From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


3. The Countdown

The 2 months quickly became 2 days and Oliver had spent a lot of time together playing all their albums and songs for me, so I could kind of sing along at the concert. Also he had told me aaaaalll about the guys. Who was single and who was taken. Where they were from and how they became One Direction. I must admit I was actually surprised by how hard they've worked, and what they've achieved. Their story was almost like Justin's. Starting from the bottom and working their ass off to get to the top!

My favorite songs we defiantly: Little things, Best Song Ever, C'mon C'mon, and as I started to list the songs that I liked, I realized that all their songs were actually really good and I still hadn't come along a song that I didn't like just a little! They were all really catchy with cute lyrics about love and life that stuck to your heart and brain. "Dang it Oliver, you totally have me brainwashed with One Directions songs.. There is no room for Justin Bieber right now. NOT cool." I admitted to him the night before the concert. 

We were having a sleepover at my apartment the night before the concert, where we spent hours on youtube, watching some of the other concerts they had performed on the tour. They were actually really good live, and I loved the fact that they were so goofy on stage and that they weren't the typical boy band with dance routines and matching outfits! The more I looked at them on youtube, the more I began to notice the blonde Irish boy, Niall I think his name was. Yup he was a cutie, but nothing compared to Justin though! 

"You are soo stubborn" Oliver started teasing me

"I am not! I'm just a dedicated belieber"

"Well tomorrow you are not gonna embarrass me in front of the boys, so for me can you please just be a directioner and act cool?"

"Haha I'll try my best for you Oliver!" 

"Thanks! Now let me quiz you on the names again, so you know who you are talking to tomorrow!"

"Fine, bring it on"

"Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn, remember?"

"Yeah I remember, and Niall is the cute one that's single too right?"

"WOW you would say that" Oliver started teasing me again and to make sure that he didn't see me blush, I got up to go brush my teeth. 

"Let's get ready for bed! You've got a biiig day ahead of you tomorrow!"


As we laid in the dark and listened to a night playlist Oliver had made with slow one direction songs, I caught myself slipping into dreamland with Niall all over my mind. I couldn't help it, and I quickly fell asleep to "little things" while thinking of the big experience we were about to face tomorrow night!


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