunes of the song. The girls immediately caught on and soon they were dancing all over the place again. About half way through the song Isabella forced me to pick her up and dance with them. 

Nabella: "You better not be showing this part to any of the boys Niall!" I yelled through the music and from the look of Niall's sneaky smile I could tell that it was all part of his plan. I danced with the girls and sang along like no one was watching, not really caring about making a fool out of myself.  Finally the song finished and even though the girls were asking for another go I but Isabella down and went to sit next to Niall on the couch. 
Niall: "Oh god this is great!"

He was re watching the recording of me and the girls. The girls were so cute when they danced and the way that they were so focused on the music video and the boys was adorable to watch. Besides the fact that my singing wasn't too great in the video, the whole thing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and even though I didn't say it out loud - I wouldn't care if the boys saw the video of me and my girls dancing to their song.

It was getting a little late, and as cute as the girls were when they were happy, they were just as cranky when they got tired. We quickly helped get everything ready for them to leave and go home and put the girls to sleep. We were all gathered in the hall, waving and saying goodbye to the girls. Josephine opened the door and then quickly closed it again. She turned to look at us and her facial expression told us that something was wrong.

Nabella: "Josey what's up?"

Josephine: "Uhmmmm.. There are about 50 people standing outside around the house."

Adrian, who was standing furthest away from the door quickly made his way to the front and now stood almost blocking the door.

Mom: "What's that suppose to mean? What kind of people?!"

Josephine: "What kind of people do you think mom. You are currently standing next to a member of the world biggest boy band. His fans have found him!"

I could tell by Josey's tone that she was annoyed and it wasn't helping that Natalie was crying in her arm because she was so tired. The situation was a little chaotic and I almost felt guilty.

Niall: "God damnit! It must have been that stupid papz earlier when we got here. Adrian I thought you took care of it?!"

Adrian: "I did. I told him to leave and not to leak the images anywhere."

Niall: "Looks like that didn't work now, did it! I'm so sorry about this Josephine! Let me take care of it."

I didn't like the tone Niall had towards Adrian, but I understood that he too was frustrated with the whole situation.

Adrian: "I'm really sorry Niall but I can't let you go outside right now!"

Niall: "Well we need to get Josephine home with the girls!"

Adrian: Let me handle this please."

Adrian opened the door and shut it right behind him. His appearance caused the girls outside to scream because they knew that if Adrian was here, then so was their idol, my boyfriend, Niall. Adrian returned back inside - he had just gotten a look at how bad the situation was outside and was figuring out how to get Josephine outside with the kids.

Adrian: "Alright Niall and Nabella you two are staying inside the house. I need Josephine and Marie to grab a twin each and I will escort them out to the car."

Everyone understood his plan - since my mom and sister hadn't been spotted yet the fans wouldn't really know who they were, even though they were probably quick to make assumptions. We said our final goodbyes and Niall said sorry to my sister for about the 100th time.

Niall: "I really am sorry for this Josephine! It was so great to meet you and your lovely girls. I really hope it won't be the last!"

Josephine: "It's not your fault Niall. It was great meeting you too and fun to get a live version of best song ever haha. I'm sure the girls will love seeing you again soon! Sorry for my temper right now, I just really need to get these two in bed as fast as possible!"

Both of the girls were crying and when everyone was ready, Adrian opened the door once again and the screams were let into the house. It caused the girls to stop crying but stressed everyone else out. Adrian directed my sister out the door first and the my mom. He had his arm around my mom and the other in front of my sister, and that was the last I saw as I peeked out the door without being seen. Niall shut the door so the fans couldn't see him or me.

Niall: "Maaan! I am so so sorry Nab!"

Nabella: "Why are you even apologizing baby? This isn't your fault!"

Niall: "It is though. They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me!"

Nabella: "Niall don't blame this on yourself. You should be able to live your life and enjoy an evening with your girlfriend and her family without feeling guilty! This is the media's fault, not yours!"

Niall: "Yeh you're right! I am enjoying myself tonight, don't get me wrong! It's just annoying that it has to end like this you know?!"

Nabella: "Yeah I know. But that's just how it is sometimes!"

Niall didn't answer and instead just got out his phone while we were waiting for my mom and Adrian to return inside. By the look on Niall's face he was on twitter checking out what people were saying about him. He did that a lot without the fans really knowing.

Adrian and my mom returned within 5 minutes.

Mom: "Alright! The girls are now on their way to bed, and I've had about 1 million snapshots taken of me! How do you deal with that Niall?"

Niall looked up from his phone and laughed at my mom's last comment..

Niall: "It takes some getting used to, but no matter how much I try - they always seem to surprise me with their dedication!"

Mom: "Is that what you call that insanity outside? Dedication?"

Niall: "Haha yeh! They're our crazy mofo's! They are the reason we are here, so I can't really get mad at them. I have just tweeted everyone saying that I'd love some privacy so I can enjoy beautiful Copenhagen. I really hope they respect my wishes!"

So that's what he was doing on twitter. He was so thoughtful!

Nabella: "Should we head home too babe?! There isn't much privacy here anymore I guess. And if we leave, then the fans leave as well."

Niall: "Yeah that's a good idea!"

Adrian: "If you guys want to leave now, then we have to take a pretty big detour to get home. I don't want anyone to follow us to your apartment, since that's the only safe zone left now!"

Adrian had a point, so we decided to stay a little longer and drink a cup of coffee while trying to enjoy the rest of the evening. It was crazy to think how fast the evening's mood could change. I wondered how long the fans had been outside before we noticed but I didn't want to ask because we were trying to have a normal night and a normal conversation - and the topics that were running across my mind were not under the category "normal!" Secretly I was hoping that the cold and the night time would make the fans disappear and give us the chance to go home undisturbed, but I kept the thoughts to myself and cuddled up on the couch with Nialler be my side and my family and Adrian close by. 


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