From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!



The next few days went by pretty fast. I had my final exam tomorrow and the two others went pretty good (I think). The boys were on their last two days of their promo and El was with them in France. She had been good at keeping me up to date, even though Niall was even better. I had facetimed them both at the same time and not an hour passed without hearing from my Nialler, except when we were sleeping and since we were finally in the same timezone, the communication was much easier now. My mom was making dinner for me tonight so I could focus on the last things for my exam tomorrow.

Mom: "I'm really so proud of you for working so hard for school!"

Nabella: "Thanks mom, it makes it easier to concentrate when you're not distracted by twitter and other thoughts!"

Mom: "That's true! How's Niall doing?"

Nabella: "He's good! They're in Spain and I think they actually only have Sweden left tomorrow before another 2 weeks off. So hopefully I will get to see him soon. I miss him a lot.!"

Mom: "Oh wow, he's just all over the place! I thought he was still in New York?"

Nabella: "Nope that was last week. He's been to France and Italy too this week!"

Mom: "Wow how I wish it was me who was able to travel like that!"

Nabella: "Yeah Louis' girlfriend Eleanor is with them in Spain right now. I hope that I'll be able to travel around with them a little for their Where We Are Tour!"

Mom: "Well it is perfect timing with your semester almost being over! Just one more day honey! You can do it!"

Nabella: "haha I know mom! I'm counting down too! Trust me!!!!"

Mom:" I know you are! Dinner's ready in 30 so I'll let you study a little more."

Mom turned around and faced the stove and I turned my head back down into the books. To be honest I was having a hard time concentrating because Niall, El & Harry kept on texting and snapchatting me. They had a couple of hours off and were down by the beach and thought it would be nice to share their gorgeous view of the sunset with me, when in reality it was killing me! I wanted to be there soo bad, but I guess pictures were okay since that meant that they were thinking of me.

I finished the last couple of notes and closed my books just in time for dinner. My dad is a know it all so he was quizzing me about my upcoming exam while we were eating. I was pretty nervous for tomorrow but I managed to answer all his questions! I was spending the night at my parents house tonight, so after dinner I went and showered and got ready for bed. I joined my parents in the living room and watched the evening news with them to my mind of the test and calm my nerves! My phone started buzzing and it was Niall calling me on FaceTime. I decided to answer it while I was sitting with my parents. I was in a sweatshirt and hot pants and I had put my glasses on and my hair in a messy bun. When the connection went through I could see Niall in his 5SOS white tank top and adidas shorts and his glasses on as well and then his hair down without any wax in it. I loved it when we were just so casual!

Niall: "Heeeeya babe!"

Nabella: Haha hey Niall!"

Niall: "Whatcha doing foureyes!?"

Nabella: "Haha, who are you calling foureyes, you geek! Uhm I just finished studying for the final exam tomorrow and now I'm watching the news with my parents!"

Niall: "Yeah I guess we're just eighteyes together huh? I like that haha! You're my little nerd and I'm proud of you for studying so hard! Good job! Are you sitting with them right now?!"

Nabella: "Aw thanks! And ya, they are sitting right on the other couch!"

Niall: "Oh! Well turn the phone and let me say hi to them!"

I got up and went and sat right between my parents so we were all three in the frame.

Niall: "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Andersen!" he said while waving at the camera.

Mom: "Hey Niall! Nice to see you! How are you hun?"

Niall: "I'm very good thank you! Almost done with this promo which is nice, so I'm excited to get back home! What about you.. are you taking good care of Nabella?"

Mom: "Ya Nab told me how you've been a busy traveller for the last two weeks! And of course we are, she's our baby too you know!"

Niall: "Yeh this job can get pretty intense. The last two weeks have kinda just been one long day I feel!"

Mom: "Oh I bet! I'd love to travel like you do! Maybe one day I'll come and watch a concert in another country!"

Niall: "Oh yea that would be cool! I'd love to have you guys come! Is Nab ready for tomorrow?"

Dad: "Yes she is.. I've been quizzing little miss brainy here all night, and she seems to have it all down!"

Niall: "Of course she does! I'm sure she's gonna ace it anyways!"

Dad: "Well let's hope so! She's been pretty excited about you coming back to London and her seeing you soon, so I hope she hasn't lost all her focus!"

Nabella: "Daaaaad! Stop, you know I got this down! I can multitask!" I joked, but that was such a dad comment I thought, so I rolled my eyes at him. My mom caught the hint and took over again.

Mom: "Well Niall, I hope to meet you soon in real life! I've heard and seen just soo much about you and I'd love to see if all the stuff is true!"

Niall: "Well hopefully we can make that happen soon! And please don't believe everything you read! Some of the media are just pros at making us look bad! I'm pretty much an angel hahaha!"

Mom: "Haha not so sure about the last part, but look forward to meeting you dear! I'll let you two talk a little before I force Nabby to go to bed so she's ready for tomorrow! Goodnight!"

Niall: "Goodnight Marie! Goodnight Michael! Nice talking to ya!"

Dad: "You too Niall. Have a safe flight back!"

Niall: "Will do Sir! See ya soon ya?"

They waved at the camera to each other while I got up and went upstairs to my old room where I was sleeping tonight.

Nabella: "So whats new?"

Niall: "Not too much. We finished early today because we ran late so we had to cancel the last two interviews, so we all went to the beach and at dinner at a nearby restaurant."

Nabella: "Yeah you guys were sending me pictures all night remember! Why were you guys so late?"

Niall: "It was just harder to get to the place where we were doing interviews than expected because of the fans.. and as always Zayn and Harry took forever to get ready!"

Nabella: "haha oh really? Are Spanish fans as crazy as the Americans?"

Niall: "Babe all our fans our crazy mofos, but its actually not the fans in the states.. Its the papz that just kills us there!"

Nabella: "Yeh I know babe!"

Niall:" So are you getting nervous for tomorrow?"

Nabella: "A little. I kinda just want to get it over with and then come visit you in London as soon as you get back haha!"

Niall: "Babe you need to focus on tomorrow or your parents will blame me haha. Plus I'm not even in London yet. We leave for Sweden tomorrow!"

Nabella: "I know. Just saying! I'm tired of school and I miss you! I wish I was in Spain with you and El and everyone else!"

Niall: "Oh I bet El wishes you were here too. It can get a little too boyish around us."

Nabella: "Haha oh I could only imagine you guys!"

Niall: "Oh and OF COURSE I wish you were here too babe!"

Nabella: "Haha much better Nialler! Anyways.. I think I'm gonna go to sleep now though so I'm ready for tomorrow.!"

Niall: "Sounds like a good idea baby. Want me to play you a little good luck / good night song?"

Nabella: "I'd love that!"

Niall put down the phone so the camera was facing the ceiling and then I heard him walking around the hotel room messing around with some things. He finally came back and I could see he had his guitar in his hand. I couldn't help but smile because I knew what was about to happen.

Nabella: "YAY!"

Niall: "Haha get comfy in bed first before I start though!"

Nabella: "But you're not here, so I can't get completely comfy!"

Niall: "Aww babe! I'm really doing my best here, don't ruin it haha!"

Nabella: I know I know! Sowwyyy!"

I laid down and got under my blanket and then placed my phone so that Niall could still see my face and I could see him. He placed the phone again something on the nightstand so that I could get a full view of him on his bed with the guitar. He looked like an angel. He started playing the guitar and I got the chills when I realized that he was gonna play 'Little Things' for me, because that is my absolute favorite song. He started singing and the butterflies in my stomach just went nuts. I was just laying in bed smiling all across my face and listening to my boyfriend play the guitar for me all the way from Spain. I was the luckiest girl on earth right now!  My thoughts were no where near the exam tomorrow and I almost felt like Niall was just right next to me. His voice was soft and pure and the way he was singing you could hear his accent through the lyrics. It was just perfect! Niall finished the song and I wished he would go on forever.

Niall: "Alright love. That's all you get for tonight!"

Nabella: "That was absolutely perfect! If I could, I'd fall asleep to you doing that every single night of my life! Thank you babe!"

Niall: "You're the sweetest. I was actually a little nervous just doing that in front of only you haha.. hopefully next time I'll actually be sitting next to you."

Nabella: "Don't be nervous! It was amazing! You are amazing! Fingers crossed I can kiss those soft lips of yours right after the next time you play for me!"

Niall: "Yea fingers crossed too! Now go to bed babe!"

Nabella: "Alright. I love you very much Niall Horan! Tell Eleanor Hi from me and I'll text you after my exam tomorrow! Night baby boo!"

Niall: "I will baby girl! Love you lots! Good luck tomorrow and sweet dreams!"

I sent him a kiss and watched as he grabbed it through the screen and placed it on his lips. I let out a light laugh and then pressed the end button. I quickly fell asleep with a big smile on my face and a feel good feeling throughout my whole body thanks to Niall.



The next morning I got up, got ready and left to take my exam! The nerves were taking over my body but then I started thinking about my little private concert last night and soon I had finished the test and was finally free and done with school! One more day until Niall was in London, No more school, and the sun was shining - today was such a good day so far! I texted Niall:

"Hey babe! Just finished my exam and I'm officially DONE with this semester! Now hurry home haha! Love ya Xx."

Then I called my mom and made a lunch date with her at my favorite sushi place. It was time to celebrate! I got to the restaurant before my mom and got seated. Niall replied:

"Yay good job babe! I'm hurrying trust me. Just one more day of interviews! El says hey!"

Just as I was about to reply, El texted me:

"Aaaah! Niall told me you're finally a free bird! Good for you girl! Now let's arrange another trip to London ASAP! Miss you :) Xx"

I texted El back first, just to tease Niall, since they apparently were together right now.

"Haha wow word gets around fast huh? Thanks so much! About to have sushi with my mom to celebrate! London calling, I'm ready! Let me know when you get back! Xx"

While I was answering Niall, he texted me again:

"No fair! I want sushi!"

I couldn't help but let out a loud laugh and the table next to me looked over at me. I smiled at them and replied to Niall:

"Haha you're too funny! Come visit me and we can eat all the sushi you'd like! ;-)"

El texted back : "We're actually leaving tomorrow morning so I'll be back by noon! Come tomorrow haha ;-)"

Niall texted back as well: " That's such a tempting offer, I might just have to take you up on that hahaha!"

I texted El back: "Well then maybe I'll see you soon! I'll check flights later today! Xx"

Then Niall: "I love that food is what can get you convinced ;-) I'll text you after lunch butthead! Love you!"

Niall: "Love you more.. And trust me, it's not the food that's making me want to come to Denmark! Xx"

My mom finally arrived to the restaurant and we quickly ordered. We ate here quite a lot so we both already knew what we wanted! Lunch was great and I told my mom about the exam, Niall singing my nerves away and how I wanted to go back to London this week. After lunch I went home to put away all my school stuff and got changed for the family dinner that my parents were having tonight in honor of me being done with the semester.

When I got back to my parents house my sister and her two twin girls were already there. They just turned 2 so they were a handful and they sure did keep me busy until Oliver arrived to help play with them as well. I went into the kitchen and joined my mom and my two sisters. All the men of the family were still at work, so we had some girl talk time.

Mom: "So Nabella, tell Emily and Josephine about how you fell asleep last night!"

Nabella: "Wow mom really? Did you already tell them or do they really wanna know!?"

Josephine: "She only told us that Niall is such a romantic guy! So tell us!"

Emily: "Ya! Tell us pleeeaassee! Our husbands are past the stage of being romantic so we have to live through your young love stories!"

Nabella: "Well fine! So last night when I was facetiming Niall.." I started to tell the story, but my mom quickly interrupted me (she does this all the time when I tell stories that she already knows)

Mom: "I was facetiming him too! He's such a cutie!"

Nabella: "Alright mom is it me or you telling the story!"

Emily: "Mom be quiet I want to hear the story!"

Nabella: " So ya.... I was facetiming Niall after he had facetimed MOM.. and I was telling him how I was pretty nervous for the exam this morning. He wanted to take my mind of the finals and make my nerves go away so he tucked me into bed through the phone and then got out his guitar and played little things for me while he sang!"

Josephine: "Oh.My.God! I'm dying! Why doesn't Matthew do that for me?!"

Emily: "That's adorable! I can't wait to meet this guy. He has my son and my sister totally mesmerized. I hope he doesn't have that effect on all people!"

Mom: "Oh he does! I love him too! haha"

We all laughed and then agreed on Niall being an amazing person and how lucky I was that Oliver had forced me to go to the Meet and Greet. I told them how I wanted to go meet him in London tomorrow already and while my sisters agreed to that being a good idea, my mom had all of a sudden changed her mind.

Mom: "Well honey, don't you think you should give him some time to see him friends and family without you being right there?"

Nabella: "But he wants me to come mom. He invited me, and I can just hang out with El if he wants time with the guys!"

Mom: "But Nabella he's not gonna admit to wanting guy time if you are there. Maybe just wait a few days and let him be by himself. You got to London right when he got home last time too. Give him some time alone!"

Nabella: "Why are you even getting into this. This is none of your business. This is between me and Niall and he wants me to come and I want to go."

Mom: "Well good luck buying the ticket without our air miles and good luck getting to the airport. I think you are being ridiculous right now Nabella."

I didn't even bother answering her. I rolled my eyes at her while tears were forming and then stormed out of the kitchen and upstairs.

I was left alone to cool off for about 30 minutes and then Oliver came up to my room to get me for dinner. I agreed to go downstairs with him and joined the rest of the family for dinner. The mood at the table was a little awkward and I just sat there in silence and let the others talk. Oliver broke the silence:

Oliver: "So the boys are about done with their promo, are you excited for Niall to be back home in London?"

Nabella: "Ya very, I'm gonna go visit him soon too!" I looked up at my mom while saying it and she just shook her head at me.

Mom: "Nabby please, I want you to go visit him too. I just think it'd be a good idea to give him a day or two to land! Imagine the trip he's getting back from. He must be exhausted!"

I sat there and thought about it. I knew she was right but I just wanted to be exhausted right next to him then. Was I being selfish?

Nabella: "Yeah maybe you're right! I just really wanna see him!"

Mom: "Honey I understand, but you've been so good so far and what's a day or two extra when you've already been away from each other for 2 weeks?"

Nabella: "FINE! I'll tell El I'll be there around monday then. That way he gets the tomorrow (today was Wednesday) and the weekend to himself with friends or his bed or whoever he's gonna hang out with!"

Oliver: "Cool then you can hang out with me tomorrow then! Mom can I spend the night here?"

Emily: "How about you just come back tomorrow when you get out of school! We didn't bring any of your stuff and you just because Nab is out of school, doesn't mean you can skip it Mr!!"

Oliver: "Fine!"

Mom: Nabby we can look at plane tickets for Monday later tonight then, how about that?!"

Nabella: "Yeah thanks mom! I'd like that. And sorry for my outburst earlier, I just really miss Niall and the distance is really hard to get used to!"

Mom: "I know honey! We all think you guys are so strong and tough that you are able to do this long distance thing!"

Josephine:" Ya I don't think I could live so far away from Matthew. Like some days I want to choke him, but at the end of the day I'm glad he's by my side!"

I smiled at them and realized that Niall's and my love for each other really was strong and we actually were tough cookies for doing this! The rest of the evening went smooth and we just hung out as a family. Josephine, Matthew and the twins went home before the others because the girls had to go to bed. Oliver and I were sitting on the couch and watched youtube clips of one direction, some of the videos being brand new from the last couple of days in Europe. He loved sharing the funny ones with me and I didn't mind watching my boyfriend being a goof ball on screen. I snapped a 10 second film of Niall dancing on stage and sent it to him with the text "Can't wait to see this in real life!"

He quickly snapped me back:

"Are you stalking me?!"

Oliver and I got in for a group selfie and I added the text:

"Just missing you!"

He replied with a text instead of a snap:

"I miss you too! We just finished our last interview and finally we are about to have some dinner. Louis and El are together on a date and I wish you were here so we could join them for some double dating fun! See you soon! "

I replied: "Let's do that when I get to London. Thinking about coming Monday so you have a couple of days to cool of and relax a little?!"

Niall: "Not sure I can wait that long baby!"

I smiled at the text because that was exactly what I was thinking and my mom was not right about her thoughts! But it was late and there was no way I'd be able to go to London tomorrow already, so I texted him back:

"Patience is key. My mom thought you needed some time alone! haha"

"Your mom is crazy, I need my Nab! But Monday will do! I'm off to bed.. got an early flight home tomorrow! Love ya! Text you when I wake up! Xx"

"Love you more! Wish the flight was headed towards Copenhagen! Xx"

Soon Oliver got bored of me just texting Niall even though he thought it was kinda cool that I was texting the person that we were watching on youtube and had over 10.000.000 views on most videos. When it was finally just my mom, dad and I left I was too tired to stay up any longer!

Nabella: "Let's just look at tickets tomorrow morning! It's been a long day!"

Mom: "Alright honey, whatever you feel like! Sweet dreams! I love you and I'm proud of you for doing so well this semester!"

Dad: "Night sweetie! I'm proud of you too.. Finally a free bird! I can't wait to see what you decide to do for your major!"

Nabella: "That's so typical you dad! First I need to enjoy the next 6 months off and then we'll figure something out! I promise! Night guys!"

I went and got ready for bed and while laying in the dark I decided to send Niall a text letting him know that I was thinking about him:

"Wish you were here with your lips, your voice, your guitars and your arms. Thinking of you lots while I'm laying in the dark! Have a safe flight baby! Xx"

And with that I fell asleep.



I woke up to my mom literally yelling at me all the way from the kitchen.

Mom: "Nabbyyyyy! Get up! I made pancakes and there's fresh strawberries and blueberries!"

Uggh why can't she just come up and get me instead of yelling like this? Oh well. Pancakes sounded delicious and I wanted to get the London ticket booked asap too. I checked my phone to see if Niall had texted me back but there was nothing, so I got up. I put on Niall's big sweatshirt and some hot pants, the sweatshirt covered up my butt anyways so it didn't really matter what I was wearing underneath it. Then I put on my glasses and did a fast messy bun as I headed down the stairs. I walked towards the kitchen....

Nabella: "What's with the early morning yelling..."

I got to the doorway and just froze. The answer to my question was just a big Irish laugh and that's when I realized that Niall Horan was sitting in my kitchen laughing at my morning grumpiness.

Niall: "Supriiiise sleepyhead" He said with a big smile on his face and held out his arms as a gesture for me to run to him and hug him.

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